Best Drone Under 500 in 2024

With enough money, you can buy whatever type of drone you like. You can buy a drone for racing, for making superb aerial footage, for doing stunts in the air. If you want to save money, but still get a drone that’s capable of doing all that, you will have to do a thorough search. The good news is that there are some drones that cost less than 500 dollars, which come with superb features. The only trick is in finding them.

Luckily for you, you are in the right place. We’ve done all the work for you, managing to find 5 best drones for under 500 dollars. All of these quadcopters are fast and agile, reliable, and full of useful automatic options. Furthermore, they are made of quality materials, which means that once you buy one of them, you won’t be in a need for another drone for many years.

Every single drone from our list can be used for all sorts of purposes. You can race it against other drones; use it to make bird’s view photography, and so on. Regardless of what you intend to use it for, whichever drone you pick, you won’t make a bad decision!

1.   Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

We start our selection of best drones under 500 dollars with Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone. So, what makes it deserve a place on our list? First of all, Parrot Bebop 2 Drone is an all-in-one drone. You can use it for literally anything and it will serve you well. For example, if you need a drone to take aerial footage, Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone will impress you with its 14MP camera.

On the other hand, if you are looking to get a drone which would make impressive aerial stunts, Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone is again a good choice. It’s very light, yet extremely powerful for its size, meaning that it can fly and maneuver without any problems, even if it’s raining or a wind is blowing. The weight/power ratio of this drone is the thing that also makes it very fast. In fact, the maximum speed of this quadcopter is 38 mph!

Features of Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

This drone was designed for professionals, which is why you’ll need an FAA registration in order to be able to operate it. Still, this doesn’t mean that piloting this drone is not easy. On the contrary, it features so many security systems that there’s no way you’ll crash it.

Speaking of drone control, it’s done with a tablet or smartphone. All you got to do is download an appropriate app and connect the drone with your mobile device. Furthermore, the drone is compatible with virtual reality headsets, so if you own one, you can use it for FPV piloting.

Another great thing about this drone is its battery. The fly time of Holy Stone HS200 is simply fabulous. The drone can stay airborne for more than 25 minutes before the battery needs a recharge!

  • 14MP high-definition camera
  • Impressive top speed
  • 25-minute fly time
  • Various automatic features
  • Does not come with a high-range remote controller


Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone is definitely not the cheapest drone on the market, but it seems that its price is justified. The only issue with it might be that it doesn’t come with an RC, which would have a decent range. Instead, the range depends heavily on your mobile device. Still, solving this problem is easy – simply buy a high-range RC.

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2.    SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone

This drone does not come with a mounted camera. Instead, it was designed to carry GoPro Hero cameras. The combination of GoPro and SNAPTAIN A15 seems like a duo made in heaven. The drone is capable of making impressive aerial maneuvers for quite a long time, while the cam is in charge of producing flawless aerial footage.

But, here’s a question that many customers ask themselves – is it worth paying a few hundred dollars for a drone that comes without a camera? We feel it is, at least in the case of SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable. This drone comes with so many amazing features that not having a camera is actually not a flaw.

Features of SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable FPV WiFi Drone

One of the best things about SNAPTAIN is that it features an autopilot technology that utilizes GPS. Basically, this means that you can program its flight route, without any worries that it might get lost. Speaking of the drone’s flight, Phantom can stay up in the air for about 10 minutes, before you will need to recharge the battery or replace it with a new one.

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable is also great for being superb in the air. It can reach the maximum speed of 22 mph when flying sideways. On top of that, the drone is powerful enough to be capable of doing all kinds of stunts. Still, its main purpose is to be able to carry a GoPro camera and to return it safely. That is why the drone comes with a number of safety options, all of which are making it one of the safest drones on the market.

  • Fast, with the maximum speed being 22 mph
  • Uses GPS to technology when the autopilot is turned on
  • Features automatic options for safe landing
  • No camera
  • Short fly time


If you need a drone on which you’ll mount your GoPro camera, Phantom seems like the ideal choice. Other reasons why you should buy it include the fact that it’s very fast and stable during the flight, but also the fact that it’s very safe and easy to operate.

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3.    ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The Beetle Drone

ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The Beetle Drone

ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The Beetle Drone

ScharkSpark – The Beetle Drone is one of the drones that are easiest to operate. In fact, it comes with a remote controller with a 5-inch screen that is used for first-person view piloting. But, apart from controlling it on your own during the flight, you can also set it on the autopilot. All you got to do is plan the route, or pick a spot on the map towards which the drone should fly.

Once the battery runs out, the drone will use GPS technology to find its way home. The same can be done even when the battery is full – all you got to do is press the Auto-Return Home button. Being easy to pilot is just one of many great things about this drone. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Features of ScharkSpark Drone SS41 The Beetle Drone

The first person view piloting is achieved through the use of an HD camera that’s a part of the drone. Speaking of the cam, it is capable of capturing high-quality aerial photographs and videos. In fact, this drone enables you to capture the perfect photo, as it features the stabilizing technology, which will keep it steady regardless of the wind or rain.

When it comes to battery life, it is another great thing about this drone. With a single charge, the battery can power the drone so that it will remain airborne for more than 25 minutes. Once the battery is empty, you will need to connect the drone with the charger.

  • Extremely easy to control
  • Superb camera
  • Stable in the air
  • Impressive battery life
  • Not the fastest drone on the market


ScharkSpark SS41 definitely deserves your attention, especially if you are a newbie. This drone will make you fall in love with aerial photography, as not only does it perform great in the air, it also does amazing photographs.

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4.    SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone



We’ve already described the predecessor of this drone bellow. You probably remember that we said that its only flaw was the fact that it didn’t have a camera. Well, DJI realized this issue and decided to solve it with this version of SNAPTAIN drone.

SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone is superb drone, capable of keeping still in the air while making superb aerial footage. So, if you need a drone for professional aerial photography, look no further than SNAPTAIN S5C. But, that’s not the only thing for which you can use this drone. It comes with a number of amazing features, meaning that you can use it to have fun, as well.

Features of SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone

The thing that makes it superior to the first version of SNAPTAIN is the fact that this drone comes with an installed camera. The camera in question is a 14MP high-definition cam, which can be used for making superb aerial footage, but also for first-person view piloting.

Whether you decide to pilot it on your own or use an autopilot, the flight is bound to go well. The drone features a number of technologies that add to its safety. This means that if you run into problems with landing it to the ground, you can let the drone do it on its own.

When it comes to the flight time of this drone, it can stay in the air for nearly 25 minutes, after which you will need to recharge the batteries. An alternative is to simply replace the battery with a new one, something which is done quite easily.

  • Superb camera
  • Impressive fly time
  • A number of automatic options for safe flying
  • Would’ve been great if the drone came with a VR headset


If you don’t own a GoPro camera, but still need to make professional aerial photographs and videos, your best choice is to buy SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone.

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5.    DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Although the designers of DBPOWER X400W had drone racing in mind while creating it, this drone can also be used for aerial photography. Still, the camera of this drone is best when used for first-person view piloting. It will provide you with a feeling that you are flying inside the cockpit of a fighter jet.

If you think that this comparison is weird, you definitely need to give it a try. Or, at least take a look at a video of a DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter participating in a drone race. The quadcopter is so fast that its maximum speed exceeds 55 miles per hour (90 kilometers per hour)!

Features of DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

The drone is made to be fast. This means it’s lightweight, while the engine is furious. It’s no surprise that DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone can create such an impressive speed. What’s more important is that this drone can also maneuver very well in the air. In fact, you won’t lose control of it, even when changing flying angles. That is what makes it superb in circular track racing.

If you fly it at top speed, the battery won’t be able to keep up longer than a couple of minutes. But, there are some hacks that will help you increase the battery life. For example, you can use different kinds of blades in order to grab a few more minutes of flying time.

Although it’s designed to be a racing drone, with a few adjustments, you can make it a superb camera drone. DBPower comes with a GoPro tilt mount, meaning that you will be able to use an external cam to make aerial footage.

  • Extremely fast and agile
  • Not that hard to control and performs well in the air
  • Comes with a mount for GoPro camera
  • Short battery life
  • Designed to fly fast, rather than hovering in the air


If drone racing is what you have in mind, DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone will help you win medals. This drone is one of the fastest commercial drones in the world today and the chances are that it will remain that for years to come. In fact, if you take a look at some of the national drone racing competitions, you will notice that many contestants are using this model.

However, if you want a drone to use it mainly for some other purpose, perhaps it’s better to look elsewhere. Still, this doesn’t mean that from time to time, DBPOWER X400W FPV can’t be used for making astonishing aerial footage.

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Let’s assume that you know what drones are – unmanned aerial vehicles. If that’s the case, the reason why you’re here is probably that you’re looking to buy one.  So, if you’re thinking about buying a drone, but are not completely sure if you really need one, here are a couple of facts that will help you make up your mind before choosing the best drone under 500 dollars.

First of all, the drone industry is growing at an unbelievably high rate. There’s a reason for that – the demand is huge. People simply love these little flying machines, which can be used for all kinds of purposes. Depending on the type of drone you buy, you will be able to use it for everything from drone racing to professional aerial photography. Aerial photography is actually the number one reason why people decide to buy a drone.

Drones for Aerial Photography

The prices of drones have dropped significantly in the last couple of years. This is why professional photographers are not the only ones who are buying drones to make amazing aerial footage. On the contrary, a huge number of amateurs have been deciding on the same step. So, if you’re a hobbyist who would love to make awesome online photos and videos, buying a drone seems to be a great investment.

Once you buy a drone with a camera, you can do anything with it. The sky is the limit, literally! You can use your drone to make videos of a wedding or a gathering of your friends and family. But also to make landscape photography of inaccessible places, such as mountain tops or volcanoes, or even footage of rare birds flying next to our drone.

If you love nature, you will be able to access places you’ve never thought of and see things that will get stuck in your memory. Luckily, with a drone, these things won’t be stuck only in your mind, but in a video file as well. Take a look at this video from the inside of a Vanuatu volcano! You wouldn’t be able to make it without a drone!

Adventurers might use camera drones to capture breathtaking footage, but still a more common reason why people buy them is to create fun videos for social media. You can become the king of Facebook by making stunning videos of your house party with a drone. Furthermore, you can perpetuate the fun moments you and your family have in your backyard, not to mention that with a camera drone you will have an ultimate view of your child’s soccer game.

Obviously, drones with cameras seem like a perfect way to have outdoor fun, but they can also help you in your business. For example, if you’re a car salesman, you can attract a lot of potential customers by posting online the aerial footage of the car in action. Of course, the same goes for real estate agents, who can make the properties more attractive by presenting them from all angles. In fact, owning a drone has become a must in the world of real estate business!

Camera Drones for Real Estate Agencies

Not only does aerial footage makes the property more attractive to potential buyers, it also allows them to spot every flaw. With a video made from above, you will be able to see in what kind of neighborhood the property is located, as well as to see if there are some problems with the building itself. Inspecting the roof of a house is not easy nor safe unless you do it with a drone.

A number of real estate agencies have started offering their clients online property tours. If you are interested in a house that’s not close to where you currently are, you can ask the real estate agents to present it to you with a drone tour. This saves a lot of time for both the buyer and the agent. Furthermore, aerial photography allows them to make the whole deal through the internet.

Drones for Security

If you own a large piece of land, you can add to its security by employing aerial surveillance. A drone with a camera can be a part of your security system, giving you an amazing insight into what’s happening at your property in real-time. If you think this kind of system must be extremely expensive, you’re very wrong!

Camera drones are actually very affordable and some of them also have an option for automatic flights. This means that you don’t need to operate it, nor hire someone to do the security work for you. Instead, all you got to do is set the drone to fly over your property at certain time intervals.

This method of surveillance is becoming very popular among wealthy people with acres of land, but also among farmers, who are looking to keep their crops save, not just from thieves but animals as well. A camera drone can help you spot pests that are ruining your harvest. That would not be possible if you tried to inspect it from the ground level.

Speaking of surveillance, we must not forget to mention that drones with cameras have played a crucial part in exposing criminals. That is why they are often used by investigative journalists, all over the planet!

Drones In Journalism

Drones have become an essential part of the equipment of investigative journalists. All of the major news outlets have been using drones for coverage, but unmanned aerial vehicles are also popular among freelancers looking to expose big conspiracies. In the past, they had no tools to do so, but now with the help of drones, journalists can expose all kinds of shady deeds. For example, by using a drone, they managed to expose a meat-packing plant that was dumping animal blood in a river.

Furthermore, drones are used by freedom movements across the globe as a tool of free speech. When there’s no other way to show what’s going on in the streets, camera drones are a safe way to show the truth to the world. Still, in order to fly such type of drone, you would need the government’s permission, along with the drone pilot license.

Speaking of flying license, you will need it in order to operate most of the advanced types of drones. This includes those that can fly over large distances, but also those extremely fast. Although the requirements to get a license depend on the country and state where you live, usually you will need to pass some kind of a medical test, as well as to learn how to operate a drone.

Learning How to Fly

Another reason why drones have become so popular is that they allow us to experience flying. This is something that humans have been craving for since the dawn of time. Flying like a bird has always been a dream of people. Think of the ancient stories about Icarus and Daedalus, or modern-day comics featuring Superman, Captain America or Iron Man – they all can fly.

You can now become a superhero by piloting a first-person view drone, which will give you the feeling that you’re inside the drone! Some even come with special goggles that you put on in order to focus on nothing but flying. Alternatively, you can operate the drone through a computer or via a mobile device.

Apart from FPV drones, there are also those that are piloted through the console, but in order to control the done you need to have it in your sight all the time. Usually, such drones do not require any special permission, as they can’t fly too far or fast. But, if you want a super-fast drone, you will need to get a license. Is it worth it? Of course, as you can even take part in an exciting drone race!

Drone Racing

Since it started in 2014 in Australia, drone racing has become a real sport. In fact, there are real national championships taking part often, in which participants put on their FPV goggles and race their super-fast drones around the course. In order to win a medal, you would need a superb flying machine, but also a lot of skill.

Those who have tried it, describe drone racing a lot like racing in e-games. So, if you’re good at racing games, you might be good at drone racing, as well. But, you will also need a fast and agile drone. Speaking of speed, the world’s fastest commercial drones can reach really impressive speeds. The world record for the fastest drone is changing very often, so it’s fair to expect them to beat the 70 miles per hour mark.

Apart from being fast, it also needs to be made of tough materials, as they often crash during a drone race. The good news is that in most cases, the drone won’t get broken if it falls down, even if flying at a fast speed.

Final Reason to Buy a Drone – Drones Are Cool!

If you want to be one of the cool kids, you will need to get a drone. They might not be too popular at the moment, but their popularity is increasing rapidly. It seems everyone is slowly falling in love with drones. Adults love them for being able to make nice aerial footage, which they can use for both business and pleasure. When it comes to the young ones and those who young in spirit, drones are the ultimate way to have fun. They can be used for first-person-view flying, drone racing, but also for making fun footage from above.

Knowing all of this, it seems that you have no excuse not to buy one drone as soon as possible. The question now is which one. As there are so many drones on the market today, finding the best one for your needs and wishes is not going to be an easy task. Luckily for you, we stand at your disposal. Make sure to check out our website thoroughly to find the best drones in the world! The best thing is that they are not expensive! It seems that anyone could afford them, as there are some superb drones costing less than 100 dollars!

Conclusion / Final Note:

The quest for the best drone is over – we’ve picked some of the best quadcopters currently on the market. All you got to do is choose the one that fits your wishes and needs perfectly. It all depends on what you’re looking to get from a drone. If you’re looking for one that will introduce you to the world of drone flying, feel free to pick one of the best drones in the under 100 dollars category.

If you’re not a beginner, but also not a pro, the drones costing up to 200 dollars seem ideal. These quadcopters will make you fall in love with first-person view piloting, but will also allow you to make some stunning photographs and videos from above. Finally, if you are looking for a professional drone that will be able to stay airborne for a long time, drones belonging to the under 500 dollars category are for you. Not only can you use them to make superb aerial footage, some of these quadcopters can even be used in drone racing.

Regardless of what you plan to use your drone for, you can be sure that whichever you pick, it will serve you well. Every drone that we selected for the list was designed to perform well and last long. Once you buy it, you won’t need to get another one in years. It’s not just because the drone won’t break easily, but also because its features are going to stay impressive many years in the future. Get the best drone with camera under 500 now.