Lawn Care Services in the USA – 2024 Guide

Each and every individual in America dreams of having a luxurious green lawn. Since a beautiful garden is actually a healthy garden, top quality lawn care service providers in the USA look forward to providing services that safeguard the holistic health of the gardens of their clients. Lawn care services are generally aimed towards perfecting the nutrient balance in garden soil while maintaining the advantageous bugs burrowing through the garden.

Carrying out a basic comparison of different lawn care services will help you in finding the best blend of ecological landscape solutions and dependable customer service. There is not a single individual on this planet who does not adore a lush green lawn when he or she sees one. Regardless of whether you have your lawn right in front of your house or at the back, maintaining and grooming it in the best way possible is always very important. Any person who is the owner of a beautiful and wonderful green lawn will tell you that this kind of possession requires permanent care.

Lawn care services

Lawn care services

More than often, you require professional lawn care solutions from experts who are adept at studying land and noticing its peculiarities. These professionals also have good skills in understanding the requirements of a lawn or the elements that work towards creating a lawn that thrives well. If you are really looking forward to creating a luxurious and mesmerizing garden then you must definitely consider the services of any one of the service providers mentioned below. They serve as national leaders in the United States for individuals and companies in the lookout of the best lawn care services.

Lawn Doctor – Best Full-Service Lawn Care

This is one lawn care service provider in the USA that boasts of good quality customer service and this is one of the main reasons behind the full-fledged success of the company. The treatment options offered by this lawn care provider are customizable and varied. Interested users can make the choice of specific solutions or the ones that best meet their lawn care requirements. Users also have the option of choosing the lawn care maintenance programs offered by the company. These are annual programs that come as the perfect blend of some of the most popular solutions provided by Lawn Doctor. The programs can easily be customized according to the individual requirements of a lawn. These programs also advocate the use of all-natural lawn care products made exclusively using animal and plant waste.

One of the most prominent features of the lawn care services offered by Lawn Doctor is that it has got the know-how and the products needed for combating some of the most common garden pests such as mosquitoes. Another great thing about the lawn care services of this company is its practice of expanding pest control to a wide area. It comes with the claims of practicing integrated pest management even before this process gained popularity. This is a holistic way of managing pests by putting a damper on the frustrating critters instead of exterminating them completely. By using this mechanism, Lawn Doctor treats insects wandering about the property during ripe seasons.

Personal lawn mowers

The insects that are warded off using this mechanism include fire ants, mosquitoes, ticks, armyworms, moles, chinch bugs and grubs. The system also helps in doing away with perimeter pests like spiders, ants, fleas, ladybugs and clover mites. Yet another effective pest control solution available from Lawn Doctor is Special Event Sprays. This service can be used for keeping mosquitoes away when holding a reunion or reception in the backyard.

Just like all the other lawn care services in the USA even Lawn Doctor will not mow the grass in your lawn. However, the company has got an edge over its competitors by providing an exclusive service in chosen locations. This exclusive service is maintaining the personal lawn mowers of its clients. The company is into providing lawn mower maintenance services which include winterizing and cleaning the tank and engine of the mower while sharpening the mower blades as well. This way you can keep the jagged tears created by your dull mower away from leaving the grass in your lawn vulnerable to diseases and rot. By going for the lawn maintenance services of Lawn Doctor you can avoid instances of sabotaging your garden.

TruGreen- Best Annual Lawn Care Programs

For the ones who want their lawns to stay lush and beautiful from different angles, the four 12-month lawn care programs available from TruGreen come in handy. Each program provides varied combinations of pH balance, aeration, weed control, fertilization and shrub and tree care. The different lawn care programs offered by the company include a total of nine visits during the year along with four additional visits for individuals opting for larger programs with shrub and tree care included.

There are many lawn care services in the United States that offer similar annual lawn care programs but these programs do not seem to come with the work guarantee and thoroughness that comes from TruGreen. TruGreen’s lawn care programs come with a Healthy Lawn Guarantee that promises visits from technicians scheduled at specific intervals for aiding and meeting the requirements of your lawn. The company offers a la carte solutions such as overseeding, mosquito defense and aeration.

Lawn Care Service Provider

Almost all the states in America can avail of the lawn care solutions of TruGreen. While the multi-market and national stance of the company might make its solutions appear less personalized, its site provides a glimpse into TruGreen’s local approach in terms of reminders and seasonal precautions based on the location of the clients. The only thing that you need to do is provide your zip code. Once you do this, you will find information regarding TruGreen’s services in your area. However, one thing that you need to be very clear on is that TruGreen might not be the right lawn care service provider for you if you are looking to integrate all-natural garden care.

This is because the company does not completely deal with the use of organic fertilizers when it comes to providing garden care solutions. Though the company boasts of a natural garden care solution called TruNatural, you will not find this program alongside the other services mentioned by the company. Therefore, do your research prior to availing of the services.

One of the best things about the annual lawn care programs of TruGreen is that the company signs you up for these programs automatically until you personally cancel your subscription before the expiry of the 12 month time span. This automatic continuation of lawn care plans comes as a boon for individuals and companies looking to receive regular visits from TruGreen.

Weed Man USA- All-Natural Lawn Care Solutions

Lawn care services

Caring for your lawn while being environmentally conscious will help you in growing a garden that is filled with pest-resistant and native plants. It will also help you in creating a garden where you can grow grass at the locations it is needed and nowhere else. Weed Man USA is one of the best lawn care services that you can avail if you are looking for all-natural garden care solutions. The company offers organic garden dressing options and targeted weed removal solutions. Yet another impressive feature about this company is that it is affiliated with the Environmental Stewardship Program of the EPA. The company was an inclusion in the list of the Best Franchises issued by Forbes Magazine for two consecutive years.

The list contained names weighed on system demand, system sustainability, franchisor stability, franchisor support, craft rankings and value for investment. Weed Man came out to be the best in all these parameters. The environmentally-friendly garden care services by Weed Man appeal to consumers across the United States and even beyond in countries like the UK and Canada. The popularity of this lawn care service provider speaks of the effectiveness of its organic approach.

Dissimilar to the other selections in this list of top quality lawn care services in the USA, Weed Man USA is not into offering commercial garden care solutions. It is a residential-lawn-care-focused organization that offers personal properties its complete attention. However, if you are on the lookout of a garden care provider with good experience in dealing with commercial accounts, Weed Man is best.

ValleyCrest Landscape Companies

This is one of the largest private firms in America dealing in the provision of top notch lawn care services. The company boasts of a number of locations throughout the United States providing a full range of landscaping and lawn care solutions to homeowners, developers and property managers.  

Davey Tree Expert Company

This is one company that has been active in the field of lawn care since 1880. The company offers its services in Canada and the United States of America. It is one of the largest employee-owned companies in Ohio and the seventeenth largest in America. It boasts of over 8, 000 professionals adept at handling all kinds of lawn problems.

EMCOR/USM – True Infrastructure and lawn care services

The company is into providing commercial and residential lawn care solutions and landscaping services. The best thing about the services of this firm is that it offers nationwide landscaping and lawn maintenance. The services of this company are considered highly impressive because of the expertise of its professionals. 

Scott Lawn Service

This is a completely owned subsidiary of The Scotts Miracle-Gro firm. This organization comes in the form of one of the largest marketers of top quality and branded products in the field of garden and lawn care in the world. It is not only one of the most popular lawn care service providers in America but is also active in Europe.

Bartlett Tree Experts

Founded in the year 1907, this company is one of the leading scientific shrub and tree care organizations in the world. Francis A. Bartlett founded this company with the objective of providing top notch lawn care solutions within an affordable range. The company is active in 27 states throughout the United States and is also spreading its name in Great Britain, Ireland and Canada. 

U.S. Lawns

This lawn care service provider operates from Orlando in Florida and boasts of a network of more than 260 locally owned franchises throughout the nation. The company is into providing highly customized residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping services. U.S Lawns also offers ice and snow management solutions to its customers.

Denison Landscaping

If you are in the lookout of good quality landscaping contractors in America then Denison Landscaping would be the perfect choice for you. The company operates in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC metro areas. It is into providing a wide assortment of landscaping solutions like erosion control, drainage, snow removal and garden care and maintenance.

Making the Choice of the Best Lawn Care Services

There are a number of important points that you need to take into account when trying to make the choice of the best lawn care services in the USA. The points are as follows:

Go for Companies with National Coverage

It always works to choose companies that offer their services in several states instead of sticking to the ones that are active in just two to three states. Go for lawn care service providers that work with the prime objective of treating grass health in gardens. Always sought out well-established and reliable companies dealing in resources that can help you in maintaining a healthy garden.

Look for Companies with Proper Certification

Lawn care service

There are large scale advantages of having a well-tended and beautiful garden. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose the services of lawn care providers known for employing adept individuals or professionals. One genuine sign of a good lawn care provider is its certification from regional and national landscaping firms. Look out for companies with national memberships and affiliations. Proper affiliations and memberships reflect the provider’s professionalism and education in the field it serves. It is always a good idea to go for the services of companies that follow agronomist and landscaping best practices and legislatures regarding permitted fertilizer and turf types codified by the professional networks.

Price Is an Important Concern

Going for companies that quote their prices before even providing their services to clients is always a good idea. It will work for you to consider the services of companies that provide their prices on their sites or over the phone for the convenience of their clients. However, beware of the prices quoted by the companies you are considering for your lawn care. Carry out an extensive comparison of the prices and the lawn care services of the organizations prior to coming up with the final decision.

After all, you will not like the job to be half done only because you agreed to take the services of a company as it had rightly quoted its prices for the same. Have the professionals of the lawn care service providing company visiting your property in person to assess the condition, slope and size of your garden accurately. This is necessary for ensuring that the work is done in the right way and according to what was promised on the part of the provider initially. Stay away from providers offering affordable prices in the beginning only with the intention of getting your orders. Always agree on the final rates and then have the company working for you. This ensures the fact that you will not be cheated into paying more for minuscule solutions.

Go for Firms that Carry Out a Soil Test before Working on Your Garden

Top quality lawn care service providers will test your garden soil prior to suggesting any other services required for maintaining the green and the luxuriousness of your lawn. This is important because healthy soil is considered to have the perfect pH balance for a location. Prior to adding recommended ground and grass cover and nutrients, it is necessary for your lawn care service provider to have a clear idea of the contents of your garden soil.

Have Clear Expectations

Lawn care

Having clear expectations will help you in getting the best services the way you want. If you are looking to preserve a certain part of your lawn, inform this to your lawn care provider. Also, if you do not advocate the use of anything other than all-natural products for the maintenance of your lawn, have your lawn care company knowing this as well. Any desires in regards to treatment procedures and results should be properly relayed to the professionals before you have them working on your lawn. Just like hairdressers and tattoo artists, it is the responsibility of the lawn care professionals to inform you whether they can meet your expectations.


Having the above-mentioned points in mind for choosing the best lawn care services will help you in landing with the right company. Nevertheless, apart from the above mentioned factors, it is also important for you to understand that the professionals working for your lawn care provider have good skills in dealing with all types of lawns. Not only this, the company you choose should be successful and popular with good experience in doing away with all the problems that lawn owners can suffer from.