How to Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits – 2024 Guide

Everyone has a daily routine. We go to work, watch movies, read news feeds, and play games. Everything is great unless some of these daily habits make a person or his beloved ones unhappy. Of course, it is hard to decrease the number of hours of surfing the web or playing in, especially when you get addicted to it. Yet, these tips will help you get rid of your unhealthy habits and make your life much better.

Suppress Your Inner Critic

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The first step to get rid of bad habits is quite simple. You just need to forgive yourself for your imperfection. The inner critic often prevents people from even moving forward, making them feel guilty.

So, make a list of all the things in which you are not perfect. It could be greed, jealousy, inability to speak nicely or be friendly with strangers. Write down all your bad habits, from the ones that only bother you to the ones that really hurt your loved ones.

Now try to hear the inner critic’s voice telling you that you are not good enough at something. Don’t regret spending ten minutes, even if it’s not very pleasant. You need to get it all out there. And when you’re done. You can tear up the paper and throw it. You’ll feel better.

Prepare Yourself for the Long Way

Remember, getting rid of bad habits is not a 5-minute run, it’s a long-term marathon.

There are many theories about how long it takes to develop a new habit. The optimal time is about three months. So, be prepared for the next three months to be tough.

You will have a couple of hard days, but they will pass. And very soon you will begin to feel pleasant emotions of pride and self-esteem from compliance with your regimen.

If you feel like falling off your regimen, say to yourself, “Okay, I’ll do it, but tomorrow.” And the next day, repeat that same phrase to your brain. This constant procrastination can easily drag on for months, and you’ll have enough of them to build a new right habit.

Encourage Yourself

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Prepare some pleasantries for yourself midway through. For example, once every two weeks, give yourself some kind of gift. It should be something small but pleasant, and you don’t need to spend much money on it. The brain is motivated by this kind of encouragement.

Avoid Triggers

There are specific triggers that activate destructive behaviors and bad habits. For example, if you have a problem with alcohol, it is better not to go into bars at all or even go near the shelves with alcohol in the supermarket. If you make impulse purchases, do not go to the stores. Ask your family to buy food instead.

The brain needs to know how it should act if you suddenly find yourself craving for something harmful.

Get Rid of Enablers

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In the fight against bad habits, you should seriously consider reducing your list of enablers.

These are the people who call for a smoke during breaks or try to prove to you that one glass of wine a day is healthy. In some cases, they are the ones who provoke us into aggressive behavior.

In such cases, you need to take a piece of paper and write objectively what the pros are to stop communicating with such people. On one side of the scale will be your future without bad habits, and on the other is just one person. Get rid of him.

Ask for Help

Frankly, few loved ones have enough wisdom to properly participate in getting rid of our bad habits. This is very easy to check.

If you tell your relative that you are going to give up alcohol, for example, they may react differently. Most likely, they will be indifferent. But you need to turn them into your allies and ask for help. Give all relatives clear instructions on what to do if you suddenly decide to snap.

Use Helpful Apps

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Of course, the help of your beloved ones is the best when you try to get rid of your bad habits. Yet, sometimes no one can support you. In this case, you can use the apps developed specifically for such purposes. These are the most helpful ones:

  • Momentum Habit Tracker. This app has many features that make it perfect for tracking habits. One of the most interesting features is that you can use Momentum to import your data into an Excel document. This allows you to view your progress on different platforms. You can also set weekly goals and take notes, making it easy to monitor your habits.
  • Habitica. The app is inspired by RPG video games. Each task will raise your individual level, giving you extra incentive. The app’s unique design makes tracking your habits and goals a fun activity. You can use it to join your friends to complete quests and missions together.
  • Productive Habit Tracker. The app’s simple but well-designed interface makes it easy to track your habits. The app is intuitive. With its help, you can start planning in seconds. Productive Habit Tracker tracks your progress. It means you can always see your progress and stay motivated.

All these apps are free. So, you don’t need to spend a penny to get rid of your unhealthy or even harmful habit.

Never Stop

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All people make mistakes. If this happens to you, don’t beat yourself up. Moreover, prepare for the fall because it is inevitable.

Every day working on yourself, you get better. If you stumble and stop dieting, quit exercising, or practice mindfulness, all that you’ve achieved before is not lost. All the skills you learned are still in your brain.

Don’t stop or give up. You will surely get over all the obstacles and get rid of your unhealthy habits. The main thing is to believe in yourself and be sure that your life will become better after these simple but significant steps!