Using Silver and Bronze Players to Win FIFA 21 Coins

Do you want to make FIFA 21 coins without spending real money? FIFA 21 uses a combination of “Bronze Packaging Method”, “Team Building Challenge” and smart transfer market use, making it easier than ever to accumulate game currency and form a meta team. You can also use GR’s FIFA 21 coin guide to do the same.

Even though many players think that silver and bronze medals are useless, in fact, for some other more experienced players, they are mints. With this in mind, let’s check the different ways of earning FUT 21 coins for players using only silver and bronze medals.

Check out the tips and tricks of the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Silver and Bronze Trading Skills Guide, and learn how to easily make coins with bronze and silver players. The FUT 21 Bronze and Silver Trading Guide uses the following methods: Player search method and simple method, no one uses it to make coins with silver and copper players. If you want to know more information about FIFA coins, please check Buyfifacoin.

The Bronze Pack Method

Open 450 or 700 bronze packs and you will be surprised how much profit you will get. This method is also a great way to fill the club with contracts, players, and rehabilitation items. Important note: Do not sell worthless bronze players. Just save them and use them later to sell or put in an upgraded version of SBC. Some expendable cards are valuable. Similarly, you also withdrew from the Bronze player from a major league. Besides, in the case of a special league or country, keep the latest SBC pace, if you have some bronze players that meet the description, please check your club.

It is very easy to get gold in FIFA 21. You can earn gold by completing SBC, seasonal goals, and rewards for squad battles, divisional competitors and FUT champions. In other words, the transfer market has been saturated by gold cards. This means that it is almost impossible to get a return of money on the basic gold packaging of 5,000 coins. In contrast, bronze and silver bags are much cheaper and can ensure you profit from long distances because these cards are harder to buy than gold cards, but SBC still often needs them.

If your funds in the game are less than 20,000 coins at any time, I suggest you stick to bronze packs instead of silver medals. You can earn 400 coins back in one game, and you will soon be rewarded on the cards you see in the market. In the long run, there are more game currencies available for you to use, and you can afford to mix the two.

The importance of Silver and Bronze players

Do you know why some silver and bronze players are not much and hard to find? Well, the reason is no one opens these packs because they don’t think it is beneficial. On the contrary, silver and bronze packs are both profitable, and it is relatively easy to make coins while opening them and reselling them on the market.
The ordinary bronze pack only costs 400 coins, while the premium version requires 750 coins. The silver pack is more expensive, the basic version costs 2500, and the premium version costs 3750 coins.

All items received in these packs can be traded immediately, and you can make a lot of money just by reselling them. Some badges and kits cost more than 2,000 coins, which is an instant profit. In most cases, you will get the coins back after you sell everything. Therefore, please keep in mind that sometimes you will not make money and you may have a small deficit. However, in the long run, this strategy works well. In the end, you will pack some really expensive items that can be sold for more than 20,000 coins.

It is also crucial to note that you do not have to sell everything at once. Store all highly rated players in your club until Wednesday. Every week, new “Silver Star” goals are released and a complete silver team is required. Therefore, silver players with high ratings will increase in price on that day. Likewise, you can save some players from premium clubs and wait for SBC that might increase the price.

There are some silver and bronze players worth 30,000 in the transfer market. This is mainly due to the alliance’s SBC and its rarity. Currently, the most expensive silver medalists come from PEC Zwolle, Anderlecht, West Bromwich Albion, Stade Brestois, Arminia Bielefeld, and Barnsley. Make sure to check these players in the club and sell them if they are available. There is never gold. Yes, I repeat, but it is very important. When you buy silver or bronze packs, the safest choice is the standard version: 2,500 silver coins and 400 copper coins. Later, I will introduce what you need to deal with.

If you feel particularly flushed, you can gamble on the premium version of these packages: 3,750 for the silver medal and 750 for the bronze medal. These cards pose higher risks, but also higher rewards: you have to pay extra for two additional “rare” cards. If these rare cards are players, you will get more profit; if they are kits or badges, then you will be hit. Usually, when I have 100,000 or more in the bank, I will choose to buy a premium gift package. If my cash reserve is lower than this value, I will change back to the standard gift pack.

There is a myth that you can really pack icons from silver or bronze packaging boxes. In theory, this is possible because the icon is not exactly a golden player. However, do not hold out too much hope, because the chance of doing this is very small, and you may never be able to do it.

Bronze cards that are not sold outside the league can be put into the silver SBC, and then finally converted into gold cards. This part of the content is a bit cumbersome, but it is a good way to provide a valuable first owner to the club, which can be used for goals or SBCs that may be of interest to you in the future.

This is a good idea. Please wait until you are familiar with the bronze packaging method before buying 200 or 30,000 coins. You may need a few packs to get anything of value, so it’s worth having a decent coin pad before you start.