How to Make Flowers Last Longer – 2024 Guide

If you are someone who loves flowers and enjoy receiving them from people as gifts, then you would probably want to know how to take care of them and make them last longer. Everyone deserves nice things, and what nicer things are there than flowers? You can get all sorts of hand bouquets or flower arrangements from people that care about you for your birthday and other events, and the best way to appreciate these gifts is to make sure they last longer than they should. This would not only show how much you love the gift, but the effort would return as an appreciation to the one who gave it to you.

If you are someone who is planning to give someone a special bouquet you bought from a florist online or a local florist like Sing See Soon, then you should also keep in mind how to take care of these bouquets in case the receiver would ask you questions regarding it. It is never useless to know things like these because they would definitely become useful at some point in every person’s life. Accordingly to, an expert florist company, there are many ways to preserve and make a flower last longer, but the simplest ones are listed below.

6 Easy ways to make your flowers last longer

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These are very simple ways that even someone with no knowledge of flowers or gardening can definitely do it and get positive results. Some of these ways are:

  1. Make sure you should cut off the leaves that are submerged in water because leaving them there would only let bacteria grow. Bacterial growth is never good for any plant or flower. This would cause them to die faster, wilt or even droop. Make sure you avoid it and check your vase regularly to see if any leaves are being submerged in the water.
  2. This may seem like a tiring task, but you should always change the water of your vase on a regular basis. This is because some water would already have bacteria and sometimes, they have already dried out. Make sure to check on the water and keep giving your blooms fresh water so that they can thrive and grow more.
  3. Keep your flowers away from the fruit. Do not even think about placing your flowers in the kitchen near the counter where all your fruits are. This is because fruits release gas in the air that can be really harmful to your plants and flowers. This gas would cause your flowers to wilt and turn brown faster than you can eat your fruits.
  4. Get rid of dying or wilting blooms in your vase. If you notice some of the blooms in your bouquet have turned brown, remove them as to not affect the other flowers. This helps in not only decreasing the chances of bacterial growth, but it also keeps your flowers looking neat and beautiful.
  5. Put your flowers in the fridge overnight. You do not have to do it every night, but if you can then why not? It has been proven time and time again that putting your blooms in the fridge for the night helps extend their life span and even their vibrancy and color.
  6. The last thing you should keep in mind is to put clear soda in your vase. Cut flowers are known to need fresh water and sugar to thrive in a vase so do not forget to add at least ¼ cup of clear soda with the water whenever you decide to change the water in your vase.

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The tips above are perfect for those hand bouquets and bouquet gifts but if you have a garden of your own and want to keep your flowers fresh for as long as you can, there are more tips and ways you need to consider. These are:

  1. First is that when you pull them out of the roots, you would want to cut at least 1 or 2 inches off their stem before you submerge them in water in a vase. This is because they would need more water this time around and cutting off their stems would help them take in water faster.
  2. Invest in flower food. You may have heard about it when you were just starting out in your garden. You can easily buy these in your local flower shop or ask your local florist if they know a place you can buy it from.
  3. Sunlight should not always be direct. There are a lot of flowers who enjoy the sun but direct sunlight all day long is not good for cut flowers. Make sure you place them in a spot in your home where they can get at least 4 hours of direct sunlight in a day.

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Always remember that taking care of flowers takes a lot of care and attention. Flowers are known to be sensitive and need a lot of hard work. Although the end results would be worth it, make sure to be prepared for a lot of digging and cutting. Some blooms may last longer than others if you use and do the tips and methods above, but others just really have a mind of their own. Do not be disappointed if you do not get the end results you wanted immediately as everyone does not start as an expert at taking care of flowers and making them last.