How to Shop Top Quality Cannabis Online – 2024 Guide

With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry in the last four years, new investors keep streaming to meet consumers’ demands. The result is more cannabis products flooding the market. While more products mean increased accessibility, it poses a challenge to buyers considering that the market is vastly unregulated.

Cannabis users have difficulty finding quality products with so many cheap products with an unguaranteed quality in the market. Low-quality cannabis is dangerous to your health as it could contain pesticides. Therefore customers must do due diligence before making any cannabis purchase online to ensure they get products and not counterfeits.

Here are some key tips to guide you to identify top-quality cannabis products when shopping online.

Know What you are Looking for

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Having an idea of what kind of cannabis products you are looking for narrows down your selection because you only focus on one item. Users can take cannabis either for medical or recreational purposes. That means you can search for either a medical or recreational dispensary online.

For instance, if you are looking for cannabis for recreational purposes and want a high feel, the products are available in Sativa or Indica with a high THC concentration. Check to see if the product’s company has listed the ingredients used since quality is relative to the content. Another thing to check is the test certificate. It’s the best way to determine the components and whether the product is safe for consumption.

Check Third-Party Lab Test Report

Cannabis is a therapeutic substance; however, it can cause an adverse reaction to your body if abused. All cannabis products are designed to suit a particular purpose. So, understanding the quality of your cannabis products and using it for the intended purposes is crucial. For these reasons, manufacturers should provide users with all the important information about their products.

Although most producers provide the information, there’s no way buyers can verify it is correct unless through a lab-test done by an independent company. The main reason you should check the lab test before buying online is to ensure you’re taking safe products and understand their effects.

A third-party lab test report is an analysis of the components in your cannabis products. The results show you the potency of the products by checking the cannabinoid profile. It also checks. In short, it informs you of the product’s features.

Here are some of the things to ask:

  • What components does the cannabis product have?
  • Are there any harmful elements?
  • Do the manufacturer’s information and the third-party-lab test report match?
  • Is the product properly packed?

Third-party tests should not be underestimated, especially in products that impact your health. It is a great way to ensure the products don’t compromise quality and safety.

Consult With a Budtender

Like the physical dispensaries, most online cannabis stores offering quality products have a knowledgeable staff to guide their customers. Even if it’s your first time-consuming cannabis product, you can find your match with the right guidance.

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Based on your desired results, the budtender will take you through all their cannabis products and advise on the best quality products. The budtender knows the effects of each of their products and can help you get the right product for your intended use.

They are also the right people to ask about the quality. For example, you could ask them how they keep their products fresh and safe.

Find Out the Seller’s Reputation

One of the best ways to do this is by looking at reviews from previous customers. Most stores offering quality products provide an option for clients to recommend their products, rate, and give feedback. Go through the reviews and weigh between the positive and bad compliments left behind by previous clients taking note of those talking about the quality of cannabis products.

If the products are of excellent quality, customers will not hesitate to leave a positive review and recommendation. Doing so helps narrow down the many sources for cannabis products online.

Also, visiting specific company websites for the different brands online and verifying their credibility goes a long way. You can act as an undercover and check to see their production methods and even the source of ingredients to vet if they meet the right quality.

Compare Prices

Making a price comparison between different stores for similar products ensures you get value for your money. One thing to remember is that top-quality products have a higher price than regular products, and going cheap on cannabis products is not a wise decision.

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To ensure you are paying for the right products, check your preferred brand’s pricing and compare it with other stores online. Also, take into account other costs such as the shipping fee. It is wise to choose a store that is near you to reduce the shipping fee, but if they do not have what you are looking for, then you can go with other available stores.

Start Small

When it comes to online purchases, especially if it is your first time shopping cannabis products with a particular store, it is wise to start with a small package. Since you are not 100% sure of the quality of their cannabis products, it is wise to make an order of a small quantity for a start.

Once you are sure that it serves the right purpose, you can order more. Most cannabis shops do not allow you to return the product. So if you end up not liking it, you could be stuck with a big stock of useless stuff and lose your money.

As a beginner, it is good to start with a small dose of cannabis products and increase with time, depending on the effect. But if you’re an expert, you can increase the dosage and see if it works before concluding the product is ineffective.


Cannabis online shopping is great for convenience, but customers must be cautious not to land in the wrong hands. Although it is hard to tell quality when shopping online, customers can avoid being robbed of their hard-earned money if they follow these tips. The top-secret to online shopping is investing more time in research before committing your money.