Why CBD is Good for Your Skin

CBD skincare – you’ve probably been hearing about it everywhere lately. From serums to moisturizers, it seems CBD is the new “it” ingredient.

But is it just a passing fad, or is it actually worth the hype? Can it really do wonders for your skin?

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Yes, that includes hemp and marijuana. Now, CBD won’t get you high or anything! It’s totally non-psychoactive.

Instead, ingestible cannabidiol provides more general wellness benefits, while applied topically lets you target specific skin concerns. When used on your skin, CBD interacts with natural cannabinoid receptors, resulting in all kinds of skin enhancement!

Our bodies actually produce similar compounds called endocannabinoids. So, CBD is able to supplement what our bodies already make to promote balance and homeostasis.

This ability to help our largest organ (our skin!) achieve equilibrium is why CBD holds so much skincare superpower potential. Keep reading to discover all the ways it can transform your skin.

5 Game-Changing Ways CBD Boosts Your Skin

Alright, enough background info. Here’s why CBD deserves a permanent spot in your skincare routine!

Controls Oil and Acne

If acne-prone skin is your nemesis, cannabidiol could become your new best friend. Excess sebum (oil) and clogged pores lead to breakouts, but CBD helps control oil production.

One study found CBD is able to reduce lipid synthesis and proliferation of oil-making sebaceous glands. Researchers agreed that it has promising potential as a future acne treatment.

Thanks to balancing oily skin and preventing clogged pores, it helps eliminate acne triggers and may just be the solution to clear skin!

Fights Inflammation

Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea cause chronic redness and inflammation. The daily irritation is not only uncomfortable but can really take a toll on your confidence.

CBD comes to the rescue as a powerful anti-inflammatory – even for sensitive, reactive skin. Studies confirm cannabidiol reduces excessive inflammatory proteins. This action calms everything from minor irritation to painful flare-ups.

Boosts Hydration

Source: zebracbd.com

Parched, lackluster skin? CBD’s got you covered there, too. It promotes ceramide production, which helps skin retain moisture for noticeably hydrated, dewy skin. Consider CBD nature’s hydration booster.

Protects Against Aging

From UV exposure to environmental pollution, our skin faces aging aggressors daily. It leads to visible fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of elasticity over time. Not fun!

As an antioxidant warrior, CBD protects against this free radical damage. It also supports the skin’s natural healing properties. Over time, it strengthens the skin barrier for a more youthful appearance.

Soothes Sensitive Skin

Source: zebracbd.com

Finally, CBD reduces skin sensitivities as well! It activates natural serotonin receptors in the skin responsible for maintaining comfort. So, it calms the redness, itching, and burning associated with conditions like eczema.

Several studies confirm cannabidiol’s soothing abilities – even powerful enough to overcome nasty poison ivy!

What To Look For In CBD Skincare

Source: wiener.me

Alright, convinced on why CBD is oh so very good for your skin? Let’s make sure you get your hands on a top-notch CBD skincare products.

Here are the key things we recommend keeping an eye out for:

Shop Specialty Retailers

A specialty CBD shop or an online head shop is your best bet when buying CBD skincare goods. Unlike big box stores just capitalizing on the cannabidiol craze, these retailers focus specifically on cannabidiol and other cannabis-based wellness products.

They take great care to ensure the quality of their product selection. Their knowledge and experience also take the guesswork out of finding an awesome CBD skincare item.

Check The Extract

You’ll typically see CBD from hemp or marijuana plants. Look for broad or full-spectrum CBD from hemp. It contains other skin-enhancing cannabinoids and compounds for maximum benefits.

Confirm The Potency

Pay attention to the concentration listed in mg to gauge strength. Try 10-20mg per use as a good starting point. You can always slowly increase from there if you feel you need extra oomph!

Scan Those Ingredients

Source: kimgalloesthetics.com

Make sure no sketchy stuff sneaks in there! You want anything complementary to CBD that aligns with your skin goals – acne-fighting, anti-aging, hydrating, etc. No fragrance or alcohol either – that stuff can irritate.

And, of course, certified independent lab tests for purity and cannabidiol levels are a MUST! It ensures the quality and dosage are exactly what the company claims. Reputable brands back up their products with this proof.


With benefits helping acne, inflammation, dryness, dullness, sensitivity, AND signs of aging – CBD truly does it all.

Grab a CBD cleanser, serum, moisturizer – whatever your skin is craving. Trust us, your skin will look and feel so very happy. Almost as happy as you’ll be with your glowing CBD-powered complexion!

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