7 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important – 2024 Guide

Most of the writing was done by hand before typing on the keyboard came into existence. It is said that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of a person’s personality. A lot can be understood and told about a person by looking at his handwriting. The paragraphs that are sloppily written and with frequent spelling errors demonstrate the idolatrous nature of a dull and clumsy person in real life.

Handwriting is the first impression of any human being. Of course, today, the computer has reduced human beings’ work, but still, we never stop writing, whether it is in school, in college, or an office, we all have to write. In such a situation, it is essential to have good writing, which is good for you and people. You can also try out Magic Link Handwriting.

What is Handwriting?

First of all, you should understand what handwriting is. Creating letters by holding a pen or pencil is not just the definition of handwriting. Still, the fantastic art of writing is called handwriting and is different from calligraphy and typing.

You know, every human being has different handwriting, and no two human beings in the whole world have the same handwriting. You will be surprised to know that the handwriting of twins is also completely different.

How did handwriting come into origin?

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People have their own opinions about the history of handwriting. It is said to have originated in Mesopotamia in 3,300 BC. At that time, a man wrote for the first time to keep a record of rations on the clay board. This board has been kept in a British museum to date.

Simultaneously, some researchers also believe that from 60,000 to 25,000 BC man used to draw cross-hatched lines on bones and stones.

Good handwriting not only helps you develop a good personality, but it also helps to feel focused and motivated. It is also said that good handwriting helps in better learning. Although it seems ancient and outdated that it was time to write in hand, famous writers such as Truman Capote believe that writing by hand gave them a better understanding of their book than print. There are numerous such benefits of handwriting. Some of them are discussed below:

7 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important:

1. Activates the brain cells:

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Handwriting activates the brain more than the keyboard because it involves more complex motor and cognitive skills. It contributes to reading fluency because it enables the visual perception of letters.

2. Good handwriting ensures grace marks:

Handwriting is a credit to success in other subjects, as good handwriting positively affects grades. Each letter written in cursive has a very different look and allows the student to write in an easy, intuitive way. This can reduce their dyslexic tendencies and make them more confident in their abilities. Good writing is necessary after graduation.

3. Helps in judging people:

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In our modern world, people are judged by their writing in all aspects of life. Linking a shopping list, writing a birthday card, emptying a phone message, completing a form on the bank, filling out an immigration form. It is part of his daily life. It has been shown to others and can be used to make decisions about us.

Your writing tells a lot about you. It is also called graphology i.e., writing analysis. The way you make letters, you carve them, it shows your personality. With the help of your writing, in psychology, it is found out whether the brain is working properly or not.

4. Good personality

Writing is a great tool for personality analysis. Beautiful and clear writing indicates coordination in one’s thinking and work. A person with good writing has a good personality and puts a lot of effort into real life. Good writing helps you in your exams and your job because it shows that you are a person with an active and open mind who is willing to put that extra effort into whatever he does.

5. Job opportunities

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Sometimes even hobbies or interests create new dimensions of career. Education and formal degrees do not play many roles in this, but such options cannot be quickly ruled out from importance and usefulness. So, such a profession can be considered as part-time or fulltime career at any stage in life. With the rapid increase in confusion and complexities in the lives of common people, such professions are emerging in the same proportion, which is being used to understand the human personality and solve unresolved clues.

If you keep writing in good writing, then maybe you become a Calligraphy Artist, Writing Artist, Teacher, and Writer, etc. in the future. You can become a graphologist as well. Good writing as well as an ability to judge other people’s writing will help you to land numerous job offers. A graphologist is a type of expert whose job is to bring out the essential character of any person through writing. They neither predict nor give any information about the past. This art can be used to understand oneself and cherish other people’s thinking, behavior, and personality.

With this type of information, efforts can be made to know your shortcomings and improve them. Apart from this, understanding the nature of the person exposed, positive results can be obtained by interacting with him.

6. Convey your points:

Writing is also a way to convey your point to others. When you write well, then only your side will be able to reach your point. But if the writing is not clear and readable, then your point will not reach the other side.

7. Boosts confidence

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Good writing boosts confidence. Mahatma Gandhi talked about his low self-esteem in his memoirs, where he regretted not having good writing like his colleagues in London while studying law.

Abraham Lincoln was noted for his good writing, and if you come across any of Abraham Lincoln’s writings, you will see how beautiful Lincoln has written his words on paper with his words, right-handed slant, which is his own.

With so many benefits, you should definitely consider improving your handwriting.