8 Features to Consider When Choosing Blinds for Your Home

The ideal investment in your property this year could be to simply put up some blinds, whether you’re upgrading outside or inside your home. However, with café zipper blinds, motorised outdoor blinds and many other types available in today’s blinds industry, you need to compare and identify the best ones for you.

We compiled a helpful checklist of factors to consider when you discuss your new installation motorised outdoor blinds with your vendor.

1. Indoor or Outdoor

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Start off by deciding if you’ll work on your indoor or outdoor area—or both. These areas have different requirements, and you need to make it clear to a sales representative what the exact setup is of the space you want to use blinds in.

For example, when blinds are exposed to wind and rain, as is the case with many patios, you’ll need durable fabrics that won’t show wear and tear too quickly.

2. Controlling Light and Privacy

Consider the space you’re upgrading and critically think about how the right blinds can help optimise your use of the space. Have you thought of the following?

  • If modern type blinds allow more control about how much sunlight enters the room, you can control the interior temperature more effectively. You may find you start using it more, even on hot or cold days.
  • Are you avoiding rooms that face the street because you don’t like prying eyes? Blinds can help block you from view, so you feel more comfortable using those spaces.
  • For outdoor blinds, what fabric will be best to get the experience you’re after? Do you want clear PVC to let light flood in, or does the position of the space require tinted blinds so it doesn’t get too hot?

3. The Style of the Space

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Any addition to a room should match the existing elements, or the entire space will feel disjointed. This is why it’s important to take your time and browse all the options your blinds vendor has to offer.

For outdoor blinds you should pick a colour that suits the exterior of your home and even your garden. When adding blinds to rooms, decide whether you’ll pick a matching colour, or rather upgrade the entire space, so it looks modern for years to come.

4. Greener Living

We already mentioned the ability of blinds to block out the sun. If you’re passionate about reducing your carbon footprint, your choice of blinds becomes even more important. Each type of blind and fabric offers a different result in terms of the following:

  • How much light it can block out, which affects temperature.
  • Whether it properly insulates the room, and how efficiently you can regulate temperature.

In both these scenarios, your use of fans or HVAC units will be affected. You may start using less electricity to keep your interior environment comfortable, and that goes a long way into saving money but also becoming a more eco-friendly household.

5. Maintenance

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Another area you can start saving money in is house maintenance. Different fabrics for blinds will require different maintenance and cleaning. If you know you don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning your new blinds—and you don’t want to waste money on expensive cleaning products—ask your blinds vendor about the products that require the least effort and expense.

6. Your Need for Custom Solutions

No need to settle for standard blinds off the shelf, because many reputable vendors offer custom solutions. From size to fabric you can order just what your home needs. This ensures a better fit and the assurance that your blinds complement the space.

In addition, blinds that are designed for a specific space work more efficiently. For example, outdoor blinds manufactured according to your patio’s measurements will be less likely to let in wind and debris once you close them. So, it improves protection and keeps you more comfortable inside.

7. Convenience and Automation

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If you have the budget, ask about features that enable luxury living. With many types of blinds you now have the option of installing motorised versions. This means you have control at the touch of a button.

Best of all is if your vendor can give you control via an app. Such a smart home feature means no need to even look for a remote. Control your blinds from anywhere in the house when you realise the weather is picking up and you want to protect the patio from rain. Or drop the blinds when the sun is high, so your furniture doesn’t get hit by harmful UV rays.

These high-tech options do require more capital, but remember it’s an investment. Such a feature can do a lot to impress future buyers, as your home will seem more modern and they’ll be willing to pay a little extra to experience convenient living.

However, if you’re looking for the usual motorized blinds, that use window blinds remote control for its operation, that is still a viable option.

8. Child and Pet Safety

Think about your household and habits for a moment. If you know you often have small children running around—whether it’s your own, or family members’—it’s worth paying a little more to get safer options. This is another reason why motorised blinds are a smart option, because there won’t be any ropes or chains hanging down. Therefore, there’s very little chance of a child—or your pets—getting tangled in, hurt or choked by your new installation.


You need to shop like a pro when kitting out your home because today’s market caters for so many preferences. Consumers simply need to know what to look for!

Use this guide to be a smart shopper when ordering your blinds and enjoy the facelift and functionality!

Ivan Hancko
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