12 Games Like Total War (2024)

This article is suitably made to bring your attention toward 12 games that are excellent alternatives to Total War. Since all these games are just like Total War, you will get to experience the turn-based approach, war strategy, and real-time battles. All these games are our finest picks when it comes to finding the best alternatives to Total War. To satisfy the gamer appetite, each of these games is considered based on their gameplay factors and combat strategy. We have unleashed some of the best games those stands somewhere around Total War. Total War game series is one of its kind and is quite popular among its clan. Each of these games in Total War series gives an experience of a new environment and feature different eras.

Check out our list of games that feature turn-based strategy, and real-time tactics. Supported platforms are Windows, OS X, and, Linux.

#1 Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband is one such game that is ranked first and features turn-based gameplay strategy alongside several spectacular elements. Rich with combats, challenges, adventure and exploring, this game features the Medieval era and gives you a real experience of action role-playing. Gameplay strategy comes into the picture when you go multiplayer while having your hands on the game. Other than its impressive graphics, its combat sites of Medieval lands and weapon section make it worth standing in the genre. The game is full of adventure, quests, exploring, and weaponry that includes swords, shields, and bows.

You can enjoy playing Mount & Blade: Warband on your Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC, Mac OS, or Linux environment-based system.

#2 Knights of Horror

Knights of Horror is just another name for a real-time strategies-based combat game. A player gets about 100 kingdoms to play-in and experiences empire management. The kingdom and the gameplay are of Europe and players are free to choose either part of the city for having a battle or trade. The game works on the strategies drafted to make the win, and thus you will be expanding better if you play wise. Good campaigns including fair trades and smart strategies can help you expand your kingdom. Each region has its own importance and thus offer bonuses as you keep moving on with battles in new regions.

This game is available to Windows PC users.

#3 Civilization V

Civilization V gives you the 4X system. The advanced AI system enabled game lets you draft game campaigns and help you master them over time. In such a system, the player gets the strategy-based gameplay where he also gets to manage the empire in a historical period. Players can explore several maps, come across resources and battle with opposite players. You can land your flags while battle and terminating your opponents. Being an excellent alternative to Total War, this game feeds turn-based combats and helps you use your strategic skills to manage your resources including weaponry, inventory, teams etc.

Supported platforms are Linux, Windows, and Macintosh OS.

#4 Imperial Glory

Much like Total War when it comes to turn-based combat feature and real-time game approaches, Imperial Glory is all a true-gamer would need. Battles in the game play feature part of Europe and the period of 1789-1815 from Napoleon’s era. Players can create their units and manage the empire to deal with fights from their side. The AI of the game feature 3D environment and a player must make smart moves to ensure victory. As you keep moving forward with winning each battle, it keeps strengthening your troops and advances your weaponry. It is said that naval battles are the coolest thing herein.

You can enjoy playing this game on your Windows PC.

#5 Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV is one game that has enough fun, adventure, exploration, management, and combats. Players have the liberty to choose to play from any of the eras in between years 1444 to 1821 in contingency to their preference. The game play includes tactics that involve fighting different countries in order to take over them by combatting their troops. The player is provided with the choice of selecting the range that has a set level of difficulty while playing the game. The strategy-based gameplay remains thrilling and full of amusement all the time as it has much more to take an interest it.

Available in both the single and multiplayer environment, this game can be enjoyed on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS platforms.

#6 The Kings’ Crusade

In this game, king Richard is the leader of his team and fights to claim his lands. Players are required to prepare their units, and command them to combat against their enemies from other empires including Roman, French, etc. Since the combat is against different empires and their troops, it is advised to play the game with a strategy to ensure victory. The game is available in both single player and multiplayer modes. Single player mode permits some campaigns while multiplayer mode offers more adventure, and fun while playing.

The Kings’ Crusade is available for Windows PC users only.

#7 Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is a game where you, as a player, must take the responsibility of your troops and must command them strategically to take down your opponent. The game is loaded with 4X elements and demands you to explore, combat, gather and manage your empire throughout the gameplay. Like other games, here as well a player keeps gaining resources and weapons as he progresses with taking on enemy units. Advancement also ensures upgrading of your troops and weaponry so that you keep getting updated with the strength to fight newer battles.

Age of Wonders is available for Windows PC users for now.

#8 Star Wars: Empire at War

This gameplay lets you use real-time strategies for fighting battles on the galaxy. The empire has to fought war with the rebellious troops in the galactic form where you are free to select the campaign. You can either choose to fight with the rebel troops or the empire and help them make the opponent lose the game. The spectacular AI makes the gameplay interesting and resources such as vehicles, soldiers, spacecraft, and weaponry enhances the pleasure of gameplay. Players can take help of maps to explore enemy territories and destroy them using management controls.

The supported platform includes Windows PC.

#9 Crusader Kings II

You can see the name matches with The Kings’ Crusade. Crusader Kings II is said to be the sequel of the former one offering a much-improved version of the gameplay. While gameplay, you will feel being a part of the historical period and fighting your rivals will give you the utmost pleasure of living a legendary life. The game offers experiences from the period of the year 1060-1450, and as you keep moving forward with the levels, you will keep progressing in the era you are fighting combats. This is an open world game and your decision-making skills can have an impact on the future storyline which means you have to imply strategy based measures as you go forward. Gain points by participating in different battles, and increase your strengths.

This game can be played on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

#10 Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Much like Total War, Tom Clancy’s EndWar has everything that you would be expecting from a strategy based gameplay. This gameplay gives the feeling of pre industrialization as empires fight here because of no oil supply to any country. Such a situation makes countries like Russia, Europe and United States fight against each other so as to secure their self-interests. The vast battlefield in the gameplay requires strategy and focused campaigns to make the win. Management controls for troops, weaponry, vehicles, and aircraft with the help of a mouse controller or any other gaming console.

Players can enjoy playing this game on their Windows PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

#11 King Arthur

King Arthur is inspired by the medieval era and offer strategy-based gameplay. The player is made to play the role of King Arthur and in this capacity, a player must make tactical use of his armies and weaponry to destroy enemy troops and armies. The wise decision helps in the management of units, vehicles, technology, and other important resources. While gameplay, a player can use his both magical and non-magical tricks to bring strategies into play, and as you keep moving in forwarding direction, you will keep earning points and hence a better reputation for yourself.

You can enjoy this game on Windows PC.

#12 Eador Masters of the Broken World

Eador Masters of the Broken World has the stunning visuals and attract players for its large territorial lands where gameplay happens. As a player, you enjoy exploring different places in the universe and players act as the protector of these lands divided into different beautiful parts. Players can enjoy various interesting features of this game that includes role-playing, turn-based combat sessions, decisive strategy making, and several others. You can start exploring territories on any part of the land by keeping in mind that you also must deal with armies of your enemy.

This game is also available for Windows PC users only.

Take Away: We expect that you’ll like our suggested games that are of the like of Total War. However, you may be using some of these games already, do let us know what games shall make it to this list.