How To Keep Your Drinks Cold All The Time During Long Distance Hikes

Hiking is one of the best recreational activities that make people walk for a longer duration on trails or footpaths. Hiking is a simple and enjoyable way of physical activity which gives the chance for people to admire nature and wildlife.

7 Best Ways To Maintain The Coolness Of Drinks During A Hiking Trail

Hiking is an incredible way to engage outdoors, but many people feel that they can not drink cold water after a lengthy trial. However, using a few methods, you can keep your drinks cold for plenty of time.

1. Freeze Your Bottle Overnight


For more strenuous hiking trips, freezing your bottle throughout the night is an incredible way to keep the drink cold. Ensure to properly prepare it before freezing it as water broadens when it is cold, so be careful not to overfill it.

While an ice pack may keep the water cold from the exterior, freezing it will come with a substantial ice cube within the bottle. You can enjoy ice water all day long if you have a frozen water bottle that is melting in your bag.

You can spread out your beverages and extend the coolness of the water with one huge piece of ice that needs a long time to melt. Prior to putting the water bottle in the deep freezer, ensure to leave some space and do not fill water up to the brim. While freezing, a full water bottle will widen and might break when there is no space left.

2. Use Backpack Cooler

Even a tiny cooler may not be an ideal answer to keep drinks cold because no one likes to carry around additional weight while hiking. You can purchase soft insulated bags to maintain the chillness of the beverages without bringing a heavyweight cooler.

They provide sufficient space for a beverage or bottle and can even accommodate some ice. It is preferable to utilize one for every beverage, so there will be no need to open the entire pack. It is one of the best tricks to keep drinks cold while hiking for hours because they are stored on the underside of the backpack without allowing the warm air to get inside.

3. Use Thermos


The most beneficial technique to keep your beverage chill while hiking is definitely to get a thermos. Thermos is designed specifically to maintain the same temperature of water all day long. They work well and are long-lasting. Put the thermos in the fridge during the night and remove it in the morning to keep the liquid cool.

It can remain cold for a longer duration by being kept in a shaded area, such as an external pocket. Remember not to put the thermos in the freezer as it can not broaden, it may break. Thermos is reliable and reusable. You can acquire a thermos at an affordable price, and it will last several years.

It is best to get a solid thermos like an iron flask, which is relatively strong and is a winner at keeping drinks cold for some time. In addition, it is environmentally friendly and lessens the use of plastic bottles. You can visit to acquire insulated mugs and tumblers to keep water cold for a long duration.

4. Put Ice In The Hydration Bladder.

If you wish to utilize the hydration bladder in the summer months to keep your drinks cold, especially water, it is best to put large ice or ice cubes in the hydration bladder. Besides that, make sure to insulate it by keeping it in the middle of the pack.

5. Get An Ice Pack


Nowadays, ice packs are available practically everywhere. They are a dependable and reasonably lightweight solution to keep your drinks cool and refreshing over a strenuous journey. Even better, they work well at keeping any food or snacks chilled.

Ice packs are simple and affordable. Drinks can always be kept cold with ice packs, which typically melt entirely after three to four hours. You can place the ice packs in an insulated box alongside the water bottles to maximize their cooling impact. It will lower the temperature and prolong the time it takes for the pack to thaw.

If you want, you can prepare your own ice packs. Take a zip lock bag, pour water in it, and leave it in the deep freezer throughout the night

After the night, the zip lock bag will be ice cold, and you can use it immediately. It is better to pour salt on the ice so it will react and remain chill for a long time.

6. Protect Them From Sunlight

Make sure not to leave the cool bags in the sun for too long as the drinks might become warm. It is better to put them on the underside of the backpack, out of the light. Heating the external bag will still affect the interior container even if you are using insulated bags. It is a crucial trick for keeping beverages cold on a hike, especially if you prefer drinking cold liquid after a trek.

7. Provide Insulation


The most difficult thing is to keep the cold drinks chill for at least a few hours after getting them. Insulation is crucial to reducing any temperature difference. If at all feasible, place an ice pack in a plastic bag with the cold beverages. An insulated thermos bag might be excellent for your situation. But, if there is no thermo bag, it is better to stick to a plastic bag to keep the rest of the equipment dry.

Put it at the bottom of the backpack after draping it inside the sleeping bag, extra layer, or any insulating equipment you have. If the drinks have better insulation, they will stay cool for a long period of time.

Bottom Line

When going hiking, it is vital to keep yourself hydrated. If you like to drink cold water after a long hike, it is better to follow the above-listed techniques to maintain the chillness of the beverages.

Radulovic Jovica
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