11 Celebrities Who Are Totally Into Cryptocurrency – 2024 Guide

At first only entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers were involved in cryptocurrency. Therefore, most people were not aware of digital currency. It got all the hype when celebrities started taking an interest. In 2017, the value of cryptocurrencies increased, which resulted in attracting the attention of many celebrities.

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Now, if you want to learn whether your favorite celebrity is into cryptocurrency or not, go through this article. Either you are getting to know more about cryptocurrency or you want to learn about celebrity choices, we will help you out. We have picked up 11 famous stars that are on the blockchain. Moreover, their fans know about it, as they are quite open about this topic. Most of the game public statements or shared their views on their official accounts.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

img source: cntraveler.com

She is the owner of “Goop” and also an actress. Furthermore, to increase her wealth she is into many other business ventures too. Therefore, being in the blockchain isn’t surprising for her. Moreover, it is not just her interest but rather she was selected as the face of “Abra” (a Bitcoin wallet). In addition to this, in August 2017, she also became their advisor.

2. Paris Hilton

img source: rollingstone.com

She is also a well-known public figure. Apart from being just a public figure, she also showed interest in digital currency in 2017. Moreover, she gave a statement “looking forward to participating in the new ICO”.

3. Snoop Dog

img source: filmdaily.co

Although many celebrities become interested in digital currency in 2017. Or it might be possible that they make it public during the soaring time. Snoop Dog is the exception. Years back in 2013 when the public had almost no interest in Bitcoin, he decided to get paid through it. Furthermore, he was selling his albums for 0.3 BTC in the same year.

According to the estimates, every single one of his albums was sold at a rate of more than 1000 dollars. But of course, this is according to the value of Bitcoins in current times. Moreover, according to The Coin Shark, Snoop Dog also appeared in the “XRP Community Night Crypto-part”.

4. Ashton Kutcher

img source: globalnews.ca

He is one of the actors who are into business ventures and invest in different businesses. Ashton Kutcher is known as a strong advocate of Bitcoin. Moreover, he also owns an investment firm known as “A-Grade”. The actor has a lot of interest in investments and has invested in BitPay, Airbnb and also Uber.

In addition to this, Ashton also gained attention when he invested in UnikoinGold. This investment got the hype because of the billionaire Mark Cuban. He made the investment because was also interested in that startup. Furthermore, it was a gambling business involved in esports. Moreover, it also allowed digital currency (Unikrn) to be used for betting. Thus, all of the factors combined and made the headline and made the general public interested in it.

5. Hugh Laurie

img source: independent.co.uk

Although Hugh Laurie invested in the BTC but it was forced by his friend. The British actor was not interested in digital trading but in 2015 his friend suggested he to invest. The value of Bitcoin was also rocketing at that time. Thus, he made the decision and invested in BTC for $5000.

6. Mike Tyson

img source: daznservices.com

He is one of those public figures who got into digital trading way before people knew about it. The investments that Mike Tyson made were not just buying and selling Bitcoins. The public figure launched his Bitcoin ATM system in 2015, according to Engadget.

This was one of the first ATM system (a virtual wallet actually) that can be operated by using bitcoins. In addition to this, he also used his face, tattooed on the ATMs. Thus, Mike Tyson actually branded the BTC.

7. Pitbull

img source: ggpht.com

According to Pitbull, he started making investments in Cryptocurrency in 2012. After a few years in 2018, the singer made a conjunction with the “eMerge Americas”. This conjunction resulted in “Smackathon”. It was a cryptocurrency that was aimed to revolutionize the payment system of the music industry.

8. Luis Suarez

img source: theportugalnews.com

It is not just the actors, actresses and singers who have an interest in digital trading but sportsmen too. One of the biggest names of footballing, Luis Suarez is also backing a Cryptocurrency. And it’s not just the digital trading but he is also known for making bets on sports. Luis makes predictions about the winning team and makes money through it too. Therefore, it is no doubt that he got an interest in BTC.

9. Floyd Mayweather

img source: cbsistatic.com

Floyd Mayweather is a boxing champion and is a strong supporter of the third ICO. The news became a hit as the boxer made his statement just before his historic match with Conor McGregor. Floyd said the people can all him Floyd Crypto Mayweather. Furthermore, he promoted the Hubii Network, which is an ICO of the blockchain-based content marketplace.

10. Jamie Foxx

img source: onebauer.media

Although several celebrities got interested in digital trading years ago but not all of them. Jamie Foxx is one of those public figures who joined a bit late. He is an Oscar-winning American Actor who endorses the ICO of Cobinhood.

11. DJ Khaled

img source: insider.com

When a lot of celebrities are getting into the blockchain, how can DJ Khaled remain at the back? Therefore, the rapper got an endorsement offer from Centra and he joined them. Furthermore, he shared the photo of his Centra card on his official Instagram account. Moreover, it is not just about endorsing Centra. DJ Khaled also talks about various other cryptocurrencies that he use or store.