How to Edit a PDF Online in 2024

A portable document format file, or known as PDF file is quite common nowadays. Students, office goers, freelancers, etc., use PDF in their daily work. You can transfer data in PDF style, or you could also share information regarding anything in this format. A PDF is pleasing for the eye and easy to understand. The setup looks clean and seamless.

Unlike other text-based formats like MS Word, it is not easy to edit a PDF file. People also use PDF as it is quite complicated to make changes in it. A non-specialist with only the basic knowledge of computers will find it difficult to edit a PDF.

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Now let us understand a few ways on how you can edit a PDF file online.

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There are a plethora of PDF editors on the internet. The top editors are expensive, and you will have to spend a few bucks to use them. A good PDF editor should let you add or subtract content from the file. The majority of PDF editors available on the internet today allow you to add comments or recommendations to the content. Some free editors will reveal your content on the internet while you use them. This act may breach your privacy as nobody wants other people to see their stuff. Your data may not be safe with such editing tools. What you need from a PDF editing tool is that it should allow you to make changes in the content. Also, you should be able to include or exclude content from the file. Once you make the required changes, only you should be able to edit the file further.

Paid method of editing PDF

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Adobe introduced the PDF. The most convenient way to edit a PDF document is through Adobe Acrobat. The Adobe Document Cloud provides you the access to rearrange the text, change the format of the content, resize photos, add or remove texts, etc. You can also put the same text format on the attached pictures. This unique feature makes Adobe DC even more seamless. You can also use this tool on your smartphone or tablet. Adobe DC has a mobile app that also gets the job done. You can use the app for seven days as a trial period. Adobe DC is quite expensive. You will have to pay almost USD 13-15 per month. The price also depends on the version that you are purchasing.

Follow the following steps on Adobe DC to edit your PDF files.

1. Open the Adobe Acrobat and click on the drop-down. Then, click on the file option. Here you can choose the file that you desire to edit.

2. Now on the right side of the screen, you will find an edit PDF button. Click on the button, and you will be able to select the appropriate content that needs changes.

3. Now you can edit the file as per your requirements. You will have the authority to change the format, change spelling errors, change the background color, edit pictures, etc. to name a few.

Free methods of editing a PDF

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If you are not willing to get the paid version and want a cheaper way of editing PDF documents, then you can go through the following steps. This online editing method will not burn a hole in your pocket and get the job done.

1. The foremost step is to upload the document to google drive. You will have to click on the button that says new. Then a drop-down will appear with an option of file upload. Click on the option and further select your desired PDF file.

2. After selecting the document, you will have to right-click on the file. Then, select the open-with option. Open the file with Google Docs.

3. You will now see that the file opens in an editable format. You can change the text, size, and layout of the entire document. Google Docs allows you to make sufficient changes in the file.

4. Now, after you are satisfied with the changes, you can convert the file back to PDF. Once you edit the file, save it in PDF format by clicking on the save as option.

This free of cost method is seamless, and you can change almost any PDF file. Another way of editing a PDF that does not require money is through MS Word. You can not only write and edit stuff on MS Word, but you can also make changes in a PDF file. Let us learn how Microsoft Word makes it possible to edit PDF files.

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1. On your computer, open a fresh MS word page. On the top left corner, you will find the menu grid. In this grid, click on the file option. Now, select the open button, and you will be able to choose the desired PDF file.

2. After choosing the file that needs editing, you will have to open that file. After clicking on open, you will notice that the file opens in a separate Word tab.

3. The file will open in MS word format, and you can make changes in the same. You can edit the text format, size, font, etc. You also will be able to include more text or remove the incorrect stuff.

4. After making the required changes, click on the file button. Now click the save as option in the drop-down. Select PDF while saving the file, and it will automatically save as a PDF document on your computer.


You can use the unpaid methods to edit texts only. For the PDF files that contain pictures, you would require the paid tools like Adobe Acrobat DC. This tool is expensive but makes your life easy by providing the best facilities. There are many more editing tools available that you may like.