5 Virtual Location Tricks all Travelers Should Know – 2024 Guide

With the lockdown being implemented worldwide to prevent the spread of the pandemic, it has been ages since people have stepped out of their homes to visit tourist places. With no vehicles on the roads and no planes flying in the sky, it was near about impossible to enjoy traveling to a faraway land in this lockdown scenario.

However, nothing is impossible, and almost everything has a natural alternative. Even though moving around in lockdown is impossible, people have opted for virtual travel to maintain a passion for travel. You can get to know more about it at virtuallocation.com.

The concept of virtual travel is not new. It has been there for quite a long time, but only lately has it gained popularity. The Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi has also launched a new virtual platform. In this, people can get to know about the culture of the place while sitting in the comfort of their homes. A virtual tour is beneficial in giving people the experience of travel even in lockdown. Through this tour, people are getting to know about the history of many places.

Today, various service providers on the Internet are offering virtual tours. If you plan to go somewhere virtually, you must be aware of the below-mentioned virtual travel tricks.

1. Get a 360 Degree View with a VR Headset:

Viewing a place in person certainly has a different experience than seeing it on your smartphone. But, what if we told you that you could enjoy the 360-degree view of a place? Yes, that is possible. All you need to do is buy a VR headset.

With your VR headset on, you can enjoy Africa’s jungle safari, the village of Santa Claus in Finland, the beautiful Northern Lights, the adventure of the Snow Mobil Ride, and the beautiful sunset of the Maldives. These are numerous crowded places across the globe where you wouldn’t have had the chance to vising everything up close. But now you do. You can travel to these places through the big screen of your laptop, iPad, or home theater from home. With the help of virtual reality technology, you can see those beautiful places where nobody can go to right now.

2. Buy a Paytm virtual debit card to travel virtually:

img source: medium.com

Paytm Payment Bank Limited (PPBL) has declared that it will issue a Visa Virtual Debit Card. It will significantly benefit customers. They can transact in any currency through this card. With its help, customers will be able to make a contactless payment, with their card, which will be equipped with a chip. Hence, with this debit card, you can easily buy your tickets to the virtual world and travel to your heart’s content.

3. Virtually travel with your smartphone:

img source: guim.co.uk

Mobile VR headsets are becoming quite popular among familiar people. In this, the mobile is fitted in the VR headset cover, and exclusive videos made to give a feel of virtual reality can be seen on the mobile. Mobile VR headsets entered the market in 2010, and soon the technology enthusiasts started speaking this technology head-on. Almost every big company has introduced this segment.

4. Change your GPS location:

img source: winudf.com

At times, we are unable to access the tourist locations of foreign places. In such a scenario, we need to change our site to areas that these foreign tourist places allow. To do that, you can try modifying your GPS location.

At times, the GPS of the device faces difficulty in detecting the user. To change your phone’s location. Open your GPS and change your situation. The user needs to tweak the location settings of the GPS in the iPhone.

The Wi-fi needs to be on as long as the location services are being used. The location services of the device need to be turned on.

At times, the GPS fails to work. In such a scenario, clean your unused apps. An obsolete app or inhibited apps may prevent location services from working accurately. Let us find out the steps to follow to rectify this issue:

  1. Click on settings
  2. Click on Privacy
  3. Click on location services
  4. Find out all the apps that can access the location of your smartphone
  5. The apps which are malfunctioning need to be either removed or updated to the latest version

5. VPN:

img source: webmagazine.com

A VPN is a private network that allows the user to access the network. For this, the network company provides you an “IP Address,” “User Name,” and “Password” so that you can use this network anywhere. While anyone can use the VPN service, VPN changes our “Real IP” to “Fake IP.” To change your location using VPN follow the below-mentioned steps:

For Smartphone:

  • Step 1: Download The App

First of all, download “Touch VPN App” from Play Store on your mobile. Install it after downloading it.

  • Step 2: Location

After installing, open the app, and now first set the “Location” to which you wish to virtually travel to it.

  • Step 3: Click On Connect

Now click on “Connect,” as soon as you click on it, VPN will be turned on in your mobile.

On your PC:

  • Step 1: Download Extension

First open Chrome, and search Google Chrome VPN Extension in it. Then go to Google extension and click on “Add To Chrome.”

  • Step 2: Click On Extension

After adding, you will see a popup, click on the option of “Add Extension.”

  • Step 3: Sidebar Icon

You will see the VPN extension added to the right site at the top, click on it, and select the language.

  • Step 4: Sign Up And Use

If you are using it for the first time, click on “Create New Account” and submit your email ID and password. After this, you can use VPN easily.

Final Words: So, now that you are aware of the various tips and tricks with which you can easily travel around the world virtually, what are you waiting for? Get ready with your equipment and set out to venture the wonders of the world.

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