13 Websites Like FingerHut in 2024 – Buy Now Pay Later

Name a person who doesn’t like to shop. Everybody loves shopping, and sometimes we have to kill our desire of shopping something we like so desperately just because we don’t have the money at that very moment. Upfront payments can seem a bit heavy on pocket at times for which sites like Fingerhut are available to address this appetite of yours. The only effort you have to do it request a line of credit by filling in all your personal information. This is the important part that your line of credit must not exceed and you’ll be charged with applicable interest rates if you miss any payment on EMIs.

Such websites are quite helpful when you are sceptic about using your credit card, or when you do have a poor credit score or when you don’t one at all. The next thing in the discussion is the product of your choice. What if it is not available on Fingerhut? Here we are handing out a couple of credit e-commerce websites like Eprolo that works on the same principle which is ‘Buy now. Pay later.’

1. Gettington.com

Ranging from apparels to electronics, and beauty to home décor, Gettington is the place for all your needs. The website has a smooth navigation and easy to use UI with a range of categories to choose from. Like Fingerhut, this website also allows users to avail a line of credit by signing up in easy steps. Gettington houses a series of brands like Michael Kors, Adidas, Ray-Ban, KitchenAid, etc. and offers free shipping on all products. If you’re a shopping freak, keep a check in here as it keeps running heavy discounts on a lot of products. For your information, the site charges $0.50 as the interest fee as the minimum amount. Also, you’ll have to pay up to $38 as the late fee in case you miss paying the installment on time.

2. The Shopping Channel

One of the best alternatives to Fingerhut, The Shopping Channel boasts about over 23,000 products. Buyers can pay later using credit option available to them as per their credit line. If you are looking to shop for items such as shoes, kitchen items, fitness products, or jewelry, TSC is the right choice. Users can hover around the website owing to its organized interface and categorization. The website also offers a TSC credit card. If your application for this card gets approved, you will get special offers, free shipping, and a detailed statement every month. Grab 20% discount on your next purchase from this website if you get your VIP credit card membership soon.

3. FlexShopper.com

With over 85,000 products to choose from, FlexShopper is the right antidote for your electronic gadgets fever. The unorganized layout and interface sometimes glitch but FlexShopper is surely worth your attention. Being an excellent flipside to FingerHut, this website lets you select products from an assortment of categories. In addition to providing products such as Toys, Cameras, Home Appliances, Mobile Phones, and Gadgets, the website also reclaimed for its incredible customer support along with its stainless prominence in the market. This is an ideal space for all your desire for high-end electronics. All you have to do is to fill out their form online credit application form which can provide you get a limit of up to $2,500.

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4. LendYou.com

The name says it all. LendYou. It is one of its kind. You need not pay right at the moment of your purchase. Completely different from the likes of Fingerhut, it lets you connect with lenders offering loans for you to make online payments for your bills and purchases. You can request a loan depending on your requirement, but usually, people get their loans up to $1000 approved in an instant. Since this money is available to use the way you want, you are not restricted to a couple of websites. You can use it anywhere either it’s a bill or an online payment for your favorite shoes or a dress.

5. HSN.com

Home Shopping Network. Cool. Isn’t it? HSN is one of the famous choices amongst people love to shop online on credit. Shoes, Clothing, Beauty, Kitchen, Food, Crafts, Fitness, Electronic, Travel, and what not you can buy on HSN. To avail offers and shop online, you are required to submit an online application by filling in all your necessary details. Once your application gets approved, you will be given an HSN Credit card. Special offers, easy return process, and nil annual fee are what you get when you are made a member of this network. Avoid missing your payments as this site charge 1$ as interest fee. Keep your dues cleared on time and keep yourself from paying unnecessary charges.

6. StoneBerry.com

Like every other credit e-commerce platform, StoneBerry is also one of the organized places where you can ‘Buy now and pay later’. A kind of bliss for people eying electronic products, StoneBerry has an assortment of TV sets, Video games, Camera accessories, Mobile phones, and others. Moreover, you can also buy products from categories such as Furniture, Jewellery, Clothing, Sports, Toys, and Gifts. If you select StoneBerry credit card as the payment mode while checkout of an order, you can get a chance to pay a monthly installment as low as $5.99. The best part is that you only have to check out with your order without filling any kind of form with the help of a checkout customizer. Keep tracking your order from time to time to see if it gets approved.

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7. Seventh Avenue.com

Seventh Avenue is just another website likes FingerHut where you can ‘Buy now, pay later’. Here, you can buy some of the coolest products like rolling wicker cart, grapevine chiminea, and solar glass bottle animals. Seventh Avenue boasts categories such as Bed & Bath, Furniture, Outdoor, Jewellery, Health and Beauty, and Home Store. You can also buy products by selecting the category based on the gender you want to shop for. Like other websites, this site also allows you to pay as little as $20 a month for your purchase of up to $200. If you wish to use the credit plan with higher credit, you will get to buy products of up to $2400 with the monthly payment of $80 towards their bill against you. Placing a credit order isn’t difficult. Just apply for it while shopping and get it approved within a day.

8. QVC.com

QVC is widely acclaimed and has won awards owing to its incredible service and the organized layout and interface. Well-arranged product categories and simple structure make it one of the best alternatives to ‘buy now, pay later’ websites like Fingerhut. There is a tab of categories on the top left corner of the website homepage where you can see products related to Fashion, Beauty, Handbags, Luggage, For the Home, Holidays, Gifts, and many others. Top brands on this websites are quite good. Some of them are Bose, Apple, Dell, Skechers, Lori Greiner, Canon, etc. The special feature QVC is that it features its products in its own channel which you can watch online on the website itself.

9. Masseys.com

Boasting brands such as Adidas, Steve Madden, Versace, and K Jordan, Masseys is a newcomer in credit e-commerce online stores. Masseys has a wide range of lifestyle products such as shoes, clothes, accessories and beauty products. Dedicated to both men and women, this website has some amazing filters under the heading ‘Style Finder’ using which you can make custom searches for the product you are looking for. You can choose to pay as little as $20 a month as your EMI by joining the Masseys credit membership program. You can easily apply for the credit for the website just by going through an order and checking out with Massey Credit as your payment option. All you have to do then is just wait for the approval of your order. Chill. It doesn’t take long.

10. MDG.com

MDG is a renowned name in the market for more than 20 years and has won Consumer’s Choice Award that is a clear indication of how acclaimed it is amongst its users. With a large assortment of products and a good consumer base, the website continues to provide unquestionable services and great customer support. MDG mainly aim at selling electronic products though you can buy furniture, home appliances, and home décor items. You can get anything electronic either it is a gaming console or an HD television set or a laptop. A person seeking credit can avail a maximum of $3000 at low monthly payments with instant approval facility without having a healthy credit score. All you need to do is file a separate application for credit.

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11. The Swiss Colony.com

The Swiss Colony is a celebrated name among food lovers who love to shop chocolates and cookies online. This website is ideal for shopping eateries and food items including cheese, meats, cake, chocolates, desserts, and cookies etc. With the facility of ‘buy now, pay later’, you can buy gift-packs of chocolates and desserts for your friends and family. This website claims to be America’s largest handcrafting bakery which means all these bakery products are sure to taste like homemade items. Applying for the credit program is simple as is for other Fingerhut alternatives. Select Swiss Colony Credit Account as the payment option while checking out and submitting the order. Your order value should not be less than $75 against which you can pay installments of as low as $10 a month.

12. Midnight Velvet.com

Midnight Velvet is one befitting alternative to Fingerhut where you can choose to pay later in installments. Products are categorized into various departments where you can shop across clothing, footwear, accessories, home décor, gifts, and others. On the homepage, Midnight Velvet features what is in the trend and what their offers are for special occasions. You can select to make payment from credit account by selecting Midnight Velvet Credit option upon check-out. You will get the notification about the approval of your credit request. Please note the website charges a late fee of up to $15 along with $1 interest fee in case of non-receipt of the installment which can be as low as $20 for a month.

13. Monroe & Main

Monroe and Main is a great website for buying products with the post-payment facility. It shares much of its user interface with Midnight Velvet and offers lifestyle products for both men and woman. You can select products across categories such as shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry and many others.  They keep running trending offers and promotional campaigns on the website. The credit application program is easy and approval doesn’t take time. You only have to answer some questions about yourself upon checkout and then select Monroe & Main credit program for the payment against your order. You will be notified on approval of the credit request. Here, you can buy products on a monthly installment of a minimum of $20.

Takeaway: This is our homework on best alternatives websites to Fingerhut. Check these sites if you are not finding what you want on Fingerhut. With almost similar user interface, these websites offer thousands of products ranging in different categories. Browse through them and get your desired product on credit. Good luck shopping.