Different Usage of Rubber Plugs – 2024 Guide

Each of us in the house certainly has rubber stoppers of different shapes. Whether we bought them specifically for certain needs or they were leftover from our packaging and the like, is certainly something that has always been found in most homes. It’s just like that.

That is why we often take them for granted or we store them and pile them up if we ever need them, and mostly we forget to own them and they just get lost. However, if you ask yourself where you can see them all, you will realize how great their application really is. When you think about it, they can be used for a million things.

Some of the possibilities of their application are rubber caps for pipes, rods, combining with different types of furniture and much more. You can find them in different models, but also as an addition to professional equipment because they are quite common in production. Proof of that are special pieces of rubber stoppers for chairs or various furniture.

Also, there are companies, like etolrubber.com that deal with meeting the requirements of clients of this type. They follow your needs and make special pieces that suit the needs of customers. Just call them and they will professionally advise you to know which species is suitable for your needs.

Now that we have explained their wide application, we will limit ourselves to only one area, and that is the use of plugs in the house. Find out all the creative and useful ways you can use this item below.

1. Plugs as a toy for children

img source: wikimedia.org

When playing with children, their safety comes first. Parents always keep this in mind when choosing toys for children, so for younger children, rubber materials are among the more desirable materials.

This is an ideal reason to use old plugs and do something completely creative with them. You can make various shapes by stringing the plugs on a thread or similar material and thus get the shape you want.

Our idea is to make little people out of it. Snakes are certainly not something we want for our kids, then you will like these cheerful little men. The principle is the same, stringing the plugs and you can even add something and connecting the whole that will evoke the legs, arms, body and head. Finally, add a hat and eyes and the game can begin.

2. Wall art

Now you can also do something that is specifically related to your home. Decorate it with some authentic design, for example, a picture. We know how hard it was to dedicate oneself to decorating the home and think later about all those little things that can beautify its appearance.

Now relax, give yourself a break and let your imagination run wild. In addition to all the essential things that your home must-have, it is very important to give your personal stamp that will provide it with the necessary warmth. Our idea is to make a small masterpiece with the help of panels, rubber stoppers and staples that you choose. Consider some more decorations, painting plugs and similar things.

3. Flower vase made of plugs

img source: flowerboutiquejeffreysbay.co.za

If you are a flower lover then you will love this idea. People who grow flowers transplant from pot to pot many times and simply enjoy taking care of it. Also, a lot of people enjoy decorating their flowers, arrangements, etc.

If you like it, then you will surely like the fact that you can create a vase yourself, and for that, you only need rubber stoppers and staples if you wish. As we have already said, corks are produced in different shapes and sizes, so it will not be difficult to transplant larger flowers into this innovative item.

For this action, you will need deeper plugs and preferably thicker ones so that they can be joined and thus make the shape you imagined out of more of them.

4. Magnets for refrigerator

Every refrigerator is much more beautiful when it is decorated with colorful magnets of different shapes and with different inscriptions. Of course, there are usually a few more things that you attached, such as pictures, postcards, etc.

There is no need to glue things directly to your refrigerator and thus damage it. Use magnets to fix your favorite pictures for the fridge. However, you do not have to buy magnets for these purposes or use old ones but simply make your own. All you have to do is cut rubber plugs on two equal sides, glue a magnet to them and that’s it.

5. Furniture plugs

img source: aseanpriceblog.org

If you have problems with unstable furniture, use this little trick and you won’t have to bother much in the future. They set the plugs as inserts for the legs of chairs, tables, etc. and thus prevent unpleasant sounds or nodding of furniture.

You can also apply this trick on the door. A lot of doors make a lot of noise when opening/closing, but if you place the rubber stoppers in the right direction to match the position of the door, you will no longer have these problems.

6. Specific requirement

In the first part of the text, we indicated to you that there are companies that deal with the production of various forms of rubber stoppers in accordance with the needs of clients, so now we will give you a concrete example of that.

To save your computer unnecessary dust and possible damage, you can use this idea. Each computer has a large number of small ports for different cables, etc. The bad part is that a lot of dust often enters here, and only on a daily basis. Then imagine how much dirt there is in the computer itself.

Regardless of the fact that you clean it regularly, it would be best to minimize these harmful effects. You can now order plugs for all small openings on your computer, such as USB ports, chargers, and more.


img source: dhresource.com

We hope that these ideas will be useful to you and that we have inspired you to many others.