A High-Tech High: 8 Innovative Cannabis Products of 2024

The cannabis industry has undergone a period of remarkable growth in the last ten years. Global legalization efforts and widespread acceptance of the green herb have built a positive reputation. Even the stock market has taken notice of the flower, with thousands of savvy investors purchasing shares every day. The economic impact of ganja is considerable, and in 2024 the industry is expected to reach $92 billion.

In addition to the financial growth of cannabis, the industry is also experiencing a boom in innovation. Between chef-worthy edible and high-tech vaporizers, consumers have hundreds of options for enjoying the herb. Even accessories have been upgraded over the years. Now, rechargeable dab rigs and lockable storage containers add convenience and luxury to the average smoking experience.

Are you ready to upgrade your smoke session? Consider these eight innovative cannabis products of 2024.

Hand-blown mini dab rigs

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For fans of dabbing, a mini dab rig makes a worthy addition to your arsenal. The smaller size makes storage a breeze and allows you to place your rig on a shelf or cabinet discreetly. Mini dab rigs are also perfect for stoner-on-the-go, especially during camping trips or long trips on the road.

In addition to its accessibility, mini dab rigs also offer a more rich smoking experience. Their small chambers provide a quick pathway for smoke and less opportunity for dilution. With the help of a mini dab rig, you can inhale more dense and flavorful hits than with a larger rig.

While you shop for the perfect miniature dab rig, keep in mind that hand-blown versions offer both style and function. When made by professional glassblowers, like those at MJ Arsenal, a hand-blown mini dab rig doubles as a piece of art any stoner will proudly display in their home.

A cannabis testing device

An in-home herb tester allows you to understand your bud on a deeper level. Using fluorescent technology, testing devices deliver lab-quality results in a matter of minutes. The hand-held technology tests CBD and THC levels down to the percentage, meaning you’ll know what kind of high to expect before taking the first puff. Testing devices also evaluate the potency of flowers and allow you to dose more effectively for the perfect high.

A herb-focused DNA test

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It’s no surprise that herb affects everyone differently. For some smokers, a single puff is enough to produce a long-lasting high. Other stoners may have to indulge in multiple green bowls before they feel any impact. A DNA kit informs you how your brain and body might react to cannabinoids. Each personalized result helps you understand potential sensitivity to CBD and THC, guiding you in finding your ideal strain.

An aluminum stem accessory

An aluminum stem is an item every flower smoker should have. The device is made with highly durable aluminum, meaning even the clumsiest of stoners won’t shatter it. The slim accessory is shaped to fit most glass smoking devices and can be expanded or contracted until the perfect length is reached.

After slipping the aluminum piece into the glass stem, the water pipe becomes unbreakable. An aluminum stem also filters the smoke before every inhale. A smoother smoking experience is appealing to new smokers and veterans alike, making it a must-have stoner accessory.

An herbal infuser

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An herbal infuser is a worthy investment if you prefer enjoying herb in a tasty edible or refreshing drink. To use, simply add your preferred ingredients to the main chamber, close the lid, and let the machine do the work. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or a savory dish, an herbal infuser allows you to make delicious homemade edibles in as little as one hour.

Additionally, the device makes dosing even more manageable. After all, nothing is worse than an overly potent edible. Both delicious and safe, an herbal infuser is a cannabis chef’s number-one asset.

A smartphone microscope

Have you ever longed to take professional photos of your bud? The average smartphone camera can’t capture the intricate crystals and vivid colors of flower. A smartphone microscope, however, attaches to any phone to magnify the lens. Through the accessory, you can examine the structure of your bud and admire every unique detail. With a built-in light, the microscope is also perfect for a quick inspection before purchasing a cannabis product.

An electric rosin press

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For experimental stoners, an electric rosin press takes creativity to the next level. The durable device is straightforward to use, allowing you to make concentrates out of your favorite strains. To use, simply plug the rosin press in and set to your desired heat. Once the device reached the preset temperature, carefully place your preferred nugs on the heated surface and close forcefully.

The combination of heat and pressure compressed the bud into a concentrated product loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids. With an electronic rosin press, you are free to experiment with various strains that can be smoked or baked into tasty edibles.

An automatic roller

Say goodbye to poorly rolled joints with the help of an automatic assistant. A high-tech mechanical roller uses artificial intelligence to roll the perfect herb cigarette every time. Once you’ve added the bud and a cone, the device analyzes the properties of the flower. Depending on the moisture and seed density, the roller adjusts the pressure, speed, and grinding direction. Check here and find some great seeds onmline. Once the flower is ground to perfection, the accessory packs the cone in a matter of seconds. With the help of an automatic roller, you will enjoy a lifetime of perfect smoke sessions.

Final thoughts

The world of cannabis has exploded over the past decade, and 2024 has seen a rise in high-tech products. Mini-dab rigs offer a potent smoking experience for stoners on the go while doubling as artful accessories. With testing devices and microscopes, even novice stoner can understand their bud on a deeper level. For creative stoners, herbal infusers and rosin presses allow you to experiment with innovative dishes and concentrates. Whatever accessory you add to your cannabis collection, your high is sure to be elevated to a luxurious level.

Marina Livaja
Marina Livaja

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