13 Legal Websites to Download HD Movies for Free in 2024

Downloading movies online has become a sort of need these days among youngsters. No matter how good you are with the internet, you will still love to know about some legal online spaces where you can browse and download your favorite movies without restrictions. Of course, you are expecting this ship of entertainment content for free. So, to help you out, we have come up with some of the best websites such as The Internet Archive, Public Domain Torrents, Retrovision, and others.

1. YouTube

YouTube is a public domain library where you can watch millions of free videos generally by hitting in the search box at the top of the homepage. On YouTube, you get to watch content such as movies, TV Shows and short serials offered on different channels. You might have to pay for some movies and videos but generally, you can watch YouTube Originals movies and TV Shows for free.

As our concern is free movies, there are some specified channels on YouTube which lets you access a number of classic movies. You can check Maverick Movies, Popconflix, and The Paramount Vault. However, you might face the issue in finding a free movie of your choice on YouTube, it is still a highly recommended option owing to its streaming speed and fewer advertisements.

2. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the best option as a legal website to download free movies and TV Shows. Best among all the legal sites listed here, it is sure to become one of your favorite choices for your appetite of movies, books, and music. It allows you to download hundreds of movies such as Farewell to Arms, Night of the Living Dead, Jungle Book, etc. as torrents.

Earlier The Internet Archive used to work in a different way. It served only download links to the movie which most of them failed due to the large file size. Now you can choose to download from the link and file size of your preference. Since website adds new content daily, and this lets the catalog grow too on the site, more and more people turning to The Internet Archive every day making it a preferred choice. There is more. Create a library card for the website, upload videos, bookmark whatever you want, and more.

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3. Vimeo.com

Vimeo is much similar to YouTube. The website has an amazing homepage that looks nice, easy to navigate, and is very organized. You get to watch free movies and documentaries online. All you have to do is make an account for yourself. You can choose to watch among several short movies available on the website. Vimeo has a different feature which you might know about and that it lets you play videos on demand at a fee. If you can pay a little, you can watch a TV Show or a movie of your choice.

4. Popcornflix.com

What an amazing name? PopcornFlix. This website boasts rich and original content in the public domain. Owned by Screen Media Ventures, PopcornFlix is fully free to use and can be used on any device be it a smartphone or a tablet or a laptop. Watch at your ease. From genres like action, comedy, drama, or horror, you can watch from across thousands of free movies. Not just that, you can watch a lot of free TV shows and Nat-Geo series.

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5. Public Domain Torrents

Despite having a not so interesting appeal on the homepage, Public Domain Torrents is the only site with no-questionable attitude. The website has an assortment of free classic and old movies. You can download a movie in different video formats depending on your requirement. This is a simple website with rich content in its library. You should give it a try as it is safe and free to use.

6. OpenCulture

As the name suggests, Open Culture provides high definition videos on different things from around the world. You can not only watch free movies but can also join free online courses and learn languages for free. With 6 major categories on Audiobooks, eBooks, Language lessons, Movies, Online courses, and Textbooks, OpenCulture boasts an excellent collection of free movies. Among all the 1150 movies present on the site, most of them are Oscar Winning titles and Charlie Chaplin movies.

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7. Retrovision

Retrovision is a great website with free movies to offer. Find unlimited classic movies and TV Shows on this free legal movie download website which is also in the public domain. Classic UHF is an android app by Retrovision which lets you watch movies and TV shows at your ease on your smartphone.

On the homepage, there is a bar where you can find all the genres such as Adventure, Comedy, Classic, Crime, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi or others. This makes it simple and easy for users to browse the movie of the TV Shows they are looking for. If you want to go through all the movies they have, just click ‘All’ in this bar of genres/ categories. Retrovision also offer a subscription to their newsletters which keeps you updated of the newly posted content on the website.

8. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an interesting service among the best legal sites to watch movies and TV shows. If you’re just a big fan of TV shows and movies, head straight to this website as it offers more than 75 TV channels across categories such as TV, News, Movies, Sports, Technology to name a few. Pluto TV has its official application to be used across various media devices such as a smartphone or a tablet to let you stream things on the go without hassles. When you visit Pluto TV, you will see their channel streaming on your device screen. If you face trouble using any channel on this website, try to use a VPN or proxy service because some of these channels only work in the US.

9. Yahoo View

We know we have listed Yahoo View in this list but it is important for you too to understand that most of the free content available here is only accessible to the US. Sometimes even VPNs don’t work with this service. With quite a simple layout, Yahoo View allows you to make a selection of the genre you want to see.

Don’t be sad about not able to access most of the free content. You can still explore through a lot more. You can watch movies trailers, free TV serials, and documentaries. The good thing about this website is that when you select a video or a movie to watch, it notifies the available period for which the video is still available on this website.

10. Crackle

Crackle is a Sony powered channel where you get to stream movies for free. Since it is Sony, you need not worry about free movies as they are far more than your imagination. It’s simple to use and has a structured interface.

You can discover the TV shows and movies you were looking at other sites for long. Since everything on this site is free, you have to tolerate a couple of advertisements. You can watch some of the great things like Firefly, Seinfeld, or Sports Jeopardy etc. You can use a VPN service override restrictions while watching some of the videos which are not available in your country. Again, you are free to download the application on your smartphone as the Crackle is available for both Android and iOS users.

11. Hulu

Hulu is another website which boasts a good amount of entertainment content for you to watch free. We can’t say this website offers too much or unlimited but has a decent collection of limited movies and TV shows which you watch post Sign up for a free account. The app for Hulu is available on both Android and iOS devices. A little more. Use a VPN if it doesn’t work in your region.

12. Movies Found Online

A true curator. Movies Found Online is as simple as its name says. You can browse movies, stand-up comedy videos, independent films, TV programs, and others. Serving a lot of content from the public domain, the site boasts movies from the categories such as classic, comedy, documentaries, and short movies.

What’s special about this site is that it doesn’t upload or moderate anything on its own. It is actively engaged in removing the movies in case there a copyright violation.

13. Classic Cinema Online

Easy as it names. On Classic Cinema Online, you can download classic movies of the likes of Bye Bye Birdie, Lone Ranger, Mobey Dick, and others. On the clean and classic looking homepage of this website, you can download either from the list of movies available on the site or by selecting the genre from the drop-down menus at the right-top on the screen. This site features Movie billboards, Serials, and Silent films categories where you can see numerous genres to choose from.

Take away: We hope this article will prove helpful for you to find your bits and pieces, but legally. Share your feedback with us in case you have any question or a suggestion.