The Secret to Getting Big Wins in Casinos – 2024 Guide


Almost every player has the same ultimate reason for playing at either land-based or online casinos; play games and WIN. Although fun is a common factor, the main reason why an individual will choose to bet his hard-earned money at a casino is to win and increase his/her bankroll.

However, the reality is that not many people leave casinos with their cash intact or increased—the house parts away individuals from their money almost every time.

The casino is designed to win in the long run; the house edge makes this possible. Irrespective of the game you play, the casino already has an inbuilt advantage over you, and over time the advantage would result in better odds for them.

But this shouldn’t dampen your spirit, because there is good news! The house edge doesn’t affect your chances of winning in the here and now.

It is not only possible to win regularly at online casinos, but you can also get big wins. In this article, we will unravel the exclusive secret to winning big at online casinos. You will also get huge casino tips on how to manage your bankroll, even after securing a win at the casino.

How can I increase my chances of winning at a casino?

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What is the best way to win at a casino? You are not the first player that has asked this question. Almost every gambler has been faced with this line of thought after every disappointing bet round at the casino.

Even when you know losing is a significant probability, it still hurts when a game’s outcome doesn’t turn out in your favor. So how do you start winning at a casino?

The first step to increasing your odds of winning is to play at a legitimate casino. Selecting a trustworthy and licensed casino is unnegotiable if you want to have an overall secure and enjoyable experience.

When you play at a registered casino, you can be sure that

Here are some other reasons why you should only play at a legit casino for real money.

  • A legit site is licensed by reputable authorities.
  • Legal sites feature quick and secure payout methods.
  • Your information, privacy and funds are safe in a legit casino.
  • Most top paying sites are licensed and trustworthy.

Where can you find legit and top paying sites? This post on provides a detailed list of the best top-paying online casinos in the market.

Now let’s say you have signed up and made a deposit at a big win casino. What are the things you need to do to improve your odds at the casino? Below, you will find the online casino tips to win big at casinos.

Learn Basic Game Strategy

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Several casino games come with a basic strategy that you have to master to beat the house. Some of these casino games include Blackjack, Casino Hold’em poker, Texas Hold-em poker, 3-card poker, video poker e.t.c.

Although you can play these games quite well without a basic strategy, learning it would increase your chances of winning.

The strategy is called “basic” because it is simple and easily understandable. It involves knowing when to make necessary moves. For instance, a basic blackjack strategy entails knowing when to hit, stand, split and double down. Most online roulette tips will also advise you to follow a basic plan while playing roulette.

There is simply no reason why every gambler shouldn’t learn a basic strategy. Not only are they readily available online, but you will also find condensed versions of basic strategy made into charts.

If the casino still has slightly better odds when you use a basic strategy, imagine not using them.

Find The Best Payouts

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Yes, all games in the casino give the house an edge, but not all are the same. Some offer bigger payouts than others, and it is these games that you should seek if you want to have big wins at the casino.

Some of the casino games that give high winning payouts include Blackjack, Roulette, video poker, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Slots, Jackpots and several others.

Before playing blackjack for real money, ensure that the casino pays 3:2 for a natural blackjack. Some online casinos will give you a 6:5 payout; avoid them, they won’t do good to your objective of winning big.

Keep in mind that games that come with big payouts feature high house edges. They can eat fast and deep into your cash if you are not careful with your bets or do not use a basic strategy. However, a win from them can increase your bankroll significantly.

Know When To Bet The Max, Or To Bet Less And Play More Lines

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Slots and video poker may offer huge payouts, but if you don’t know the best strategy to adopt while playing them, you might not record a win. The most important slot and video poker tips to bear in mind include knowing when to bet max, bet less and play more lines.

It is advisable to make the maximum bet when you play slots or video poker. This is because you can mainly win the biggest prize on video poker- the royal flush and the biggest slot jackpot when you bet max coins. To get a chance at hitting the most progressive jackpots, you also need a max bet.

However, playing the maximum bet or more lines at an online casino largely depends on your bankroll. If you do not have enough to make the maximum bet per hand or spin, do not go for the higher stakes.

Instead, wager on the lower denominations; that way, you can maximize your little bankroll. Adopt this strategy, and you won’t need to look for the best slot sites for winning before you can comfortably win big playing slots and video poker.

Walk Away After You Win & Take Breaks

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Even if you know the easiest way to win at a casino and don’t take a break or manage your bankroll, you will have losses. People win at online casinos every day.

However, many end up not having enough to show for their extended play and real money bets. The reason is simple. Rather than saving some winnings, these people keep playing with them in a bid to double their payout.

It is not bad to bet with your winnings at the casino. After all, if you didn’t wager real money, you wouldn’t have won. But rather than putting all your winnings into the bid, it is best to have a budget.

Set a limit on the amount of money you are willing to lose from your winnings. Or, you can also decide how much you are going to win before withdrawing your cash.

Keep to your fixed limit even if you are on a winning streak. Take a break and put your money into other ventures. The casino world is fast-paced, and its games mainly depend on luck and chance. If a player is not careful, he/she can lose her entire bankroll in just one round.