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Halftime Report:
The Good:
✅Army has rushed for 179 yards and two touchdowns
✅Army hasn’t turned it over
✅Andy Davidson is getting help from Calen Holt
The Bad:
❗️Army has given up 13 first downs
❗️Army hasn’t worked in the pass game
❗️Army hasn’t adjusted to UTEP stacking the box
❗️Should’ve blocked 2 punts, giving us the ball inside the UTEP 25
The Ugly:
🚫Dropped INT leads to TD for UTEP
🚫133 rush yards @ half to the worst rushing team in the FBS
🚫Penalties. Penalties. Penalties.
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imm.lo 2m ago
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1/3 of the world’s total spending on bottled water yearly is enough to provide water to everyone in need. Can we feel powerless when we are the ones creating these statistics?
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