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"An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you." Wise words by the main character of one of my favorite movies.
Ideas are very powerful. Always be aware of what you believe in and of the things you communicate to others. Challenge your own thoughts regularly and encourage others to do so too.

Sometimes we grab too firmly to an idea without reflecting on it too much. Then, that idea grows uncontrollably and guides our actions and judgements. Be cautious. Know yourself well.
d0icch 17s ago
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#31daysofhorror DAY 19: The Conjuring 2

This is one of those rare times that a horror sequel is actually very good, if not better than the first. I personally think The Conjuring 2 was scarier than the 1st. Everything about the demon Nun is extremely creepy. Which Conjuring did you guys like more??
Yoo! The news just keeps rollin in! We have the never duplicated @miss_aqt comin to the studio today! If you are trying to instantly improve your standard of living you don’t want to miss this goodie with this baddie #TwiceTalk
Episode 43 brings a guest onto the show! This week we are joined by Scott's wife, Michelle! Together we will talk about horror movies over the years. What we thought was scary, what we thought was stupid, and everything in between. We also talk about a video game that is smarter than us, shooting your loved ones ashes into space, and the return of Scott's CW stories!

Find us on Apple Podcasts or your podcatcher of choice! Just search for, You Me & Duffy! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review!
mmm this is easily my favorite movie
q: favorite highschool movie?
movie: heathers (1988)
Episode 2 is now live! This week we discuss the Season 3 premiere of Mr. Robot as well as all the amazing trailers that dropped, including The Last Jedi. Click the link in our bio and be sure to subscribe to get our weekly show!
There was a time when immigrants were promised green cards if they served the military only to discover That maybe those making the promises had a hidden agenda. Greencard Warriors ( now playing on ON) tells a story of a family that risks everything due to this promise. Now playing: Mamitas The ON Channel. The ON Channel. It's a channel! ON is what happens when channels like HBO/Fox/Starz/Amc meet netflix.
ON - Home of the best of independent films, shorts, fan films, and original content. Watch live or watch on- demand. So why not see what we've got going ON! #repost #on #o #the #onlinetv #theonchannel #onlinetv #movies #indieartist #indiefilm #netflix #indienation #independentfilm #webseries #comiccon #instagood #instadaily #logo #repost #tv #goodtv #hastag #instagram #instagram #eminem #creative #new #own #owntv #newyorkcity #dontmissout
May 7th 2012| Costume Institute Gala at the MET, New York.📸🔥❤️

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