8 Best Prank Call Sites to Prank Friends for Free in 2024

In the current contemporary life, we all confront work tensions and burden in our day to day life. You can relieve your stress by making prank calls to your friends or colleagues. We have numerous prank call websites available on the internet that are absolutely free of cost. Before accessing such websites, it is recommended for the users to understand the limitations related to that particular website.

In case, you misuse such websites, it is considered illegal and you might get into trouble. Making use of the prank call websites is only for the purpose of fun and entertainment. If you go beyond it, you need to face legal problems. In this post, we have come up with a list of the free best prank call websites for making fun with friends. Check it out!

Check out the list of the best prank call websites for making unlimited prank calls that are available for free of cost.

1. PrankDial

PrankDial is one of the best prank call websites available on the internet for all the funny folks. This website renders numerous pranks so that the users can pick any interesting prank based on their choice. You can send those pranks to your best pals and family members. The pranks available on PrankDial are available completely for free of cost. There is a feasibility to add a phone number of your friend alongside an alternative number with a country code. If you want to make fun then, record a call and send that prank call to your favorite ones. Some of the best features of PrankDial website include video calling, prank history, ad-free calling and more. You can explore the pranks from the immense database present on this website.

2. Prankowl

Prankowl is another best prank call website that works pretty similar to the PrankDial website. However, Prankowl offers some exceptional features to the users that compel two strangers to make free calls to one another. There is a possibility to set a time limit for making calls to individual folks. It also enables the users to cheat the caller ID from your friends. Whenever you call your friend then, the number appears as an unknown number. Some other beneficial features of the Prankowl website include calling from different countries, ad-free calls, and more. By earning tokens, you can easily make prank calls to your friends. By making a prank call, you can have a great fun, laugh and get to know the reaction of the person to whom you made a prank call.

3. Comedy Calls

Comedy Calls is another best prank call website that provides a huge range of funny calls to its users. They can easily send those calls to other people. The major concept behind the Comedy Calls website is to create humor and evade the frustrating calls that might agitate others. The users can select a funny call from the huge database. All you need to do is to type the phone number of the receiver and then make a free comedy call. Some other features include spoofing your caller id, timing a call for next time and accessing the ad-free user interface.

4. Wacky Prank Calls

Wacky Prank Calls is a popular prank call website that renders a huge range of prank calls. This website offers an exceptional feature that the users need not have to dial any number from the website. This website itself provides a particular number that can be dialed from your mobile phone. Type the phone number of the victim and make a prank call to them. The users need to follow the IVR instructions. The Wacky Prank Calls website will take care of the remaining things. The users need not have to download any kind of software to use this prank website.

5. EasyPrank

EasyPrank is another best website that provides a massive range of funny calls to the users. One can make use of those calls to troll their friends and colleagues. This website doesn’t provide any specific caller ID spoof feature like the aforementioned websites. However, the users can make use of an alternative number for making a prank call. This website offers an amazing experience for the user rendering utmost freedom to them for making free calls whenever they wish.

6. Foxycall

Foxycall enables the users to make calls, send text messages and even spoof the caller ID with much ease. There is a feasibility to send the text message from any sender ID. Some other beneficial features of Foxycall include altering the voice and recording the calls. The users make utilize any phone number to make a prank call or a prank text.

7. KDK Prank Calls

KDK Prank Calls is another excellent prank call website that has a unique interface. On the home page of this website, you can find numerous options that include free prank calls, prank phone calls online, card greetings and more. By choosing any of the options, you will land on the next web page that lets you make a free prank call. This is not just a prank call website but also the biggest internet radio show that provides prank calls and live comedy. The users can easily download the prank calls from the database individually as an MP3 file. The prank calls available on this website seem like original calls to the recipients.

8. Phone Losers

Phone Losers of America is the best prank calling website that comprises of a massive list of the funniest prank calls. This website provides a prank call in the form of an MP3 file. The users can easily send those calls to their friends anytime. The prank calls present on this website are humorous, ridiculous and funny in some cases.

9. Ownage Pranks

You shouldn’t miss this app as their mission is to bring laughs and smile to people through digital content. Ownage Pranks have already accumulated nearly 5 Million youtube subscribers, 2.4M+ Facebook followers and collected over 1 billion video views digitally through hilarious pranks. They offer a lot of characters that will definitely keep you laughing on the floor for minutes!

Final Words

That’s it! Here ends the huge list of the top 8 best prank call websites for making a prank call to your friends. For more issues and queries, ask us through the comments section.