What Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s rise during the 2009 global financial crisis hinged on two key factors – the need for an alternative unit of exchange (as opposed to Fiat money) and a more viable store of value.
However, despite being borderless and possessing the six attributes of money, Bitcoin has only thrived as a store of value.

Regulatory concerns over its stability more significantly limit its usability as a standard payment method.

However, several companies from the retail sector to the automobile industry recently announced that they started accepting Bitcoin as an approved payment option for their services and products. Even e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon have started accepting payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for purchase of Gift Cards. Click here to know more.

Online retail shops where you can pay with Bitcoin

Source: pearl.net.au

It was only a matter of when, not if, before Bitcoin forced itself into the mind of online shop owners.

However, it’s worth noting that the greater volume of Bitcoin-related purchases on these stores is in the form of gift cards.

That said, here are a group of popular online stores where you can make purchases with Bitcoins:

1. Overstock

A prominent pioneer in the development of electronic commerce, Overstock announced in 2014 its decision to accept Bitcoins as direct payments for its stocks.
The founders also revealed an ongoing plan to develop several businesses around blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure behind Bitcoin.

2. Shopify merchants

The e-commerce giant developed a feature that will enable its merchants to add Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies as alternative payment methods to products and services within their franchise.

3. Microsoft

In 2014, The blue-chip company joined several companies that chose to recognize Bitcoins as units of exchange.
Now, users can get their Microsoft account funded through Bitcoin. Digital currency can also be used in some of the company’s products, like Xbox.

4. Newegg

The online consumer electronics store was the first of all the major retailers in 2014 who participated in the retail mass adoption trend.
And in July 2024, the company once again pioneered the use of Litecoin as another payment option. Stock purchases on Newegg using the high-speed crypto token are now made possible.

The service providers platforms accept Bitcoin.

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As with most online retailers, various companies’ motive for accepting Bitcoins is the competitive growth advantage it offers.

Crypto users form a uniquely different customer segment. Hence these companies have no choice but to allow them to pay in the payment method of their choice.

Here are a few companies in the services sector that have introduced the use of digital currencies as payment methods:

  • ExpressVPN is known for providing high-speed, secure VPN connections for users subscribed to its premium package
  • NordVPN, a Malta-based VPN services provider
  • WordPress is perhaps the most popular open-source CMS (content management system) platform enabling its customers to create custom blogs and enterprise-ready websites.
  • Blomberg, a global giant, is respected for consistently upholding the highest standards in ethical news reporting.
  • Namecheap, the web-hosting service provider.
  • ProtonMail, the end-to-end mail message encryption platform.

Travel companies where you can pay with Bitcoin

Source: coinwire.com

Companies in the transportation sector are also not left behind on the trends.

Here again, the incentive pushing the acceptance of Bitcoin is the apparent struggle by these companies to attract customers from the crypto space.

Here are few companies where you can pay with Bitcoin for your next voyage:

1. Expedia

The travel booking company currently allows the use of Bitcoin as payments for hotel bookings.

This is significant because Expedia is one of the world’s biggest online booking platforms.

What’s more, the management disclosed plans to add the use of BTC purchasing flights tickets and more.

2. AirBaltic

It is the first company in the aviation industry to welcome the use of Bitcoin for flight bookings.

3. Virgin Galactic

The Richard Branson-owned commercial spaceline was the first in the space travel sector to start accepting Bitcoin.

Though not entirely surprising considering the billionaire’s favorable stance towards Bitcoin as a technological breakthrough.

Non-profits Organisations accepting Bitcoin

Source: bitcoinmagazine.com

Perhaps one of only a few areas where Bitcoin instantly paved its way into mainstream adoption.

Philanthropists have often decried how they inevitably incur hefty fees for every donation made. However, with Bitcoin, huge amounts of funds can be donated at very nominal prices.

Here are the major Non-profit institutions that have proactively encouraged the use of Bitcoin.

1. Wikimedia

The organization’s main activities are to promote the development and distribution of free educational content in diverse languages.

2. WikiLeaks

The international body makes a telling contribution in the circulation of secretly sourced information, which otherwise will remain hidden from the public’s awareness.

List of restaurants and superstores where you can use Bitcoin

  • Whole Foods, the organic grocery store
  • Subway, the global sandwich brand
  • Burger King, a restaurant chain that offers an assortment of foods like burgers, fries, and more.

You can buy video games with Bitcoin.

Source: Source: nme.com

If you are a gamer, below are the platforms where you can shop for your favorite titles:

  • Big Fish Games, the Washington-based company for casual games
  • Humble Bundle, an online gaming store that apportions a part of its revenues to charity organizations.

Educational platforms that accept Bitcoin

Below are the places where you can pay for study using your Bitcoin wallet:

  • King’s College, the New York-based college that offers an integrated survey of Christian liberal arts
  • Curtin University, the Australian university
  • Treehouse, all of the school’s courses can be paid for in Bitcoins.
  • European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), the German university, welcomes students from all backgrounds.

Exotic places you can spend your Bitcoin

Source: markets.businessinsider.com

Of course, the list will not be complete without mentioning flamboyant places. Bitcoin can be used to get first-class services.

  • Bithome, the real-estate marketplace, has found a way to allow Bitcoin to invest in the billion-dollar real estate sector.
  • JavyEstrella.com, the Rolex watch relater, is just one of several retail platforms to welcome Bitcoin into the luxurious watch market.
  • AutoCoinCars, here you can buy and sell fast cars with BTC.
  • BitCars, similar to AutoCoinCars.
  • Denison Yacht, for the first time, you can pay for a yacht in a currency that is not Fiat.
  • Tesla, it’s an incomplete list without mentioning the electronic car manufacturing company.

Barely two months after withdrawing the company’s announcement to accept Bitcoin as payment methods for its highly rated cars (citing environmental risks), the CEO, Elon Musk recently said the company would start retaking Bitcoin.


Above are just a list of platforms where Bitcoin can be tendered as an exchange unit for goods and services.
While it is not guaranteed if Bitcoin will ever dominate Fiat money anytime soon, more and more companies will undoubtedly adopt Bitcoin in the foreseeable future.

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