8 Best iPhone WiFi Network Analyzer Apps in 2024

An iPhone and other iOS devices are considered as one of the luxurious gadgets among the people. Just like the specifications of such devices, there are extraordinary apps and functionalities to enhance its performance. On different iOS devices, one can easily access the internet either wired or wireless. These days, the Wi-Fi usage has become quite popular with the rapid emergence of smart gadgets. Is your Wi-Fi connection offering high speed?

Can you analyze your Wi-Fi signal strength? All these can be determined with much ease through the best iPhone Wi-Fi network analyzer tools. The Wi-Fi network analyzer app has the ability to analyze the channel. It even helps the users to pick the minimum crowded channel to connect your device and acquire utmost performance. In this post, we have gathered a list of the best Wi-Fi tools and network analyzer apps for iPhone. Have a look!

1. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is a highly advanced tool that helps the users to scan their LAN, diagnose a network and detect any issue within few seconds. If there are any issues related to your Wi-Fi network setup then, this app has the ability to diagnose the issue with much ease. Network Analyzer also traces the issues on the remote servers. it also scans your Wi-Fi network and helps you in checking the speed of your internet connection. It sends the outcomes to the users through messages and emails.

2. IP Network Scanner

In some situations, your location might be congested with a plethora of networks. The users have a feasibility to alter their network channel to the least congested channel in such consequences. The IP Scanner helps the users to analyze all the available Wi-Fi router channels and examine the quality of it prior to choosing open Wi-Fi. IP Scanner is the fastest Wi-Fi analyzer that provides precise results after scanning the network.

There is a feasibility to customize and assign your preferred names to the connected devices. It has a clean user interface which is quite beneficial for the professionals. One can easily import and export the scan results via emails. You can utilize numerous integrated tools present in the IP Scanner for your iPhone and iPad devices.

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3. Fing – Network Scanner

Fing is a widely popular Wi-Fi analyzer and Wi-Fi channel scanner that provide an in-depth audit of your network. Once you launch this app on your device, it asks you to scan the device for available networks. It provides a plenty of tools such as Wi-Fi Scanner, DNS lookup, ping, port scanner and service monitoring.

For those who are highly concerned about their Wi-Fi network utility, the Fing app is a perfect choice. Using the Wake on LAN feature, one can easily ping any device and wake it up. Through this app, the users can get instant alerts and notifications whenever a new device connects to the network. One can easily keep a track on the strength of their Wi-Fi Speed through the Fing app.

4. Wi-Fi SweetSpots

Wi-Fi SweetSpots allows the users to find the changes in your Wi-Fi network. It is the best Wi-Fi analyzer tool that locates Wi-Fi spots with the help of their speed. Based on the Wi-Fi signal strength, the spots are categorized as fastest and slowest sports. One of the best features of this app is that it optimizes the network performance. This app also helps the users to find the accurate location so that they can enjoy utmost speed. Prior to downloading any massive file, the user will be able to understand whether the network has enough speed and signal strength or not.

5. Speedtest by Ookla

For a home-based user or a business professional, the internet speed has become the greatest concern. In order to check whether your ISP is cheating you over the speed or not, the Speedtest by Ookla app helps you in the best way. More than millions of people across the world have been using this app to test the speed of their internet connection. Using this app, one can easily determine the download, upload speed, and ping. It provides real-time graphs to the users related to their internet connection speed. One can easily get the result and share it with others.

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6. Scany – Network Scanner

Scany is another best Wi-Fi network analyzer tool which is compatible with various iOS devices. It enables the users to find the open ports. This app is perfect for those who are seeking to diagnose and resolve the network related problems. The Scany app locates the devices that are connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi by displaying the names, addresses, and makers. It offers an extensive range of tools to analyze a network that includes ping, DNS lookup, port scanner, WHOIS, trace and more.

7. iNet – Network Scanner

Get through your network using the iNet Network scanner and understand the security-related issues present in it. One can keep their network under their control to evade the security risks. You can even track whether your neighbors or others are accessing your Wi-Fi or not without your consent. It enables the users to find the devices that are connected to the network.

The iNet network scanner displays all the devices that are connected to your local network. This app saves the last 10 scans in an automatic manner. One of the best features of this app is the ‘save scan’ feature that lets you save all the scans performed previously, name them and use them for further reference. We advise the users to prefer the iNet Pro version as the free version is full of annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

8. iNetTools Pro App

The iNetTools Pro is another best application for the iOS devices that come with a plethora of network diagnose tools. It is a pro version of the iNetTools app. Some of the beneficial tools on this app include traceroute, port scan, DNS lookup, server monitor, ping and more. This app is compatible with the IPv4 and IPv6 protocol versions. It has a simple user interface that has the ability to diagnose all the network issues on your iPhone and iPad devices.

Final Words

That’s all! These are the best network analyzer and Wi-Fi Tools for your iPhone and iPad. For more doubts and queries, drop them in the comments section.