Pet Experts Recommend These 6 Tools For Pets In 2024

The world of pets and pet ownership is very dynamic. Trends change one another, new breeds are being developed, and entrepreneurs invent or modify all kinds of things/tools/gadgets to make living with a pet – easier and fuller of joy. We gathered opinions as well as insights from pet club founders, association heads and pet owners, in general, to create a list of tools for pets in 2024.

These devices can greatly reduce the time it takes to feed, groom and take care or offer to broaden your capabilities and knowledge as a pet owner or parent. Sites like can help you with this topic. Let’s begin!

1. A quiet nail grinder

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Using nail clippers isn’t as safe and as simple as using a grinder. That’s especially true if the latter comes with a guard, an LED light or is equipped with a guiding mechanism. There’s almost 0 chance of hurting your pet when you’re using a trimmer because it’s much safer and more efficient in doing the job.

However, some dog people notice the fact that dogs are quite reluctant and afraid to let grinders get near them. If one is brought to close proximity, they squeal, shiver, shake and want to get out of what definitely seems like an uncomfortable situation. With that being said, there’s a simple solution, and it has been under the pet owners’ noses the entire time – quiet or silent nail grinders. Such a device is much more dog-friendly and doesn’t force you into a situation where you have to spend 20 or more minutes comforting your dog to relax, when you’re grinding the nail.

If you visit Our Pets Mag, you can read more in-depth reviews on the best grinders for small and large pups. In general, there is a huge trend for dog people who are exchanging the inconvenient and slightly dangerous clippers in favor of more efficient and fun-to-use grinders/trimmers.

2. Smart food dispenser

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The average parent/owner of a dog has to put food in their bowls multiple times per day. In addition to unpacking, dosing, cooking, cleaning and refilling, this can amount to a whole lot of your own time. It would be nice if you could just take those hours and dedicate them to relaxing, right? Well, you actually can. There are smart food dispensers for dogs, for sale online, today.

It’s not the cheapest purchase, but it’s definitely worth the money, especially so if you have a bigger dog or multiple canines roaming around your home. Regular dispensers are quite cheap, but they’re mechanical, very simple (engineering and build-quality). This makes them susceptible to clogging as well as breaking & damaging. A smart food dispenser takes things a bit further but is very fun and entertaining to use.

First and foremost, you can control the dispenser remotely. By using a remote control (an app on your phone), you can dispense the food or not do it. Most smart dispensers keep logs and track how often you feed your dog. They can automatically dispense food according to a pre-arranged routine or sometimes even give recommendations on when to do so. Some even have a video camera you can see from. The only noticeable downside – they’re only good with dry food. If you want to give something wet, prepare to do manual labor…

3. Smart collar and leash

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Now this particular tool/item is great for dogs and people who like to be active together. A smart leash and collar combo isn’t something too revolutionary, but it does pack all of the necessary and useful technologies that make it worth your while. If you and your dog often go out or if you want to help them lose weight, for example, getting a smart leash & collar combo is the right way to go.

Why exactly?

Well, mainly because it logs and tracks all of your activity data for you. Smart collars are usually paired with your phone via an app. Once you put them on and go out for a walk, it tracks your movements and gathers other important data. Using it, you can reduce or add even more activity to your routine. It’s beneficial for you and your dog.

4. Hair remover

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Shedding is common to almost all dogs. And dog hair grooming is something all people with dogs have to do, regardless of whether their pet has a short, medium or a long, thick coat. Brushing their hair is important because the process removes any dead hair, that’s leftover, it also deals with tangles and knots. That needs doing because if you avoid it, the coat is left unmanaged and loses its glow and the hair looks much poorer than it could.

However, doing everything by hand or using primitive tools is no fun. What you need is a pet hair remover. These tools aren’t too expensive, but help out much more than you paid for. You can use a remover on the dog, on your clothes and on furniture, to remove not just tangles, but also any shedding that has appeared all over the house. Just make sure to buy a remover that has great reviews. Not all of them can offer equal versatility and efficiency.

5. The pet bathing glove

This isn’t a smart or electronically advanced invention, but it’s definitely worth the expenditure. Now, when you bathe and wash your dog, it can get slightly inconvenient, to say the least. It’s important to groom thoroughly, but it’s much easier said, than done. You need to have patience as well as the right set of items for the job. The pet bathing glove is something that offers the convenience of multi-tasking. It is basically a washing glove that you can connect to a showerhead or hose to. This way, bathing is quicker, easier and happens without unnecessary fuss.

6. Electric toothbrush

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Regular toothbrushes are good to have, but in all honesty, they aren’t a match for electric toothbrushes. In terms of user comfort, efficiency and general convenience, electric toothbrushes are much more superior in almost every aspect. We recommend buying an electric toothbrush for your pooch and also having a finger toothbrush for a more thorough and all-around brushing.
Having a combination of both tools won’t drain your pockets too much but will offer great versatility and efficiency in the field of toothbrushing.


All things considered, there are many different and unique devices that dog owners/parents could use in 2024. All of the items that we listed in this article will provide their fair share of help and add comfort to the everyday being with a dog. All the way from smart collars which help monitor physical activity, to electric nail grinders which simplify casual grooming tasks, these devices are definitely worth the buy in 2024!