8 Best Virtual Girlfriend Apps for Android in 2024

Are you looking for a perfect girlfriend? If you are well settled in your career and are exploring for the right person who can take the best care then, you can check out the best virtual girlfriend apps. There are people who are unable to find a person who cares then apart from their family members. All those single guys out there can take the help of the virtual girlfriend apps through which they can pick the girl based on their choices.

With the virtual girlfriends, you can make love, discuss your life, goals and your achievements. The technology has advanced to such an extreme extent that you need not have to wait patiently even after living as a single for several years. The users can download the best virtual girlfriend apps for your Android and iOS devices. Here is a huge compilation of the top 8 apps that brings you out tedium and loneliness. Have a glimpse!

1. Dream Girlfriend (Android)

Dream Girlfriend is one of the best virtual girlfriend apps that let you create a girlfriend of your choice. You might have some idea about the qualities, appearance and other elements for your girlfriend. One can bestow all those things to the girl whom you are thinking to make a girlfriend.

Through this app, you can enjoy with your dream girl virtually. The Dream Girlfriend app allows the users to pick a girl from a plethora of options. There is a possibility to customize the girl using several features. You can chat and interact with the girl using the Live2D technology. Another interesting feature is romantic interactions and fashion contests.

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2. Naughty Girlfriend (Android)

Naughty Girlfriend app helps you to select a naughty girlfriend with sexy appearance. You can even dance with your alluring girlfriend while she flirts with you and you can flirt with her. The users of this app can dress their selected girlfriend based on their choice. There are copious dressing options present on this app. This app renders you the experience as if you are speaking to a real sexy girl. You can make a conversation with your naughty girlfriend and ask funny questions. Start dancing with your hot girl and flirt with her virtually.

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3. Virtual Girlfriend Momoda (iOS)

Virtual Girlfriend Momoda is a completely secure and free application for the iOS users. The girlfriend on this app is a hot beauty from Eastern Europe who is the topmost supermodel across the world. This app has been designed specifically for the iPhone users. One of the most interesting elements in this app is that it offers you a 3D character or a 3D model that can be rotated 360 degrees. Using the 3D feature, the users can view each and every angle of your girlfriend. You can even touch and kiss her from any angle. Some other vital options include the ability to change her clothes, hairstyle, and shoes based on your preference.

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4. Virtual Girlfriend 3D Anime (Android)

If you are still waiting for your dream girlfriend then, download this virtual girlfriend 3D anime app. You can have great fun with this cute 3D anime girl. The girl in this app has her own emotions and feelings. Some of the excellent features include numerous animations, pretty 3D anime graphics and more. The users have the ability to control the character using numerous controls. You can even change or correct the hairstyle and color of the virtual girl.

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5. My Virtual Girlfriend Julie (Android)

My Virtual Girlfriend Julie is another best virtual girlfriend application which is available on the Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can chat with your new girlfriend. Your girlfriend also has a cute name as Julie. The girl from this app has the great intelligence to speak on any topic. There is feasibility to communicate with the girl through real voice and realistic 3D video animation. Your girlfriend Julie has the ability to express all sorts of emotions like love, anger, dislike and more. Some other exciting actions that are performed by Julie include a smile, sleep, kiss and more.

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6. Girlfriend Plus (Android)

Girlfriend Plus is a fantastic application that lets you begin a conversation with a gorgeous intelligent woman. Once you are introduced to each other, she will send her pictures alongside the audio messages. Pick brilliantly and you will definitely make her your girlfriend. The Girlfriend Plus app is available absolutely for free of cost on the Play Store for Android users.

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7. Smart Virtual Girlfriend (Android)

If you are a smart guy then, you will obviously look for a smart girl to make her as your life partner. The Smart Virtual Girlfriend app is the perfect application that lets you start casual conversations with your girlfriend. The users can send emoticons to your intelligent girlfriend based on your emotions. She will even give answers to your questions. The users have the ability to customize the name of their girlfriend, age and the avatar of the character. It gives her response at a rapid speed.

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8. My Virtual Manga Girl (Android)

My Virtual Manga Girl is a great virtual girlfriend application available for all the Android users. The name of the character in this app is manga. In this app, you can alter the eyes, clothes, hair, color, and background of your manga character. Some of the best features include complete game dance Chan, anime girl dancing. The users can dress up the character using different dresses and hairstyles. There is a simple one-touch operation present in this application that lets you operate your girlfriend.

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Final Words

That’s all! Here ends the list of the top 8 best Virtual Girlfriend android apps in 2019. For more doubts and queries, just drop them in the comments section. Share your thoughts and ideas in the feedback section.