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Canada mountains 3/3

The scale of this place was completely deceptive. What looked to be big and really close just turned out to be massive and far away. Behind every ridge and tree line was just more layers of mountains and tree lines, going on and on as far as the eye could see. A truly vast expanse of real wilderness.
#bescanada17 #beyukon17 #landscapephotography #mountainphotography #sunset
User Image sirkus_samurai Posted: Feb 19, 2018 6:05 AM (UTC)

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Out chasing my man @shiba_dexter ❤️🐕🐕💨💨
User Image shasta28 Posted: Feb 19, 2018 5:51 PM (UTC)

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When your Uber driver can’t make it up the hill and hikes you to your destination in the cold and snow! 😂
年初四 · 大東隔空咀咀妳💋🤮🤮🤮
User Image travelsandre Posted: Dec 13, 2017 11:14 PM (UTC)

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River Trail 40km bike ride highlights.. Little Rock AR 10.
#mountainbiking #travel #hiking #arkansas #amazing #wow

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