8 Best Youtube Alternative Sites in 2024 – Video Sharing Websites

YouTube is one of the leading and most popular video sharing websites available on the web. People usually watch their favorite videos and movies on this website during their leisure time. Music is great medicine for most of the people to relieve their stress. In order to access this website, the users need to have a decent internet speed. This website definitely consumes massive mobile data. In such a case, people will definitely look for the best YouTube alternatives. Despite gaining massive popularity as the best video streaming website, there are few drawbacks with this website. In this post, we have come up with a list of the best video streaming sites like YouTube. Have a look!

Check out the list of the best alternatives to the popular YouTube video streaming website:

1. Dailymotion.com

Dailymotion is one of the best alternatives to the YouTube video streaming site. The users can begin watching their desired content on this website. Dailymotion is the best video sharing website next to the YouTube site. A France-based person has initially commenced this website in 2005.


  • The rules and regulations on Dailymotion are quite less compared to the YouTube site.
  • There is feasibility to upload the content depending on their preference sans any constraints.
  • One can easily stream high-quality videos.


  • The pro users can access HD quality videos.
  • There is a limitation on the video screen resolution up to 1080 pixels.

2. Vimeo.com

Vimeo is another best alternative to the YouTube website for all the video lovers. It is a modern video sharing website initially started in the year 2004. One can discover the channels and a huge range of categories by placing the mouse over the ‘Explore’ option. On this website, you can find immense content that includes music, videos, short films and a lot more.


  • This website highlights the videos streamed on your device.
  • No irritating advertisements.
  • The perfect website to display your exceptional content.
  • Ability to stream HD quality videos.


  • Upload videos only 500 MB per week for an individual.
  • Requires a monthly fee for more videos.

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3. 9Gag TV

9Gag TV is the best YouTube alternative that delivers massive content for entertaining the users in various forms. On this website, you can find a massive collection of GIFs, memes, images and more. The users can find innumerable videos on 9Gag TV website.


  • Delivers unlimited entertainment


  • There is only a section of NSFW videos.
  • It might be a limitation for the users who get addicted to the content on it.

4. Veoh.com

A developer from San Diego designed the Veoh website in the year 2006. The content present on this website includes a collection of music, movies, user-uploaded content and more. It has a simple user interface that enables us to navigate through it with much ease.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy to interact with friends and chat through forums and groups.
  • Ability to upload lengthy videos.


  • The search option on this website is not user-friendly.

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5. Metacafe.com

Two entrepreneurs originally rolled out MetaCafe in the year 2003 from Israeli. Metacafe is another best YouTube alternative that has a limit of 90 seconds on the videos. On the home page of this website, there is a massive banner comprising an advertisement. One can select their preferred channel from the drop-down menu. There is no feasibility to evade watching videos due to the excellent interface.


  • Best website for the community-based content
  • Useless content won’t be uploaded to Metacafe.


  • 90-second video limitation
  • Poor viewership in comparison with YouTube.

6. Twitch.tv

Twitch is another best streaming website which is beneficial for the viewers as well as the people who upload the content. The fundamental concept of this website is that it enables users to watch videos related to games and more. If you are looking for the best live broadcasting videos then, Twitch is the perfect platform.


  • Best for those who upload the content
  • Easy to watch live gaming related videos.
  • Immense game-based content on the Twitch site.


  • There is no feasibility to rewind the videos on this website.
  • Slow streaming

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7. Flickr.com

Flickr enables users to upload huge content that includes videos and a lot more. It allows users to create a free account. There is a limitation on uploading videos to this website. There is a constraint on uploading merely 90-second videos to the website. On the home page of this website, you can find copious videos. There is a search option that lets you explore your favorite videos.


  • Simple to use interface.
  • The inexperienced users can easily access the videos on this website.
  • Easy to upload videos


  • Limitation on uploading videos up to 90 seconds.
  • One can upload 2 videos with a time limit of 90 seconds.

8. DTube

D-Tube is a perfect alternative to the YouTube website. The home page of DTube website is quite similar to the YouTube site. On the left-hand side of the website, you can find different options that include upload, live streams, hot videos, trending videos, new videos and more. There is an option to watch the videos later.


  • Absolutely ad-free content
  • Designed depending on Blockchain
  • If you upload videos, you can get cryptocurrency rewards
  • Simple user interface


  • There are no adequate videos.
  • Even it has a similar interface to YouTube, it can’t rival the popular site.

Final Words

That’s all! Here ends the list of the best YouTube alternatives for all the users. Hope this guide has helped you to stream your favorite videos and movies for free through the aforementioned sites. For more doubts and issues, you can ask us in the comments section.