10 Best Knifes that Stay Sharp in 2024

Knives are an essential kitchen tool. It is used to chop humble vegetables. The substantial whole chickens are shown in “The Game of Thrones” were carved with sharp knives; So, a kitchen is incomplete without a sharp knife. In addition to knives, there are other kitchen utensils that are necessary, and you can find more about them at stonefryingpans.com.

Once a knife gets blunt, it isn’t easy to get it sharpened. Many homemakers and chefs prefer to buy single knives or knives that stay sharp. Let us find out some of the best knives that remain sharp in 2024. You must look for Perfectly Smoked knives.

How to choose the best knife?

A kitchen is incomplete without at least a knife. If people want to invest in a set of knives, they cannot be accused of splurging. However, they should check out a few features before choosing the most suitable set of knives:

Budget: Some knives like Cuisinart C-55-01 are too cheap, while others like Global Ikasu have an exorbitantly high price. So, the customer should fix a budget. They should invest in a knife which is sharp but has no unnecessary features.

Requirements: Not every set of knife is suitable for every person. The hand’s shape, the grip on the level of sharpness required may vary from person to person.

Material: A ceramic blade may be brittle, but retains its sharpness for a long time. As a result, it doesn’t need to be sharpened frequently. The handle should have a solid rivet, with a coat of clear resin for smoothness. It is better to avoid knives made of two or more metals welded or glued together. They may fall apart when the slightest pressure is applied to them. A blade that is made of one metal throughout is preferable.

Now, let us look at a few popular knives.

1. Cuisinart C77SS-15PK

img source: cuisinart.com

It consists of 15 pieces of knives. The high carbon content of this knife set retains the sharpness for some time. This simple set is not burdened with unnecessary decoration. The sturdy block complements the knives. The user needs to take proper care of this set.

This knife has a wide range of knives. It includes a Santoku knife that is ideal for chopping dense vegetables, a chef’s knife (which is perfect for chopping light vegetables), six serrated steak knives, and a utility knife, among others. It is made of stainless steel, which reduces the formation of rust.

2. Chicago Cutlery fusion 119644

img source: amazon.com

This somewhat expensive knife is colored like finished wood. Its handles are curved aesthetically and lined with rubber. The rubber lining makes it easier for the user to get a solid grip. However, they need to be washed by hand. The way they are sharpened makes them somewhat brittle at the edges. So, it is unsafe to wash them in a dishwasher. This set consists of Japanese style knives, including a peeler and a sliver and a bread knife, among other varieties. This set is the perfect choice for chopping relatively smaller vegetables.

3. Mercer Culinary Genesis

img source: webstaurantstore.com

This ergonomic set of premium quality knives is infused with German high carbon. They do not get stained. This super sharp set is non-slip in nature. It seems the hefty price of it is justified. This durable set doesn’t even break down in oil. The handles have extra-flexible rubber, which helps the users get a good grip on them.

4. Cangshan N1 series

img source: cangshancutlery.com

They have high carbon blades. Various knives are included in the set, like a Santoku, a cleaver, and a serrated utility one. This NSF graded one guarantees safety for cooking. The block is handcrafted and exquisitely grained. It is a metal frameset in a wooden block. The only issue is the glass viewport, which doesn’t allow the users to see which knife they are pulling out.

5. Calphalon Classic

img source: calphalon.com

It is perfect for amateur cooks. This durable 12-piece set is made of high carbon stainless steel. They sharpen impressively. The handles are somewhat blocky, but its block doubles up as a sharpener. They have an attractive design. A ceramic sharpening edge is built into every slot.

6. Tuo set of kitchen knives

img source: amazon.com

They have sturdy wood handles. The sturdy material of the handles ensures that they don’t shrink or expand. The block is designed in such a way that shards of glass do not get in the way. Many of them in this set is forged from high carbon steel. It feels pleasant to touch the somewhat moisture-wicking handles.

7. Wusthof Classic slim knife block set

img source: cutleryandmore.com

This relatively expensive set has durable blades. It is easy to sharpen the blades. This set of knives is the perfect choice for average kitchens. They are made of stainless steel but have a variant of high carbon. The handles are made of polyoxymethylene. This material, unlike rubber, makes the handles durable, resistant to chipping and cracking. This material doesn’t allow the handles to get easily discolored. The set consists of a bread knife, a chef’s knife, a serrated utility knife, a kiritsuke prep knife, and a paring knife. They are easy to clean, as they don’t get stained quickly. The slim block made of acacia wood has a beautiful appearance.

8. Shun Classic knife

img source: cutleryandmore.com

This 6-piece set has blades made of high carbon. Since high carbon rusts incredibly fast, the knives need to be dried as soon as they are used. The high-quality pakkawood handles are durable. Despite appearances which suggest to the contrary, the handles are comfortable to grip. The slim block is made of understated dark wood. It looks beautiful on the countertop. The blades are durable for the entire lifetime. They have a superior edge.

9. Global Ikasu

img source: kitchenware.com.au

This luxurious set of knives has blades made of high-quality steel. They have a regular bevel grind, which provides an edge over others. It is easy to sharpen the blades with household equipment. They are already sharp and easy to use.

10. Victorinox Swiss Army cutlery pro

img source: amazon.com

The leaves of this model are easy to sharpen. They are made of cold tempered Swiss steel. This material makes them long-lasting as kitchen cutlery. Even when the handles are dripping wet, they are non-slip. They are comfortable to grip.


All the knives discussed above are available online. The Cuisinart model is the most popular among customers. Those who have voted in its favor say that it offers value for money. None of the knives stay sharp for their entire lifespan. The blades about which we discussed retain their sharpness for longer than usual. After they lose their sharpness, re-sharpening them is easy.