How to Get Your HGV License – 2024 Guide

Many people are interested in driving HGVs and getting a license, but they are clueless when it comes to its details and information about the whole process. HGVs are difficult to operate and are not an easy task; thus, they require a license that confirms your ability to be a suitable driver. First, let’s introduce you to HGVs and their license types.

What are HGVs?


HGVs are heavy goods vehicles used to transport goods across different areas. These are larger vehicles that are more difficult to handle. They are also known as LGV, which stands for a large goods vehicle. If you get the proper license for HGVs, the license allows you to drive lorries and trucks weighing more than 3.5 tons. Many people have started applying for this license as they see it as a doable job with a good income. However, some do it just out of their passion for driving. HGVs licenses are of four types which are explained in detail below.

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License types:

  • C
  • C+E
  • C1
  • C1+E

HGV licenses are valid for only five years and need renewal afterward. These are issued by DVSA, commonly known as Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. These types of licenses also help classify the level of skill and expertise in that domain. The different licenses are all useful in their ways. Now let’s brief you about the requirements you must fulfill before applying for your license.



For an HGV license, there are not a lot of requirements you need to fulfill. The major requirement you need to check off before you apply for the license is that you must be 18 or older than that. The only other requirement is to take a medical test to ensure that you are healthy to drive and control a heavy vehicle.

The lack of special requirements makes this field achievable for many people dreaming about being an HGV driver. Most jobless people are also at peace knowing that this job is easy to secure and has a handsome pay. You would see that many HGV drivers never leave this profession once they enter it because it is easy labor compared to many others and can be done long-term with ease.


To get the license for the HGV, you have to first apply online at the DVSA website and book your test. After that, you need to pass your test and complete special training before driving an HGV. These steps ensure that you can drive such a large vehicle without putting your life at risk. It is also used to see how much knowledge you already have about these large vehicles as it is always better to know about what you are going to be working on. If someone is driving a vehicle but does not possess complete knowledge about it, they are more than likely to get in trouble as they lack the proper knowledge to fix the problems of being an HGV driver.


Every profession has its benefits, and to be honest, a man only chooses his profession based on the benefits it will add to his life. Now, you might wonder what benefits being an HGV driver brings? Am I making the right choice or just wasting my time and energy? Let’s answer these questions and guide you through the many pros of being an HGV driver.

Flexible hours


Some people may think that 9-5 jobs are the most exhausting thing to exist in our daily lives. Not everyone is the same and cannot easily adapt to a strict routine. Some people prefer 9-5 jobs because they are constant and never-changing. You wake up, work, and come back home every day at the same time. Everything is done at its set time. However, this can be excruciating for some of us. Many people despise 9-5 jobs and think they are being treated like robots to spend their lives looking at their clock. They want to work whenever they can and want to. Thus, this job is perfect for that kind.

Being an HGV driver gives you the freedom of working whenever you want to. You are not expected to show up early in the morning. This is a great advantage, as, unlike many office workers, you are not compromising your personal life and spending all your days at work. Being an HGV driver, you can decide what time you will work.

High demand

It is safe to say that HGV workers are in more demand than ever. There are so many job opportunities available that you can easily earn a decent living out of it. Especially in this age where people are addicts of online shopping, more orders are placed, requiring more drivers to deliver them all. This job will never fade away and will always play a key role in the state’s economy. Thus, as soon as you get your license, you can apply at a secured company and start driving away and earning!


This job opportunity is feasible for even people who are not well off. If you are not already a skilled driver, the lessons about HGV are affordable and easy to manage. It is made so that many people can get into the field. Due to its affordability, many can secure jobs and earn a living for themselves. Along with the lessons, the fee for the license itself is very affordable if you keep the money you will be able to make afterward in your mind. This affordability is also why people are less likely to get discouraged and fearful of wasting their resources.

Unique experience


This job truly allows you to live a unique experience altogether. You can either decide to work for yourself or a company. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to consider what you want to do. If you work for yourself, you can work whenever you want; however, you want to. But, if you work for a company, you might be able to get your hands on some bonuses and paid holidays. Nonetheless, it’s never a boring day being an HGV driver as you get to go on all kinds of crazy ventures and visit new areas you have never explored before.


HGV drivers are in all-time demand, and here is how you can get the HGV license. It would be best if you researched thoroughly to gain as much info as possible about the profession you are interested in. HGV drivers have a secured and long-term job that earns handsomely.

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