Why 3D Printing Is the Future – 2024 Guide

Many years ago, having a television was some sort of luxury that most people couldn’t afford. The entire neighborhood comes to one home to watch a TV show or a movie. Today, almost every home in the world has at least one TV device. That is probably the best possible proof of how technology is evolving.

Some people believe that we reached a maximum of different technological inventions. However, that is far away from the truth. It seems exciting when you start thinking about inventions that human society can get in the next 20 years.

The future of technology starts today because we have some visible traces of how things could look. 3D printing technology is one of those that is becoming more popular among people. You can use it for different personal and business reasons. Of course, it is hard to predict exactly how the 3D printing future will look. We can only make certain analyses and predictions and explain to you why 3D printing is the future. The analysis that we prepared will change your way of thinking.

It Might Be Mainstream Technology for Serial Production

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As you probably know, the technology of this type was only considered as a prototyping solution. Yet, it seems that entrepreneurs from different fields realized that they can use it in different ways. They are constantly analyzing different ways of how they can implement it to their production.

The good news is that some of the most popular brands are using 3D printing actively. You can find it in different companies that work in different business fields. For instance, BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford are the best possible examples of that. They use 3D-printed parts for their vehicles. Of course, many brands still hesitate to do the same. However, whenever new technology experiences popularity growth, entrepreneurs need time to adapt to it. More precisely, they need time to gain enough pieces of information about it.

When we talk about the metal 3D printing side, things will probably change as well. There is a big potential that new metal binder jetting technology will become popular in the metal manufacturing market. Many companies including HP, Desktop Metal, and 3DEO are commonly working on next-generation metal.

Compared to some other 3D printing technologies, metal binder jetting machines will bring lower hardware and material costs. Despite that, they will potentially provide users with higher-volume part production. The offer will come at a cost-competitive price.

We don’t want to say that 3D printing will replace machining or injection molding completely. It will only become a production method that can work perfectly together with some other technologies.

It Will Be Dominant Production Technology in the Dental Industry

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3D printing technology already is the part of the dental industry. Dentists are producing surgical guides, crowns, and different types of dental aligner molds. Yet, we need to mention it is still not dominate technology in the entire industry. Fortunately, it seems that things are going to change in the future.

Some researches show that the sales of 3D printers will increase by 2025. There is a good reason why something like that will potentially happen. As you might know, the resin-based 3D printing technology is improving rapidly. The technology includes things such as DLP, SLA, and material jetting. These printers can design different custom dental devices that come with good features. Producing them won’t spend a lot of time which is an important thing for all the dentists. They will manage to provide services cheaper and faster and make a better profit in that way.

Technology Will Become Smarter

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We know that the subtitle above probably seems silly. However, that is the best way to describe the future of 3D printing. Different people are trying to make technology more productive and effective. That is one of the requests that different industries have. Because of that, the sensors and machine learning are two systems that will make the technology “smarter”.

Many manufacturers are implementing sensors in their systems. In that way, they want to ensure in-process monitoring. Because of that, don’t get surprised if the 3D printer you bought contains cameras and sensors. They will help you measure multiple aspects of a build-in real-time.

Let’s use a real-life example to make things clearer. Some people want to use powder bed metal 3D printing technology. Cameras that the technology uses can analyze the temperature and size of the melt pool. The results they get will tell them more about material properties, surface finish, and overall part performance.

Metal 3D Printing will Continue to Improve

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When you look closer, metal 3D printing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the industry. Yet, that doesn’t mean there is no space for some further improvements. At least, many experts agreed that the best results of metal printing are going to be visible for a couple of years.

We will once again use a real-life example. You should know that manufacturers are slowly becoming big supporters of metal 3D printing. A good example of that we can see in BMW. Believe it or not, the multinational company uses 3D printing production of metal roof brackets. We believe that the number of companies that do the same will grow in the future.

Companies Invest a Lot in Education

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3D printing technology is still a relatively young industry. People are gathering different pieces of information about the technology. However, the pieces of information they can find online won’t teach them how to work with machines.

Fortunately, companies realized that lack of education is the key problem. Because of that, many of them are investing effort and money to educate people. You will manage to find many online and offline courses that will potentially improve your knowledge.

Before everything, you need to understand that additive manufacturing is a complex industry. You need to responsibly approach the industry if you truly want to participate in it. Use every possible moment to gain valuable pieces of information. After you boost your theoretical knowledge, look for ways to use those pieces of information in reality.

Final Thought: How to Find a Good 3D Printer?

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As you know, purchasing in a period of advanced technology is easier than ever before. You can manage to find 3D printers from the comfort of your room. Yet, you will probably find dozens of online shops that offer the same. At first glance, all those shops will look equally good. However, you should chase those that provide the best possible services.

The purpose of this article is to help people understand everything around 3D printing. Because of that, we recommend you visit Dibbsto UK and see which options you have. There you can find different models of 3D printing good for different purposes.

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