Most Popular Sports Events for Betting in the US – 2024 Guide

Did you know that the US sports betting industry has a revenue of more than $150 billion each year? Apart from this, much more is bet legally on other events across the globe. With the repeal of the PASPA by SCOTUS in 2018, more and more US states are drafting legislation. These legislations, if passed, could legalize sports betting in the state and you could see more and more. With the rise of states legalizing the online sports betting sector, the revenue is forecasted to increase manifold.

While it is absolutely enjoyable to relax on the couch and watch the sports event you like, wagering can make it all the more blissful. After all, who doesn’t want to earn some easy cash? Betting on your favorite team with SafeBettingSites might just win you some money.

Sports events that you can bet on

There are numerous sports events that happen all across the world. To help you make the best decision, we have compiled a list of the top sports events in the United States.

  • Super Bowl

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Arguably one of the biggest sports events in the United States, the Super Bowl draws in a crowd like no other. More than 100 million individuals tune in to enjoy the Super Bowls annually. With the rising numbers of viewers, the revenue also grows. As per the American Gaming Association, the match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in 2024 witnessed a betting of $7 billion dollars. The unique wagers make the betting even more popular. People bet on the coin toss, length of the national anthem, etc.

  • NBA

The NBA championship is one of the most crowd-drawing sports events in the United States. In the fight to win the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, people place bets on the basketball players. Moreover, the hype becomes all the more when people start to bet even before the starting of the series. The -7-series game draws in more than 20 million people per match. While it is tough to actually estimate the number of bets made, the stat in Nevada speaks volumes. It is projected that the state receives $10 million in bets per game.

  • March madness

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One of the most adrenaline-filled and unpredictable sports events is March Madness. Also known as the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, the event lasts for a month and offers 67 games. According to the American Gaming Association, more than $8.5 billion is bet on this basketball men’s tournament by about 47 million US citizens. The majority of the Americans place bets on the brackets. While no single game can overtake the Super Bowl, however, the tournament easily obtains a handle twice as that of the Super Bowl.

  • World Series

It might not top the popularity list when it comes to favorite US sport, but the amount of people that watch this event is impressive. The standard MLB tournament has around 160 games. Even if you fail to place bets on the first one, you can reach up real quick. The scandalous news of Jim McIngavle betting $11 million on Astros has increased the popularity of the event even more. Here, bettors often place money on either the winner of the series or they bet on each game individually.

  • Stanley Cup

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Another highly anticipated sports event that attracts numerous viewers is the Stanley Cup. The annual-play off that ends the NHL or National Hockey League season is immensely popular. You might not believe it, but the final of the ice hockey championship brings in huge revenue. The massive betting lines are an indication of the affinity of people to bet on the game.

  • Kentucky Derby

One of the most underestimated yet massively popular sporting events is the Kentucky Derby. If you think that horse racing doesn’t attract people, you are mistaken. The number of viewers across the globe for this particular event is impressive. Here, the wagering opportunities are many, and one can earn a significant amount with ease. Did you know that more than $250 million was wagered in 2019 on this event?

  • Olympics

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Both the Olympic events – winter and summer attract numerous viewers across the globe. Each of the events happens only once in four years. That is why the crowd turning in for the events is huge. It also leads to massive betting lines. Here, you can bet on a wide variety of sports, athletes from different countries, and more. Moreover, you can also place live betting, weird wagers, and so on. You can, either opt for the offshore sportsbooks, or you can use the online state-licensed websites.

  • Cricket world cup

When it comes to being the most-viewed sports event, the Cricket World Cup is definitely in the conversation. One of the most sought-after sports in India and other countries, cricket lures around 1.6 billion people according to the ICC. As per an England betting platform, any match between Australia, England, and India could bring in bets worth 50 million pounds. While it is hard to ascertain the exact amount without more data, suffice to say, the amount is massive.

What is the legal scenario of collegiate and professional events betting?

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After the overturning of PAPSA, the legal scenario of betting on collegiate and professional events has cleared significantly. With the upliftment of the ban on sports betting, many states have drawn up their own legislatures. Numerous states now have sportsbooks that are state-regulated and legal. People using these sports betting platforms can enjoy betting in a safe manner. But, when it comes to betting on professional and college events, the laws differ from state to state.

For instance, Iowa bans betting on in-state collegiate vents. It is to ensure that the integrity of the sports is maintained. Moreover, it also prohibits the influence of bribery on young minds. However, offshore betting websites don’t need to follow a particular state protocol.

However, if you are eager to place bets on a major sports event, try to accumulate more knowledge. For this, you can research the regulations for sports betting in your state. Then, you can find out the legal sportsbooks and use them to place legal bets.