Top 13 Cryptocurrencies Used for Gambling in 2024

Did you know that nowadays you can use cryptocurrencies for most things and when shopping online? This also applies when you’re playing games or gambling on your own or with your friends! Crypto has changed the world as well as the industry completely. If you wish to enjoy your spare time and gamble the right way keep on reading! Here is the right way on how to do it.

What are Bitcoin Casinos?

In 2024 there are loads of different games as well as sites that allow you to play different casino games while investing your bitcoin and not stressing about your dollars or euros. You can also use other cryptocurrencies, and not just Bitcoin. Some sites offer amazing deals once you start to gamble. There are different:

A) Promotions – you can make your first deposit bonus
B) Payments – are available with bitcoin or exchange with other currencies on each platform
C) Huge game selection
D) An amazing support system

If you find online crypto casinos interesting, why not play a game and try out your luck? Here are our top 13 highly recommended cryptos that you can use for gambling!

Top 13 Cryptocurrencies Used For Gambling That You Should Check Out

1. Bitcoin

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BTC is the biggest and most popular crypto, as you probably know by now. If you use Bitcoin you will have an amazing advantage since you get high-speed as well as no-fee transactions! The price of 1 BTC is 6,258.37 US dollars. Every site will accept Bitcoin, so you won’t have to worry about its popularity or ease of use. You can see more here and learn all there is about BTC and other cryptos, as well as some of the best casinos that are out there.

2. Ethereum

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This altcoin is a blockchain-based coin that uses smart contracts. People love it because of its latter feature. By doing some smart contracts to blockchain technology, third-party users can have an amazing experience in Etheruem gambling.

3. Ripple

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Did you know that Ripple was founded as well as shared on a public database? This crypto is managed by a network of independently validating servers. The network will provide each player with proper data protection, which makes its use safe, as well as fun. The current price of Ripple is just $0.493925, and you can use it in most casinos.

4. NEM

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Is a Java-developed cryptocurrency that you will love because of its novel technology. NEM will allow most players to enjoy features such as Eigentrust++ reputation system. There is also encrypted messaging and peer-to-peer technology. Did you know that there can be several ledgers on one blockchain in NEM? You should test it out if you haven’t thus far.

5. Stratis

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STRAT uses the Ethereum-based blockchain. Although not the most popular or common go-to choice, this crypto is mainly designed for corporate use. Its users will easily create individual chains + this casino is expected to gain its popularity pretty soon.

6. NEO

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NEO will allow you to link physical assets with its equivalent avatar. By doing so, NEO will enable its user to buy as well as sell different assets. While doing so the system will protect its users. This is more than important when you’re gambling or doing any sort of payouts.

7. Novacoin

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The Novacoin cryptocurrency has been talked about a lot lately, and it is quite useful when it comes to gambling. It can provide its players with total anonymity, which makes your gambling secure and safe to do. Because of its hybrid protection model, it will protect its players from possible hacks, as well as any inconveniences.

8. EOS

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EOS has been a leading cryptocurrency in the last year or so. It is also one of the most-used cryptos among cautious players who love to take proper measures before gambling or investing a larger sum of money. Thanks to its smart contract platform EOS reduces transaction fees, as well as your transaction time. At the moment EOS price is $5.09, which is not bad at all.

9. Stellar

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Stellar is an interesting crypto because it has a consensus protocol. Because of this protocol, it will set up limits on translations as well as their authentication process. There are also several different trusted nodes, which makes its use practical and quite common when gambling.

10. TRON

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This is a newer crypto that is slowly yet surely trending on the market. People and casino fanatics love it since it functions just as well as Bitcoin and Ether. This altcoin will easily interest you, and you should give it a click if you wish to boost this newer crypto on the market.

11. Monero

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Monero has been introduced in 2014, and it is well-known for its great set-up when it comes to privacy, as well as fungibility. You will love this cryptocurrency since it operates with the proper mechanism while generating new coins that will help you secure your transactions with ease.

12. Litecoin

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This is an amazing peer-to-peer which is based on an open-source protocol. What does this mean? It makes it autonomous as well as decentralized. It is interesting crypto that is a lot similar to Bitcoin, so it is an upcoming one with loads of potential, that’s for sure.

13. Dogecoin

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Last, but not least, we have this crypto that wasn’t taken that seriously at first since it didn’t have a strong background. However, Dogecoin managed to grow to a full-fledged digital currency and it did reach its potential by making capitalization of $50 million in 2014. You will like it since it is super easy to use, and right now it is considered as one of the “friendliest” currencies.

Ready to have some fun?

There you have it! Our top 13 must-have recommendations when it comes to the use of cryptocurrencies in the gambling and online casino industry. Which one is your usual go-to, and what crypto do you plan on using next? Let us know your holy grail in the comments down below! Also, let us know if you end up switching to another and new crypto, we would love to know.