7 Best Colors For Wedding Dresses in 2024

You are not obliged to wear a white dress, even though white is considered a wedding tradition. Nowadays, you could get a little bit more innovative and creative with your attire, and once you do some digging, you may actually see that there is a wide range of colors that you could opt for your dress.

If you are thinking about purchasing a gown that is not traditionally white, this article may be able to assist you. The text below is going to feature a list of colors that have, so far, been the most common options in 2024. Let’s take a closer glimpse at the list of 7 tones you need to consider:

1. Elegant: Blue

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Are you browsing the stores for a gown that is blue? If so, you should remember that you can make your gown precisely that! Not only will it have a delicate and elegant look, but, it’ll most likely be able to attract a lot of attention. Hence, you’ll look completely dreamy without being completely bold with another hue.

2. Feminine: Blush

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When you think about it, blush has long been a second choice when it comes to gown colors – and there is a valid cause behind it. Besides choosing ivory or white, it is the most neutral and completely feminine feel and look. Even though you might not like pink, this hue will surely be perfect if you’re searching for something that is not traditional.

3. Bold: Floral

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Now, you may want to go with white, however, you also might desire a little bit of color on your gown. And if so, choosing a white dress with a vivid flower pattern might be best for you. Besides being amazingly unique like the floral Cathy Telle dresses, you’ll unquestionably turn some heads and look stunning during your ceremony.

4. Romantic: Red

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You could be searching for an attire that is completely bold, yet incredibly romantic and passionate. Whatever design you prefer, a red hue will definitely allow it to shine and make an impact on all of your guests. For instance, Vera Wang is famous for creating red wedding gowns, which means that this hue is surely worth contemplating.

5. Neutral: Tan

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If you’re still looking for something neutral, but do not want to go with ivory, blush, or white, you could choose the next hue on the palette which is tan! No matter if you prefer to go a bit darker or lighter, ensure that it complements the tone of your skin, especially since you don’t want them clashing with one another.

6. Fresh: Mint Green

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When a bride is looking for a softer he for her dress, one of the options that she has is to choose a gown that is mint green! Not only is it beautiful, but when you type in ‘mint green’ wedding gowns in the search bar, you’ll be able to see a wide range of beautifully crafted designs that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

7. Gentle: Lilac

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Pink is not your only choice when it comes to having a pastel attire, in fact, you can also choose lilac, especially since it is one of the most beautiful hues for such an occasion. Whether you opt for a strong lilac hue or one that is a bit more subtle, you’ll definitely feel feminine and elegant during your special day.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Dress?

Before we actually finish this article, there are a few things that are worth mentioning, especially since it can help you with choosing the dress, as well as the color of it. If you have already decided which one you’ll buy, you can skip this entire section, but if not, consider these things before you make a purchase:

  1. The Venue – there is a difference in holding your wedding ceremony at the beach and holding it in a traditional venue. For instance, if you’ll have a beach wedding, you’ll need something that is lighter and airy since it will be quite hot. On the other hand, if you are having your reception in a traditional venue, you can go with almost all designs and colors.
  2. The Jewelry – another important thing that will not only help you with choosing the design but the color as well as the jewelry you want to wear. Of course, you should first purchase the gown and then the jewelry, but, if there are specific pieces that you wish to wear on your special day, think about how it’ll look combined with your gown.
  3. The Weight Matters As Well – although a lot of brides-to-be do not realize it, some specific gown designs can be extremely heavy, especially if you choose a princess-like dress. Hence, if you do not want it to hinder you while walking and dancing, opt for something lighter, with less fabric.
  4. Consider The Venue Colors – you do not want to have a dress that is the same color as the tablecloths at the venue, hence, ensure that you talk with your organizer in order to learn what you might want to avoid wearing. Of course, if this is something that you do not care about, you could opt for any hue.
  5. Your Shoes Are Important As Well – last on this list but equally important is the shoes you are wearing. Think about what will work best with your attire and if you opt for wearing high heels during the ceremony, you might also want something flat that will allow you to walk and dance your legs off.


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As you were able to learn, there is actually a wide range of colors that you can choose for your wedding dress. Whatever color you end up choosing, there is one thing that you must keep in mind – choose something that you like and that you feel comfortable in, after all, it is your special day, hence, choose something that suits your style.

So, now that you are aware of the hues you can choose for your wedding gown, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you might want to first start browsing online shops to get an idea of what you might want, and then go to the brick-and-mortar businesses and try your dream wedding dress on!