20 Free Movie Download Sites to Download Full Movies in 2024

Who doesn’t love to watch movies for free? And why is it even a question? Whenever a new or blockbuster movie releases, everybody waits for the high-resolution print on various websites. Ever since Amazon Prime and Netflix have also become a sensation among people from different walks, it has become a trend for streaming movies and serials online.

With such movies and series streaming websites, you can watch movies of your choice at your leisure either you’re home or traveling. All you need is an active internet connection to stream and download the same. However, you might be able to find such free websites, we are sharing some of the best Free Movie Sites where you can download full movies and TV shows.

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These websites allow you to stream and watch unlimited entertainment content of your choice. Watch any TV Show, Anime, or the latest movie or anything without paying any overhead or subscription fee. Take a walk through this list of top free Movie Download websites where you can download full-length movies without having to register for an account. And if your download is taking too long, consider investing in a Wifi signal booster for a stronger (read more about wifi boosters), more stable internet connection.

1. Megabox HD

There are no reasons to doubt the services of Megabox HD as this feature-rich app has much more to offer. You can enjoy hundreds of movies and TV shows on your Android smartphone or tablet. Stream or watch at your leisure at your preferred video resolution. Available formats are 360p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions. The intuitive interface and organized menus for movies and TV make it quite easy to navigate throughout the application. Most of the content on this application is available in high definition video quality and offers an impressive collection of movies and TV shows.

* Try Amazon Prime (Free)

This is a 30 days free Amazon Prime trial. You can cancel your trial within 30 days and you won’t be charged. Means you can watch Amazon Prime for 30 days in free.

2. Showbox

Showbox app shares some features with YouTube. Its nice homepage is easily understandable, and organized content makes searching and streaming faster. Signup online and start streaming from available free videos on the Showbox app. The library has several free documentaries, short movies, and independent films which you can enjoy anywhere as it offers a smartphone app too. You can follow categories, and creators, upload videos and add videos to your watch list to watch them later. In-app downloads allow you to watch them offline on the go.

3. 123 Gostream

This website can be a comfortable stop for you to download movies at no cost. 123 Gostream provides you with a lot of choices as it boasts categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Pakistani, Punjabi and others. Not only that, you can download the latest movies with dual audio. You can find your favorite movie or TV show by selecting the genre or the year. A lot of browsing options available on the dashboard of the website provide you seamless navigation. You don’t need to worry about the file size of the downloaded movie because the file size is relatively low even with great picture quality.

4. YTS

YTS is a torrent site and also a great alternative to The Pirate Bay, and Torrentzilla. It has an immense library housing thousands of movies across different genres. Available content can be downloaded easily as it features a simple user interface. You can download high-quality movies in the smallest file size on your mobile devices too. Seldom popups may be annoying, but that’s all worth it when everything is free. Users are allowed to sort movies by their print quality, genre, ratings, downloads, and alphabetical order.

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5. AZ Movie

On AZ Movie, there is a hell lot of stuff for entertainment purpose. You can be sure to find anything on this website as its name says AZ Movie. You can make quick searches for the movie you want in no time. Easy navigation, user-friendliness, organized tabs, categorization and other factors of this website contributes to its popularity and growing user base. You can use multiple genres such as Comedy and War or Romance and tragedy etc. to find movies of your preferences.

6. 1337X Movies

1337X Movies is quite a popular website for downloading free movies online and ranks at a good place. However the site is frequently updated with the latest content, it is very famous for featuring best old movies of all times. A couple of times the site went down and didn’t function well, it lost its position severely. It doesn’t matter where a website ranks as long it suffices your appetite for old and new movies.

7. Stream Likers

Stream likers has a decent looking interface where you make a selection of movies or TV Shows by country-wise. You can choose to watch movies and TV shows from countries like US, Japan, India, Ireland, the UK and others from the list to select. Not restricted to streaming, you can download high-resolution movies and TV shows with subtitles on your computer or smartphone. There is a cool feature on this website. Say, if you’re unable to find a movie, you can request the community to add that movie to the website.

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8. MovieWatcher.is

MovieWatcher.is is continuously adding up more numbers to their list of viewers as hundreds of people are moving to this website every day in search of their piece of entertainment. With almost unlimited content to stream from, MovieWatcher.is have a range of genres among TV Shows and Movies. You can watch the best TV serials from countries like US, Japan, China, and Korea. The simple interface lets you search what’s in your head by allowing you to hit the name in the search bar at the top right corner of the homepage. Discover your choice and download the content right away.

9. Retrovision

Retrovision is a public domain library where you can find many classic movies for free. This is one of the great places for downloading classic movies of all time. For Retrovision, there is a smartphone app as well in the name of Classic UHF which allows streaming movies on the go and lets you enjoy movies at your ease. On the homepage, you can find several tabs on the top for different genres. Each genre constitutes several movies that help to find a movie within minutes. Movies are classified into different categories including Adventure, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi, War, etc. If you are interested in the new content that is uploaded regularly, do subscribe to the newsletter from Retrovision.

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10. 123 Movies

Like other free movie download sites, C123 Movies also offer high-quality streaming content where you can watch or download movies and TV Shows. C123 Movies boasts high-quality content with all old and new movies which you can stream and download on your computer. The only effort you need to do access content on this website is signing up for an account. You can find all old and new movies released to date on this website. Moreover, you can request for adding a movie to the website in case the movie isn’t available.

11. F Movies

With the best ranking among all the websites listed here, F Movies is all you need. This website can be the best alternative to those boring sites which keep asking you for your payment details and unnecessary subscriptions. F Movies allows you to download and watch a movie on any genre. Select movies across action, thriller, comedy, or fictional. It’s all up to you. Not only the ones released in recent years, you can access and download movies from old age as well which makes this website stands on number one position.

12. Hulu

Hulu is a premium service that also offers a free trial version before you finally make it up for a paid membership. Available separate applications for all popular media devices, Hulu offers several hours of free streaming across movies and TV episodes. If you choose to sign-up for a free user account, you are provided with over a hundred free movies to stream with no downloads allowed. The content available can be streamed in full-length and HD video quality. Hulu also hosts several shows from channels like CBS, HBO, Cinemax, and HBO. The same analogy applies here in case this service is not available ion your region. Use a VPN service to override restrictions and ascertain privacy.

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13. Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter is the right place if you’re in search of high-quality movies. This site has proved to be quite impressive as it not just provides high-quality movies. It also gives a lot of information on about to launch movies and best-rated movies of all times. You can download any movie or TV Show you like to watch in HD video quality. The site is categorized into an assortment of genres and title and other tabs like Newest Movies, Newest TV Series, and Popular movies which makes it easier to navigate and find content.

14. Open Culture

Open Culture claims to be one of the best free cultural and Educational media providers on the internet. You can stream about 1150 movies online for free and can choose among genres including Comedy, Drama, Horror, History, Sci-Fi, Animation, etc. The place is right for people seeking to watch silent films, Korean dramas, Oscar-winning movies, short documentaries, and movies of Charlie Chaplin. Other than movies, Open Culture provides online courses, language lessons, textbooks, audiobooks, and e-books on various niches. There are no geographical restrictions for this service.

15. Fou Movies

Fou Movies is no different than any other Free Movies Download Site and you can find all old movies which you have been looking at different sites on the internet. The user is free to download the movie he wants which makes this website a little bit unique in some way. More than that, if you want to explore genres, you have to option to do that. Chose the genre you like among Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, and others and go through the movies available on the site for that genre. You will end up finding a movie that will keep you up.

16. House Movie

This place is just another amazing online place to download your favorite movies. House Movie offers both options to its users. You can stream, watch, or download movies, TV Shows and serials. On House Movie, you can keep up with your appetite for TV Serials and avoid missing episodes. Stream and download entertainment content on various genres such as political thriller, action, or comedy. Moreover, there is a section where you can read articles related to the websites giving you a sneak peek of everything on the website.

17. YouTube (USA Only)

Recently, the movies section of YouTube has been updated and has listed more free movies to the library. This new intent of YouTube is appreciable as users are now given more free content in an ad-free environment which completely enhances the comfort of streaming and downloading movies. If you are a freebie kind of person, not wanting to spend money on subscribing a premium service of the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu, you shall check out YouTube’s free movie section. There are rumors that YouTube is also going to release its Originals web shows as expected by 2024. Some popular movies on YouTube’s list are Terminator, IP Man, Legally Blonde, and others. Movies listed in this section are currently available for the USA only. If you want to watch one of these YouTube movies without Internet, FixThePhoto shared some tips and recommended trustworthy free YouTube downloaders.

18. DivX Crawler

Div Crawler is the best choice for you if you are a fan of classic and old movies. This site has an impressive collection of all-time hits in classic and old movies. As the name suggests, this website offers videos in a number of video formats such as DVD, DivX, and others. DivX Crawler also lets you access and free music videos. The user-friendliness and organized layout make it a perfect site for great user experience.

19. Viewster

Viewster is a popular website that started back in 2007 especially for Anime lovers. A lot of people love to watch anime TV series and programs. This anime exclusive destination is going to be your favorite as its library includes Animation, Korean Drama, Sci-Fi, Horror, Classics and many more. It keeps updating its library with rich and new content from time to time. The website also streams different channels dedicated to anime, gaming, and comedy which is an upside of using this service. Viewster also notifies of new content whenever there is an addition in any of the channels you are following. The free mobile app keeps the content handy and lets you stream anywhere at your ease.

20. My Download Tube

This website has more on offer. My Download Tube is a complete entertainment platform where you cannot only watch and download free movies but can also download games for free. Allowing a user to download videos in High Definition, the site lets you watch the trailer before you select to either stream or download a movie. To find the right movie or the game of your wish, you have the magical search bar on the homepage of My Download Tube.

There are dozens of programs that you can use to download movies and programs from these websites. On the one hand, such a great variety seems to be an advantage, but on the other hand, the sorting-out process can take lots of time and effort. Though the concept of the “best online video downloader” is somehow vague, there are particular features that a worthy program must have.

Supported Formats

The first thing to consider is what video formats the program supports. If the list is rather short and most formats are dated, you’d better keep searching. A good program should allow you to enjoy movies and shows shared in 4K, HD, 8K, and even 360-degree videos. One such example is fixthephoto.com.

Batch Download Option

img source: which.co.uk

It is a really cool feature that can save you lots of time. Some websites offer TV series and large playlists of related content, and having the possibility to download them at one go is invaluable. Many online downloaders allow users to download as many files from a website as they want, and it makes sense to opt for such a program.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter whether you have already tested multiple video downloaders or are just planning to use it for the first time, it is always great to deal with intuitive controls and a nicely-designed interface. If a program is crammed with numerous settings and tools, it may take you rather long to find the “Download” button and even more to locate your downloaded files.

Safety Measures

While choosing an online video downloader, check whether it collects your private data. If so, opt for another variant. You really need a program that is reliable in terms of protecting your anonymity and following copyright laws.

There are many downloaders that pretend to be safe, but, in fact, they track your online activity and then share the info with third-parties. Look through the Privacy Policy section of the chosen program and read reviews of other people to make an informed choice.


img source: deltathink.com

This is a decisive factor for many users, especially those with a limited budget. Even if you can afford to pay for a premium-rate downloader, which costs a lot because of the range of functions and tools it is fitted with, think twice whether you really need all those perks.
The initial idea behind an online video downloader is the possibility to download the desired content and watch it even without an Internet connection. In other words, such features as a built-in search and the possibility to extract audio from the video may be attractive, but not obligatory.


In today’s digital landscape, web developers play a crucial role in crafting user-friendly experiences across various platforms. It has become a common practice for program developers to work on an ad-sponsored basis, so most downloaders contain advertisements that can not only distract you from what is happening on the screen but also interfere with the downloading process. If you don’t want to constantly click on the “Close” button, you should either initially get an ad-free program, or test a buckshee version and then switch to a paid one without annoying ads.

Conclusion: Here we shared a list of the best 20 sites to download free movies in full length. You can check and visit any of these sites to find your favorite shows and movies as all these websites offer content in high-quality video resolutions and different formats. Feedbacks are welcome. Happy downloading!