How To Choose The Best Phone Tracker? – 2024 Guide

Initially, cell phone trackers became popular among parents of the teenagers who were struggling to keep tabs on the busy lives of their children. It proved to be a perfect little thing to give adults peace of mind. As it was proven effective and useful it gained more users, namely employers who wanted to know about the way business phones were used by the employees. That’s why many businesses are starting to use VoiP as their way of communication. VoiPs have a much better security, according to EpikNetworks. Depending on the purpose of the tracker, some features are more or less important to the targeted groups. Let’s see what apps offer in general and the characteristics you should look for.

Main features of cell phone spy

When browsing through spy apps make sure that it satisfies some basic needs like being easy to use, and implemented a high level of protection. Almost every app has some essential functions.

Text and calls logs. Spy apps have text tracking allowing you to see every message that was sent or received regardless of whether it was deleted or not. Call logs will give you access to every call, incoming and outgoing, and the duration of the conversation. Some advanced apps will let you listen in on the chat in real-time, or record it for later listening.

Browser history tracking. This is more than scrolling through the history of visited web sites. You’ll be able to see what your kids posted and shared on every social media platform including videos. Further, you can read through chats and see who they get involved with.

GPS. With GPS tracking you can track every phone exact location. This is especially convenient for employers who want to keep tabs on where the employees are going during the working hours and whether or not the vehicles are used for their personal errands.

1. mSpy

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One of the customers’ favorite for years. This app tops the charts with its great functionality, many features, and 24/7 customer support. iOS users don’t need access to the phone they want to spy on, which is one of the most desirable features among parents. Further, keystroke logger, texts, calls, and Wi-Fi monitoring are at the top of the users’ list. Parents can even block some contacts and websites on their kids’ phones. To see more fantastic features of this app go to

2. Cocospy

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This app has the ability to track SIM cards, which is rare among spy applications. You can keep track of websites, calls, both SMS and app messages like WhatsApp and Viber, and remotely download the app on the targeted phone. For business accounts, there is a possibility to monitor up to 25 employees at once. Cocospy is also a parents’ favorite making sure that their kids stay safe. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

3. Hoverwatch

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This app put the emphasis on anonymity, and that made it one of the favorite spy trackers. Parents love to browse children’s website history, chats, and videos without being noticed. Additionally, this fantastic app will let you record phone calls and is equipped with a tracking camera. It will also notify you if someone is changing the SIM card, in order to hide their actions. It’s made for Android users, and you can keep track of up to 25 phones at the time.

4. KidsGuard Pro

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This app is the parents’ dreams come true. It has everything to keep tabs on your family members. Features like recording phone calls, ability to export data, and timeline of every single action on the phone. Social media platforms are fertile soil for bullying, so with this all-around protection parents can be alerted in time. This app is one of the cheapest ones available but it offers comprehensive tracking that will put parents at ease.

5. FamiSafe

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Famisafe app took tracking phones to another level. Not only that you can see where your kids are but you can also preset familiar routes that your family members usually take. In case kids get lost the software will alert parents right away. Furthermore, the app will send notifications if any suspicious content pops up like pornographic content, suicidal searches, inappropriate photos and videos, and bullying. For younger kids, parents have the option to limit their time online as well as schedule the specific time frames when children are allowed to use the Internet.

6. FlexiSpy

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This one is a professional app that is equipped with numerous features others missed to include. It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices and can track up to 30 of them at once. “Password Cracker” will retrieve any passwords ever put in, even the deleted and changed ones. Furthermore, a microphone and camera can be activated to see and hear the surroundings of the tracked device. Additionally, not only that you can listen in and record calls, but there is also an option to intercept and block certain incoming calls and messages. If needed, you can send SMS to the spied phone from a fake number, or delete the existing ones. As you can see, with this app, there is no place the other person can hide. Everything is perfectly legal and can be recorded.

7. SpyEra

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This app is impossible to be detected by the tracked phone since it has the “uninstall” feature. It keeps track of every call and text, including the VoIP. The app has a keystroke log, remotely controlled camera for listening on the surroundings, track file transfers like photos and videos, spy on emails, and detailed GPS tracking.

8. iKeyMonitor

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Having a free trial is very rare among tracking apps. This one will give you 30 days of monitoring for free, so there is no reason not to try it out. It became popular among parents with younger children since it includes the time and places the phone was lost while keeping track of its current location. It has a keystroke logger, that will give you an insight into what your children are saying online.

Considering everything said so far, the privacy is dead, at least for minors. Calling their friends to see where they’re at is a thing of the past. Small businesses are also in love with the newest technology that will help them keep tabs on their employees and potentially cut some costs.