Winter Vacation in Kashmir: Top Things You Should Never Miss Out On!

“Mother Nature has a rhythm for those enthusiasts who listen and if you try to listen patiently, nothing is more amazing than the musical seclusion.”

Kashmir is the best exotic travel destination, where everyone loves to set their foot on its soil. Most importantly, it’s the best thing that ever happened to India! Why do you have to consider Switzerland when you have “Paradise on Earth?” Well, it’s undoubtedly true! Setting aside all the fantastic travel destinations in India, one should execute their journey to explore this Himalayan beauty.

If winter is that season, which you cherish most, winter in Kashmir is pretty challenging. Numerous times are there when Kashmir flourishes with maple, lush green pasture in the summer, but winter has its specific charm.

The mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountains, valleys, and frozen lakes can make anyone fall in love with this heaven on earth. So, if you have planned to explore the snow-clad valleys of Kashmir this winter, it would be better to know more about the winter’s special activities to get the most out of the landscapes. Let’s get started!

1. Skiing – Get the superior skiing activities in the sparkling snow of Kashmir


Being the best place for a winter holiday in India, several skiing locations of Kashmir give the tourists their lifetime experience. Gulmarg is the staple skiing location amongst the top spots and provides one of the world’s highest lift-served ski resorts.

Next, a miraculous attraction in Gulmarg is the Gondola Cable Car lift, which allows you to reach the summit of the ski slope.
In brief, it’s the highest cable car project in Asia. Book your Kashmir trip now:

2. Sonamarg: Watching the best of a snow-covered mountain valley

Only an hour’s drive from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, will take you to the splendid valley of Sonamarg. It’s often stated that Sonamarg becomes inaccessible during winter due to the snow slide and snowfall, but with the help of locals, you can quickly move the tricky trail well.

Sonamarg is that unprecedented location in Kashmir which is breathtaking due to the quaint views. Embrace the enchanting beauty of the golden meadows, which hold their unique charm in chilly winter.

3. Trekking: Winter hiking to obtain the most anticipated adventure


Snow trekking is also the best-in-class option in Kashmir when you plan a visit in winter. If you are a true nature enthusiast and a by-passion hiker, this snow trek expedition will bring forth the opportunity to discover the outstanding state of Kashmir.

Whenever you move higher, you will get to behold the conspicuous beauty of the changing landscapes. Pahalgam, Sind & Liddar Valleys, Gangabal, and Sonamarg are the ideal destinations to head to the winter season.

Some of the top-notch trekking locations in Kashmir are Betaab Valley, Zoji La Pass, Naranag, and Mount Harmukh.

4. Pahalgam: A Pony Ride

Winter would never be so outstanding in Kashmir without ponies. When the mysterious trails become cumbersome to walk, it’s the ponies who take you to the snowy valley carrying you on their backs.

Although winter is considered a bit offseason for traveling, tourists spend lavishly cherishing the frosty days. But if you don’t want to pay that much and still want that ride, negotiation is the only solution. In order to experience the snow-white glaciers in Kashmir, a pony ride is essential.

5. Harissa: Try the flavorsome winter delicacy of Kashmir


There are various spots to visit in Kashmir during the winter, and you can’t step outside your hotel/resort on an empty stomach! So, visiting Kashmir and reluctantly trying out traditional Indian delicacies isn’t a good idea. Although Kashmir offers lip-smacking dishes like Gogji Rajma, Tshock Wangan, paneer Chaman, Korma, and Kashmiri Saag.

Still, nothing can beat the mouthwatering dish Harissa that hogs the charm amid all! This is a local Kashmiri food, a non-veg delicacy that takes approximately 12 hours to make. Undoubtedly, it’s a staple diet followed by every Kashmiri in winter. If you are inclined to know the ingredients of Harissa, it’s none other than lamp and rice.

6. Winter camping – Enjoy the snow under the starry sky

Camping, being the most adventurous activity to do in Kashmir, you can’t restrain yourself from gazing at the starry sky at night while staying in a camp. However, it takes a lot of mental preparation and passion to camp in such high-altitude areas.

But if you are one of those enthusiasts, find camping an exciting activity to do; Kashmir provides you enticing snow-capped peaks, bewitching meadows, and shimmering lakes in your camping tour. Also, it will give you a chance to get to live under an open sky in the lap of Mother Nature without any luxuries.

7. Zanskar River: Walking the Chadar


There must be some specific times when you don’t find any particular adventure to dive in, but it will indeed find you in Kashmir. When you enter a world, which seems nothing less than an ice age, rough trails are looking for you into the profound embrace of nature.

Zanskar River, gushing to the South of Leh throughout the Hemis National Park, is an idyllic place to discover the winter in Kashmir differently. This river transforms into a thick solid blanket of ice in winter, creating an ideal platform for Chadar Trek.

It is one of the absolute thrilling treks worldwide and becoming a famous attraction of Kashmir in winter.


Being the bustling one-stop hub for winter activities, the reasons mentioned earlier must have provoked you to plan a vacation in winter. All the worries become insignificant with Kashmir’s drop-head gorgeous views of the valleys and lakes.

So, if you are determined to execute your winter trip to Kashmir, these are the top 7 activities you shouldn’t miss out on! Hopefully, this article gives the best notion of what winter activities you must get involved in! So, get the unprecedented holiday experience in Kashmir by booking your joyful trip in winter.

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