10 Apps Every Parent Should Have in 2024

Being a parent is not easy. All you want is to keep your child safe and happy, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. New technologies have improved many aspects of our lives, and that goes for parenting too! There are many apps that can make your life as a parent much easier. In this list, we will be compiling some of the best apps for parents, no matter if your child is a teenager or a toddler.

So let’s begin!

1. ChoreMonster

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Do your children throw temper tantrums whenever you ask them to do a simple chore? Well, no more of that! With ChoreMonster you can make chores a fun daily activity! You can make a simple list of chores for your kids, and easily keep track of them. We all know kids love games, right? Well, now chores can become a fun game! For every chore they do, they earn points. You can set awards of your choice that your children can earn by collecting points. You won’t have to drag them to clean up their room anymore that’s for sure!

2. Cloud Baby Monitor

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Getting your toddler to sleep may be the hardest job you ever had to do. And when they are finally asleep, instead of getting rest and relaxing, you’ll usually be walking on eggshells. Baby monitors can be very pricey, and with all other essential expenses necessary for caring for a new family member, can sometimes be inaccessible. Well, don’t worry, you can rely on your smartphone to do this for you too! Just download this app, and you get a live view of your baby!

3. Yummly

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If you are a stay at home mom or dad, preparing different food every day could be a bit of a hassle. Your kids probably have different tastes, and sometimes it’s just hard to plan out a good diet. This is where Yummly comes in. You can choose from tons of different recipes and turn them to grocery lists in one click! It’s much better than walking around the market purposelessly, don’t you think.

Give your kids a fun meal every day, and organize your grocery shopping easily!

4. Artkive

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Your children are creative and love to draw! That’s so great! They even bring you a new drawing every day. But there is just no more space on the fridge! You can’t possibly throw them away, can you? This is where your phone comes in handy. Artkive is an app that lets you store all of their cute little artwork and categorize them neatly.

5. SpyFone

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This one is for parents who have rebellious teens. If you find yourself worrying about the whereabouts of your children, worry no more! The spyfone app will let you track your kid’s location at any time! You will always know where they are and what they’re doing. You don’t need to follow them in your car as your parents did to you, you can simply relax at your home and check on them from the comfort of your sofa.

This app is compatible with both android and ios and is completely free.

6. Bark

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New technologies can be scary for a parent. Your child suddenly has access to millions and millions of different webpages and mobile applications. You never know who could come in contact with your child online, and what kind of inappropriate things could your children witness on the web. Bark is an app that will help you put your mind at ease. It monitors and alerts you for inappropriate content in text messages, emails, social media platforms, and even Youtube activity.

7. Peanut

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Raising children is not easy, and sometimes you just need to vent to people who will understand it. The Peanut app is a great platform for this! It connects moms with other moms so they can share their experiences and advice on life and children. You can learn many different tricks and tips from other moms on this platform, and help someone by sharing yours!

8. Parent Cue

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Being a parent means being a role model for your children, whether they like to admit it or not. Of course, parents are humans too, and we do make mistakes and sometimes kind find the right words to say to our children.

Parent Cue is an app that gets you informative stories to tell your child, as well as sound advice on how you can emotionally support your child, and much more. Keep in mind that it does have some light religious connotations to it, so it might not be for everyone.

9. Khan Academy Kid

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Every parent wants their children to succeed in life. This will, of course, require them to learn a lot and become good students. The most important thing is that your children love learning. There is a great tool for this too! Khan Academy Kids is an app that will help you in making learning fun for your children. It’s completely adapted to children and includes all the important topics like math, science, reading, languages. Your kids will learn through interactive stories, games, and it’s all on a simple and engaging interface your children will love.

10. Coparently

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Coparently is intended specifically to ease the tension between separated couples. Co-parenting has its unique challenges, but the main goal is to make it easier for your children since your divorce can affect them negatively. This app will help you in managing the expenses, schedules, and it will let you communicate with your ex easily. This app will make your co-parenting much easier. It has a colored child custody calendar, the shared directory of the important contacts. It’s an app that is exclusively focused on your co-parenting efforts, so you can avoid talking with your ex-spouse about anything that’s not children related. No more unnecessary conflict!

No matter how old your children are, or what your parenting style is, these apps will make your life much easier! This is what technology is for, so don’t be afraid to use it! Many traditional methods are much harder to do nowadays, so why not use the opportunities the age of smartphones has brought to us?

We hope you found something useful for yourself on this list! Happy parenting!