How To Choose The Best Filling For A Duvet – 2024 Guide

Being healthy without a comfortable sleep is almost impossible. Sometimes, all you have to do is to discipline yourself and go to sleep in a normal period. On the other hand, you also need to forget about all the stress that bothers you before bedtime. Yet, what if you are a disciplined and calm person, but you still can’t sleep properly? That means you need to change the sleeping equipment!

When people hear the phrase “sleeping equipment”, they often think about pillows and mattresses they are using. Because of that, they would primarily change these two things and try to make a better sleeping atmosphere. But, what if you have a problem with the duvet? Have you ever thought about that?

It is essential to find the best filling for a duvet that will ensure you never feel uncomfortable. More precisely, you need to find those products that will ensure it is not too hot or cold during the night. If you sleep under those conditions, your well-being, in general, will improve. That is the reason why we would like to give you some tips throughout this article and make the entire purchasing process a lot easier for you.

First of All – Do I Need a New Duvet?

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There is no precise answer to this question, but we would like to give you some guidelines. Our recommendation is to find a new duvet after three years. More precisely, that would mean that you should decide on purchasing a new one after 1000 nights.

We can agree that discovering the right moment to replace the pillow is obvious. However, discovering the same thing with duvets is a bit tougher. The first sign is associated with color. If you see the parts of the duvet are becoming discolored, then that should be a sign you should purchase a new one. On the other hand, you will, sooner or later, notice they are losing their luster and loft. There is no need to hesitate if you notice something like that.

Okay, after we explained this part, then we can move to the main point. There are a couple of different duvet fillings that you should know about. We will describe one by one and explain to you how to choose the one that will meet your requirements and expectations. Let’s get started!

Non-Allergenic Filling

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We will start with the problem that many people around the globe have – allergies. If you are dealing with this type of problem, then natural duvets are something you should avoid. On the other hand, synthetic duvets are way better for your needs. All you have to do is to find the right supplier that will provide you with high-quality products.

So, what does exactly mean “quality” in this case? It means that you should get 100% microfiber duvets that are soft, warm, and extremely light.

Feather Filling

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All the feathers contain small qualls that ensure different characteristics of duvets. Most duvets with this type of filling have that tucked-in feeling that most people admire. Of course, they are often heavier and plumper compared to other models, so you should have in mind that as well before spending your money.

Many hotels are using them to make sure their customers feel comfortable whenever they sleep. Because of that, why should you check out this type of feeling as well?

Duck Down Filing

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Well, we believe that you already understand why this type of feeling is named this way. It is made of duck breast and it is one of the most popular materials among manufacturers. Of course, this type of filling is not cheap, and you will need to spend a bit more money in case you decide on buying it. However, something you will get is a high level of softness that many other fillings can’t afford. It can be an excellent choice for those people that live in areas where the temperatures during the night are extremely low. However, the good thing is that these types of duvets are not heavy at all. More precisely, they do not use weight to provide you the necessary heath.

Goose Down Filling

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More precisely, this type of filling is more known as Europen Goose down filling. In this part of the world, raising geese is some sort of tradition. That is the reason why they are more mature and come with a high grade of down. Whichever brand you decide on, duvets with this type of feeling are lightweight which makes them suitable for different seasons. This also means they are completely breathable which is a feature that many people are looking for.

Bonus: Two Types of Tog Rating

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Have you ever heard about the TOG rating? It is some sort of measurement unit that says a lot about the quality of a duvet. That is the reason why you should check it out before you spend your money. There are two types of TOG rating you should know.

The first one is 4.5, and duvets with this type of TOG are often good for warm summer nights. You can’t spend the entire night uncovered, but you also need to ensure you are not feeling uncomfortable. Because of that, you should look for this TOG rating if you want to feel cozy without any traces of overheating.

On the other hand, there is also a 10.5 TOG rating that confirms the duvet you plan to purchase is an all-rounder. You can use it during the entire year because you won’t feel either too cold or hot. That is the reason why many hotels decide on purchasing this type of duvets.

Final Thought

As you see, there are a couple of things you should have in mind before choosing the best filling for a duvet. You need to think about the comfort, weight, flexibility, materials it is made of, etc. The last feature especially counts if you are the type of person that has a problem with allergies. On the other hand, you should also look for a reliable store where you can buy duvets that are high quality. If that seems like a problem to you, you should check out Better Nights and see which types of duvet are good for you.