5 Best Toys for Blind Dogs in 2024

Dogs and humans have created one of the strongest and most successful bonds between two species. This is quite obvious considering the fact that dogs and humans have been together for thousands of years. They have helped us with hunting, protection, herding, provided us with companionship, and have assisted with many other tasks. These days, canines are trained to help the mentally and physically disabled. But, training and developing a dog to become a friend and a reliable companion is not an easy task. It requires a lot of previous experience, care, and dedication. Things get even more complicated if the dog is blind.

However, even if a canine is blind, there is still a lot of room to teach it all kinds of different lessons and tricks. It may require a little bit more effort from the owner to ensure that they are happy and stress-free. The best way to keep such a dog happy is through extensive training. But, if you don’t have the free time to teach him/her any kind of tricks, your next best option is toys.

These days, there are all kinds of toys you can find on the market that are specifically designed for canines with impaired vision. To help you and your pet, I decided to write this article that will show you the best toys you could use in 2024.

1. Wobble Wag Glow in the Dark Giggle Ball

img source: ebayimg.com

Dogs with an impaired vision do not really care about what type of toy you provide them. If they are the playful sort, they will have fun with anything. But, the problem is not about the toy being interesting, the problem is that they cannot find it once they drop it. Since a dog with blindness cannot see, it will be unable to find its toy. For example, you throw a ball, it hears the tapping sound of the ball, but it will not be able to pinpoint the exact location of the toy.

Fortunately, there is a great solution for that. Currently, on the market there are a lot of is that move on their own and let out all kinds of sounds. With the help of sound, the dog can easily pinpoint the location of a toy. A great example of that is the Wobble Wag Glow in the Dark Giggle Ball. Every time you throw or move this product, it lets out different kinds of sounds, making it easy for a blind canine to find it.

I find it to be a great option for any kind of breed. It weighs only 1.2 pounds, so I am sure your pet will not have any trouble picking up the ball.

2. Sensory Fish – Squeaky

img source: shopify.com

The Sensory Fish is another great product, especially for pets with an impaired vision. It is made out of soft and natural rubber that is completely safe for all kinds of animals. It is toxic and chemical-free while following the European safety standards for toys for children and animals.

I decided to pick this one because of its soft and natural latex rubber making it safe for the teeth of a dog. They can chew it as much as they want and they will not damage a single tooth which is very important, especially if it is a teething puppy.

Most importantly, it is squeaky which means your dog will have an easy time finding it.

A lot of websites have left very positive reviews for these toys such as petstruggles.com and there are also great individual reviews/ratings on Amazon. It seems like this is a great choice for every kind of pet.

3. Snuffle Mat Nosework Blanket

img source: amazon.com

I love this product because it is a little bit more unique. It is not your regular dog or toy that you will throw around. No, this is a blanket that is placed on the ground which you can use to train your pet. Many user reviews on Amazon claim that this product works very well and that they have managed to teach their pets new tricks with it and have made the dogs more obedient.

Basically, it is a blanket attach with flailing soft fabric that tries to mimic leaves, grass, and dirt. The way you use this is quite simple. You place it on the ground, pour some dry food into the flailing soft fabric, and let your canine do the sniffing. At first, it will have some trouble finding anything, but once it gets used to it and it starts relying on its sniffing skills, it will manage to find the food that you have hidden under the soft fabric.

With the blanket, you are mimicking foraging in the wild. By buying this product and utilizing this training, your dog will start to learn how to rely on its sniffing skills and how to eat slower. It is a great way to battle stress relief and helps with anxiety. The best thing about this is that your dog does not need its sight to play with this blanket. It only needs its nose.

4. SPOT Ethical Pets Sensory Ball

img source: ethicalpet.com

Another great squeaker toy for dogs with visual impairments. It is a simple rubberized ball that is squeaky and has a sound bell. It has also scented with beef which means it will make things for your blind dog even easier. The smell is quite strong, so I think it will take a long time for it to dissipate.

It has four stars on Amazon with over 800 ratings which shows us that this is a reliable product. Although, if you decide to buy it, I would recommend getting the two-pack option. It is always better to have two of them in case you lose one. Would not want your pet to get bored or sad while waiting for a new one, right?

5. Chuckit! The Whistler Ball

img source: workingdogcompany.co.uk

Last, but not least, an affordable option for everyone. For less than seven dollars, you get two balls that whistle when you throw them. This is great training for the listening skills of your dog. You also have the option to choose between small, medium, and large sizes.

As you can see, the market is full of products that can make your blind pet happy. Whichever of these five you decide to pick, I am sure your dog will be able to have fun.