6 Types of Apps to Disrupt Your Daily To-Dos — In a Good Way – 2024 Guide

Those breaking news notifications on your smartphone can be incredibly intrusive. So is the alert that your favorite creator added a new TikTok video.

On the other hand, getting a reminder that your credit card payment is due is a good distraction. So is that notification from your smart fridge that your milk is expired. Both help you shrink your to-do list.

In fact, there are thousands of apps that can help you check things off your to-do list. Here are six types of apps to disrupt your list — in a good way:

1. Productivity

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The type of app to ease your daily to-dos? Productivity. Save time by ditching the pencil and paper and taking your list with you wherever you go.

Google Keep and Microsoft To-Do are safe choices, but there’s a growing list of free alternatives. Check out Todoist, Remember the Milk, or Things. There’s even a to-do app for people who forget to use to-do apps: Any.do.

These apps let you add tasks, send yourself reminders and check off completed chores. Some sync across all your devices and integrate with other scheduling software. All offer customizable notification settings so you’re not bothered by dish-doing reminders while you’re trying to enjoy your son’s school play.

Never pay another fine for not returning those books to the library on time. To-do list apps can keep you organized and efficient.

2. Healthcare

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Keeping up with prescriptions is always on the to-do list. Some people still trudge to the doctor and the pharmacy. But there’s a better way to get the medications you need 24/7 with no travel required.

Stay current with prescriptions for everything from migraines to birth control with the tap of a finger. Apps like Nurx put healthcare in your pocket and prescriptions on your doorstep.
You can also use your local pharmacy’s app to order refills. Compare prices and shipping details to determine which app offers the best deal on your medications.

3. Banking

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Not so long ago, your boss would hand you a paycheck once a month. You’d drive to your bank and deposit the check. Then, you could go home, write checks to pay your bills and mail them.

Although some people still use them, checks are largely a thing of the past. Brick-and-mortar banks are no longer required, either.

Nowadays, just about every banking chore imaginable can be done with an app. You can send money, deposit checks, check your balance, and more. You can even get notifications when your bank balance falls below a certain dollar amount.

Through your bank’s app, you can pay bills by allowing the payee to debit your bank account automatically. But apps like PayPal and Google Pay let you schedule recurring payments without divulging your bank account information.

4. Budgeting

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Sick of spreadsheets? Stop struggling with cells and formulas. Manage your budget with an app.

Beyond your checking account, your 401(k), credit cards, CDs, and more can be monitored from a single budgeting app. Personal Capital, Mint, Tiller, You Need A Budget, and EveryDollar are popular choices.

Make your decision according to your budgeting style. Some apps are great at zero-based budgeting. Others embrace the envelope method. Still others work best for long-term or family-based financial planning. Any of them can help you see how your revenue, expenses, savings, and investments fit into your larger financial picture.

5. Groceries and Meal Delivery

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Eating is on everyone’s to-do list. Maybe you love to cook. Perhaps you prefer to leave it to someone else. Either way, using an app is an easy way to check it off your list.

Many grocery stores have apps that track your purchasing history and offer daily deals. Google Shopping and Prime Pantry let you stock your cupboard with a click. Apps like Instacart and Shipt help you hire a personal shopper to buy and deliver your groceries.

It’s always been easy to get a pizza or Chinese food delivered. But what if you’re hankering for a Big Mac? Is there a way to get your fix without, heaven forbid, driving to McDonalds?

DoorDash, GrubHub, and Uber Eats make fast food even more convenient by delivering it to you. Because many of these restaurants can’t staff a delivery option, they team up with these apps to reach more customers. From burgers, to booze, and back again, it’s all available with a few well-placed clicks.

6. Household Chores

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Admit it: You’re tired of doing chores. That’s probably why that pile of laundry is still staring at you from your spare bed.

Your smartphone can’t wash, dry, fold, or put away your undies. But there are apps for smart washers and dryers that let you start the machine remotely. At least part of the job is done when you get home.

Smart vacuums also have apps to help you map routes and schedule cleaning times. Unexpected visitors when you know the living room is a disaster? The app can get the vacuuming done before you get home.

You can even mow the yard while you’re still at work. All you need is one of the many app-enabled robotic lawnmowers on the market. Just make sure to pick up the rocks and sticks before you sic it on your yard.

Maybe you just need help remembering what chores to do when to do them and who’s going to clean what. Tody, Clean House, and Home Routines are just a few of the apps that can help you stay on top of housework. Whichever you choose, encourage your family to download it, too, lest you want to do all the work yourself.

The to-do list is eternal. Getting a little help from technology to create, manage, and knock things off the list saves you time and energy.

Take a look at your to-do list then search the more than 2.9 million apps in the Google Play Store for one to help you knock it down to size. You’ll no doubt discover that there’s an app for that.