Free Sports Streaming Websites To Watch Sports Online in 2024

Sport used to be one of those things that made people stick to the television screen and it still has similar consequences. Since with time, technology has taken many leaps in its lifetime, so did our schedule. If we see today’s time, we will discover ourselves being a modern slave of time which is why it looks quite unaffordable to watch sports matches on a television screen, relaxing in your home.

We are sharing a number of best websites where you can watch free sports matches live on any of your devices such as an iPhone, Android phone, tablet, PC or a laptop, and what? All of that for free. What else you’ll be needing is an active internet connection with a good speed which is not a cumbersome task for anyone. There is a competition among telecommunications companies for offering cheap internet services especially in India and other Asian countries. All it means that you can enjoy streaming live sports on your phone just by using your internet.

1. Streaming Sites

Streaming Sites is the best site for watching FIFA World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, and PSL online, Streaming Sites is certainly the best choice among thousands of people. Sports lovers can live stream many popular sports on this website using any media device including iPhone, iPad, desktop or laptop. If you want to see match highlights, live TV, shows, and much more, you can easily find the related tabs on the top bar on the home page.

2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is said to be one of the largest websites available for enjoying sports media. This place has almost every possible thing related to all major sports including Football, motorsports, Cricket, F1, Golf, NBA and many others. Sky Sports is popular for its HD streaming of Formula1 and also feeds sport related news to its users. A user can also see the timeline, and statistics for multiple live Football matches on a dedicated section within the website. Other freebies available on this website includes Transfer center, TV guide, TV shows, podcasts, and others.

3. Haha Sport

For sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Cycling and many others, Haha Sport is your best option. This website allows users to stream live sports in many popular languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Dutch, and Arabic. Haha Sport also features upcoming sports and other related events. A user can use this website it his own way. Change the theme, use the time zone you like, and watch the match in your language. 

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4. Sport lemon is another sports streaming site that gathers live sports streaming videos from various sources and provides them in an easy to navigate interface. Divided into 12 categories, each category focuses on different sport and allows easy selection of particular sport. Watch diverse sports and associated events without any hassle through the live sports streaming site. You will find all of the major sports, like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and golf on this site.

5. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo is a big name. Yahoo has also known for its sports-related news of many popular sports matches. On yahoo homepage, you can find a separate section related to sport only news where it feeds its users live scoreboards, statistics, and team information on various sports matches going on all around the world. Some popular leagues it covers are the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and MLS. The home page of the website covers almost all important headlines from around different sports and about your favorite sportsmen. Yahoo sports has become a single choice for many sports lovers as it offers all the necessary news and information related to winter sports.


Sport-Stream is one of the best sports streaming sites. Here you can easily watch Football, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Tennis and much more. Simply select your interested sports category from the top menu and then click on your favorite match.


ESPN is a known name in the sports industry and WatchESPN is officially offered by ESPN Channel for free. With a user interactive interface, this is one of the best sports websites for US Sports. WatchESPN is not good for any other country if you’re not from the US or not want to stream US sports matches on your phone or PC. No doubt is it the best site for streaming live sports as it never irritates with annoying popup ads. More than that, there are official apps for your iPhone and Android phones so that you can watch your favorite sports matches online without any trouble.

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Much like any other top free websites to stream live sports matches online, with Laola 1 you can stream some of the non-major sports like Ice-hockey, Volleyball, and Table-Tennis etc. This website has a very good user interface and is quite organized that allows a user to watch videos of matches using channels and the sports category. Some of the high-quality videos of matches are also stored on this website so that users can watch at their leisure. Highlights of live matches, ongoing events, and latest videos can be easily checked here.

9. Hotstar Sports

Powered and launched by Star India, Hotstar Sports is just another blessing for a sports freak person. Here you can stream most of the Indian sports such as Cricket and Kabaddi for free. This website is launched a few years back and is popularly used in some Asian countries. The best thing about this website is that a user doesn’t need to sign up and can stream unlimited content for free. Apart from sports, you can watch movies and TV shows as well.

10. Sony LIV Sports

Sony is also another big TV brand and has an official channel to stream live sports as the name suggests. You can get all the important updates about sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football, Basket Ball and others. The site features the latest video updates of all major sports with live scorecard and graphs along with commentary. Download the official app to your iPhone or Android phone to catch the latest updates of your favorite matches.

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11. FirstRow Sports

Just like every other sports streaming website, FirstRow Sports is no different. Users can stream their favorite sports for free. The best part about this website is that it allows a user with a slow internet connection to check live scores easily. This website works best with Ad Blocker because it generates a lot of advertisement which of course ruins the pleasure of streaming a live sports match. What makes this one of the best websites is its working mirrors for every live sport.


Bosscast is one of its kind. Here you can not only stream major sports like Cricket, and Football but can also stream sports like Rugby, Soccer, F1 etc. You can find almost all sports under this shed and can stream sports using your desired time zone. The homepage of the site offers videos on sports like BasketBall, Soccer, and Hockey. There is an option to chat with other live users of the similar interest on the website.


CricFree delivers more than it promises based on its name. Other than Cricket, you can stream several live sports matches of Rugby, Boxing, Tennis, and Football. When you will land on the website, you can see the schedule of the number of live matches on different sports. This feature allows a user to directly jump in the live sports he is looking for. Despite having a couple of popup ads on this website, the overall streaming experience is smooth so far. The chat box available on the website allows you to interact with other users.


Stream Woop is a simple and easy solution for the sports lover. This site offers many mainstream sports watched worldwide such as Baseball, Soccer, Racing, Cricket, Golf etc. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time of yours, and want to simple stream your favorite sports, just land on this website and type in your favorite sports.


I am sure to call it one of the best websites among those listed on this list. A user gets to stream live sports matches from around the world as it has more than 5 million visitors per month. Based on the web ranking and feedback it has received from the users, MamaHD is growing each day with new visitors adding to its increasing profits. On the homepage, MamaHD displays upcoming live events across categories such as American-football, Baseball, Ice-hockey, Rugby, Tennis, and many others. You can also read sports news, and articles under highlights and news section. Since it is a responsive website, users using devices including iPad, tablet, iPhone, or an Android smartphone can enjoy it without any inconvenience.

16. is reasonably the best sports streaming website because of its clean layout. This website house legal entertainment content and you can watch sports matches without any worry. You can see logos of different sports which makes it easy for a user to select and search for the sports match he wants to stream live. The best part about this site is its short loading time which is quite helpful while streaming a sports match. You can stream different videos across sports like football, boxing, rugby, tennis, and badminton to name a few. You can also watch TV channels on

17. is an ideal football solution. This is certainly the best website for streaming live football matches from around the world. You can get prior information about all the international matches and can also stream the replay of matches. Dedicated menu tabs make navigation easy. You can watch all the available matches by sorting them by channels or teams. A lot of options to choose from makes it a soccer friendly website. Moreover, it has a dedicated page where you can find Soccer-friendly pubs to feed your football fever.


Not new in the market, Sportlemons is just another name for ‘Fromhot’. It is an open place where you are not required to be a registered user if you want to enjoy watching sports matches online. You can stream anything without logging-in to the website. This website features a neat interface where you can see the list of scheduled matches across sports including rugby, football, motorsports, baseball and others. You can stream live sports matches in HD video quality which feel really enjoyable.