4 Best Trailer Wire Kit (Electric Brakes, Hitch & Light Wiring) 2024

There has been a huge rise in popularity in trailers these past few years, especially with the appearance of the coronavirus and the pandemic that it caused. Living in a trailer, traveling around the country or the world is a unique experience, but to truly make it unique, you will have to ensure that everything is set up properly. Traveling by a vehicle that has a boat or a trailer hitch on the back requires you to be a lot more careful and to follow all of the safety regulations. You have to ensure that the electric brakes and all the light wiring are connected with a wire kit.

Without providing a wide connection from the vehicle to the trailer or boat, the brake lights, turn signals and any other system that requires electricity will not work. In other words, it is illegal to get out on the highway or even on the street without the right equipment. It is especially dangerous to get on a highway without any kind of brake lights because most people drive at 80 mph or even higher speeds. If you were to break abruptly, the drivers behind you would not be able to see you that you are breaking because of your trailer.

However, it is not just about getting a wire and plugging it into your trailer or into your boat. You need to ensure that everything is properly connected and that the wire kit that you have bought is of high quality. You would not want the wires to tear or to cause a short circuit while you are still on the road.

To help you with this, I am writing this article to show you the best trailer wire kits I could find.

1. 4 Pin Flat Trailer Wiring Harness Kit

img source: amazon.com

Assuming that you are having trouble finding a kit made out of high quality and reliable materials, I would recommend checking out this product that is sold by Online Led Store on Amazon. While it might not be the most expensive one you can find and those that cost more usually provide a lot more features, attachments, and overall higher quality, but I believe that this one is good enough for hauling.

It comes with both a 4′ female and 25′ male included ensuring that you will be able to make a proper connection between the trailer and your vehicle. This is a great plus because not every vehicle has the same connector. It could be male or it could be female. Fortunately, with the attachment that you get with this product, you will be able to swap out the connectors to easily connect the wiring.

This 4-pin flat kit is rated to connect with trailers that are under or over 203 cm or 80 inches wide. The color codes are quite obvious which makes the installation process even easier.

1. Hopkins 41157 Endurance Kit

img source: missourifoxtrottersatoz.com

For those that are looking for something a bit more durable, I am recommending the 41157 by Hopkins. This one is a little bit more heavy-duty which ensures the safety of the connection, but it has a seven-way plug compared to the four-pin that we talked about in the previous paragraph.

The thing I like best about the 41157 is the fact that it comes with its own junction box that you can easily unscrew and open to find seven wires that are color-coded. With these colors, you can ensure that you make the proper connection. The poles for the wiring are also marked with their appropriate functions such as light brake, reverse light, taillight, and so on.

I am sure that you will also like the fact that these wires are run through a heavy-duty cable which increases the resistance to all kinds of outside factors. No amount of rain, snow, or hail will do any kind of damage to the cable ensuring the safety of the connection between the trailer and the vehicle.

Very low or high temperatures will also have no impact on the cable because it is very resistant to abrasion, cracking, and even cutting. And if you are looking for something even more durable, there are some cables that have an even higher resistance to weather, oil, or grease such as the ones that can be found at zw cable.

This kit from endurance will cost you something between $50 and $70 on Amazon. It is much more expensive than my previous choice which was $12, but considering the difference in specifications, it is worth it.

2. Four-way wishbone style wiring kit by CZC Auto

img source: amazon.com

Getting back to the more affordable pricing again, this is another great option for anyone that needs a four-pin flat plug connector. Again, it comes with both a 25′ male and 4′ for 12 V trailers.

You might be wondering what makes this one so different than the first one I mentioned on this list. Well, the difference is that this kit has a 100% pure copper core which is protected by PVC, at least as advertised. You also will not have to worry about the length because it has a total of 29 feet in wires. I think this is more than enough for any kind of cargo you plan on hauling.

3. Hopkins 48265 Y-Harness

img source: shopify.com

This one is also a bit cheaper at $17 and it is nowhere near the same quality as the previous Hopkins product, but it comes with a flat Y-harness connector and with 30 feet in length. It is quite easy to use and even easier to install.

It might not have the thickest cable and the best resistance, but considering that you are getting 30 feet of length for just $17, I believe that this is a great pick. And, if you do want something a bit more durable, you can always go with the other Hopkins product.

Currently, the entire market for trailer wiring kits is oversaturated with thousands of products. You can see on Amazon just how many of them are there, but you will not have to sort through all of them because you can use any of these for I mentioned. I am sure that you will have no trouble making the connection from your vehicle to the trailer with any of these.