Tips for Selecting the Best Electric Generator for Your Home

When is the right time to purchase a generator? The fact is a home with no generator faces issues during power cuts. The interruption in power lines happens in winter because of heavy snow and ice. Once the weather becomes warmer, the power cut is inevitable in severe thunderstorms and high winds.

You must not decide to buy a generator post any severe weather condition. It is always a great idea to invest in a generator after conducting thorough research and once it meets all your requirements. Never create a desperate situation as it often results in buyer’s regret and inefficient generator.

Electric generators are ideal for domestic use. They are also known as dynamos and transform mechanical power into electricity. It transmits and distributes power lines to industrial, commercial, and domestic consumers. You can click here to get more details on electric generators, their maintenance, and usage.

Generators come in different models, prices, and features. It may perhaps confuse you. Here are some tips that will help you to select the best generator for your residential use.

1. Make a Budget


You must decide in advance about the budget you are comfortable allocating for a generator. Generators come with multiple pricing, so freeze the amount you are comfortable spending to get a generator that meets your expectations. Budget is necessary as it stops you from spending more than required. Most suppliers provide finance options that help you to purchase the one you like.

2. Power Requirement

The size of the generator depends on how much power you need. The generator comes with various power outputs, calculated in Watts. Generally, people prefer a generator that can produce 5,000 watts of power to meet the requirement. But it is always better to know things of utmost importance that you cannot compromise. Today on the web, some online calculators are of great help in determining the size of the generator that covers your necessity.

3. Select a Type


The primary types of generators include inverter generators, portable generators, and home standby generators. Let us look at them in brief:

  • Inverter Generator – The power output from inverter generators is small, but it is not noisy as it has a complex engine in place. But these are a little expensive because of the engine type.
  • Portable Generator – Portable generators also release a small amount of power but are not expensive. But power watt is enough to run all the necessary equipment in your home.
  • Home Standby Generator – Always select the services of a professional and experienced technician to install a home standby generator. They can supply power in large amounts, and it gets on automatically once there is a power cut.

4. Always Buy from a Service Dealer

Make sure to buy generators from an authorized dealer. You can get a high-quality generator that meets your requirements. Also, the trusted dealers employ experienced and trained service technicians to install the generator in your place without any hassle.

These technicians are crucial as they provide you with after-sales services to keep your generator in better condition. Your investment gets its desired value because a generator that is well-maintained gives you service for a generation.

5. Features Need Attention


There are generators available with different power capacities, but at the same time, we need to know various features also.

  • Automatic Start – It means once there is a power cut, your generator starts on its own, and there is nothing you need to do.
  • Electric Start – It is a feature of a most portable type generator. You can start the generator by simply pressing the push button. It is convenient as you will not have to pull-start the machine.
  • Fuel Gauge – It is a feature that helps you to know the fuel level, and if it goes low, you can fill it to have a continuous power supply without any breaks.
  • Shut Off in Low Oil – The oil in your vehicle is crucial to maintaining the life of an engine. Similarly, if your generator lacks sufficient oil, it results in engine damage. Having this feature automatically puts off your generator if the oil level comes down and saves on cost.

6. Select a Transfer Switch

Just like your light bulb that turns on by pressing a switch, your generator will also demand the same. ATS-Automatic Transfer Switch makes your generator come into action on the detection of a power cut.

It is possible as it keeps on sensing the power requirement of the utility and post outage detection, the engine starts immediately. Once done, it cuts out the power source from the mainline to provide the required energy to your equipment from the generator.

Investment in a perfect generator and switch is vital as they work in tandem for restoring lost energy. To finalize the correct switch for your generator, you must have an idea of the amperage. It is easy to check the flow of electricity once you find the electrical panel’s main breaker. An installer is also the right person to double-check for you.

7. Remote Monitoring of Generator


Almost all manufacturers offer the option of including Wi-Fi in home generators. If you own a generator without an in-built Wi-Fi, there is a provision for wireless monitor installation.

The Wi-Fi option and the remote app support the generator integration with other equipment at home. You can diagnose and keep control of your generator with the help of your mobile itself. It means you can be outside your home, but your position is good enough for monitoring the generator and the current power levels.

Electric Generator a Necessity

A generator has become necessary equipment for most of us. It is because our dependency has increased on equipment. You cannot imagine a life without equipment, and each of them functions with power. The government has to provide us with electricity. But still, it is impossible to control the weather conditions that bring power outages.

All our work comes to a standstill during a power failure. Hence you need an alternative in the form of a generator. Generators are available with ease now, but you need to conduct detailed research to buy the best one as per your needs.

Bogdan Radicanin
Bogdan Radicanin

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