7 Tips For Choosing Between Porcelain And Ceramic Flooring

Building a home takes numerous years, which involves a hectic routine of proper looking at the workers. But more than building a home, it is difficult for people to make decisions for home decor and several interrelated things.

These things can be the best lighting fixtures, the color combination of paints, wallpapers selection, carpets, curtain choices, window fixtures, wall decor, and sofa selection decisions, among various other such confusions. But, one of the most difficult choices a person has to make while setting home is choosing the type of tiles & flooring.

There are two types of floorings out of which a person has to select one – porcelain and ceramic tiles. The decision becomes more crucial when the owners do not decide to have a carpet. Going by the trends, it is very significant to make the right choices by considering the benefits & disadvantages of both the tiles type.

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Tips to Choose Between Porcelain and Ceramic Floor Tiles

When a person looks from a far-end, it is not easy to differentiate between porcelain and ceramic tiles. But there are few yet impactful differences between both types of flooring. The major difference lies in porousness and density. Stories Flooring has thousands of floors to choose from and is our absolute favorite in craftsmanship and materials.

Porcelain tiles are profoundly known as denser tiles than the other type. Also, it is less porous as compared to its counterpart. Porcelain gives the user more flexibility and options for designs. But both the tiles have their own advantages, disadvantages, and suitability. People must follow the following tips to choose the best for them between the two floorings.

1. Usage of Liquids & Durability

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As stated earlier, porcelain as a material is denser than ceramic flooring. Due to the fusion and mix-up of clays, porcelain tiles serve the purpose of liquid resistance better than ceramic tilings. It has a phenomenal water & liquid absorption rate.

If the family uses different acids and liquids on the floor, they should go for porcelain flooring. To enhance the durability of such tiles, people can apply melted glass glaze material, which will help in more resistance. Moreover, studies and facts highlight that these types of flooring are the hardest flooring options in the market at decent rates.

2. Installation Costs & Overall Costs

If a person is running very tight on cost-saving and budget, they must consider both the options very well. The installation costs of the porcelain built floors remain to be higher than that of ceramic tiles. These costs can increase by 25 to 50% depending on the factor where these types of tiles are needed to be fitted.

Due to its heavy weight and less flexibility of fitting, the overall costs of porcelain flooring also rise. But, if the person is not looking to renovate or change the existing tiles, it can be a good long-term investment in porcelain tiles.

3. Maintenance Time

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Always consider the time you will give to maintaining and cleaning these tiles. Comparing both the floorings, ceramic floorings require less time to clean and are easy to maintain. The dirt, oil, & tough stains are present only on the upper surfaces and do not penetrate the ceramic tiles. Therefore, a person can clean them easily with a soft brush or vacuum.

However, dirt and stains can be identified without any difficulty on porcelain tiles. Normal dusting and mopping must be done to ensure a clean porcelain floor. Therefore, if you are a person who is not very keen on maintenance, then go for porcelain. If you are not a regular cleaner but want a well-maintained floor, do not ignore the ceramic tiles.

4. Weight Considerations and Positioning of Tiles

Both the types of tiles (ceramic and porcelain) are quite heavy. The user must observe and research the requirements of the home. An important tip, in this case, is that if the tiles are used for installation in upper storeys or floors, ceramic tiles are not a good option. However, double-check the story ceilings even if you are looking for ceramic floors on the upper floors.

5. Wear & Tear Worries

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If people are looking for a longer lifespan of floorings, porcelain is a pretty decent option. It can last for decades without wearing out or getting an old-fashioned look. Even if they are used where there is heavy walking and traffic, it can last for many years. Therefore, you must consider the replacement and repair costs of flooring before selecting one.

6. Market Research

It is vital to go with trends and recent fads. The homeowner must research well about the tiles option and its demand. They must consider the option which is in high demand and trend. It must be kept in mind the minimum duration of non-replacement of tiles. If the person is more likely to change the flooring type, it is not a major thing to research more and vice versa.

7. Carelessness & Fireproof

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If the homeowner or the family residing is very careless about petty things about the gas stove, etc., then porcelain tiles can be a better option than ceramic ones. The former does not catch fire easily under standard conditions. If a fire breaks out in the home by any chance, porcelain tiles can decrease the spread of the flames.


The tips and advocates mentioned above will give a perfect idea about which tile floorings to choose between the two options. Apart from these, a person should also go through the different properties of both materials.

They should not go for only the aesthetic appeal but should also consider its style and uses. They should look for comfort and ease of standing, especially in bathrooms. The user must get the best patterns, designs, colors, and variations to arrive at the best decision.

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