7 Most Important Things to Look for When Buying CBD Products

CBD products have been flooding the market lately, and you can find them in everything from olive oil to shampoo these days. It is still largely misunderstood, however, and many people end up making mistakes when buying their first CBD product.

Sorting through all the different options and understanding things like concentration and dosage can be difficult for a newcomer. But, once you know how to identify the signs of a good product, it becomes much easier to find something that works. Here are some of the most important things to look for when buying CBD products.

1. The Source Material

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Any supplier from which you buy your products should be able to tell where the source material came from. It’s something that you need to know right away as it will let you know the level of quality you can expect and whether the product is actually legal.

For CBD products to be legal, they have to come from industrial hemp. You should look for brands that use products derived from hemp grown in the US.

Canada, the UK, and the EU are all great places for source materials, as they have very stringent rules. But, if they can’t tell you where it came from or if it’s from China, you might have to think twice. Farming laws are not as strict there, and pesticides and other agents, including some that might be banned in the US, might find their way into your product, so this is something you’ll have to think about.

Companies that transparently disclose their manufacturers and production methods are more credible. Make sure that the manufacturer is listed on the product. Not just distributor or Whose products! If you can’t determine who the manufacturer of a product is, don’t fall into the trap and buy such an unverifiable product.

2. Pay Attention to the Ingredients

You are wrong if you think that every CBD oil has the same ingredients. Of course, there are the inevitable ones, but there are also those ingredients that can positively or negatively affect your health. In some products, you will find additional, potentially useful ingredients, such as melatonin or MCT oil and in others, there are CBD products that contain potentially harmful ingredients such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

3. The Lab Analysis

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You should also ask to see a lab analysis for any product you are thinking of buying. Don’t think that it’s going to be difficult to get. Good suppliers will make this information easily available on their website. If you can’t find it there, they’ll be glad to give it to you if you ask. If they can’t provide a lab analysis or are making it tough for you, run away.

4. Concentration

This one is extremely important. Manufacturers will take advantage of the public’s ignorance by selling hemp oil masquerading as CBD oil. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and one so many people fall for.

When looking for a CBD product, don’t get overly impressed by the size of the bottle. Good CBD oil does not come in a 500ml format.

What you look for is the concentration per dose. Any product that delivers less than 5mg of CBD per dose is probably not worth it. If you’re worried you’re going to get too much or too little, go for products that can be easily dosed. CBD gummies and soft gels from JoyOrganics are perfect examples. You should also be able to tell how much CBD you’re getting per dropper if you’re buying CBD oil. From then, you can start experimenting with different doses and see what works.

5. Check the Laws in Your State

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Many countries have legalized CBD products. Of course, by this, we mean those produced from industrial hemp, ie with a reduced content of THC (maximum 0.3%). If you buy a product with a THC concentration higher than that, you will legally be able to buy and own it only if you are in a state that has legalized recreational cannabis use.

These are only some of the things that you should be looking for when picking CBD products. Take the time to research each company you come across before you try their product and try a few ones until you can find one or two suppliers you can trust.

6. Read Reviews

Take advantage of the internet, do a little research, and find out as much as you can about a given product. What will definitely help you is reading the reviews. What can tell you a better truth than the experience of other consumers?

7. Laboratory Report

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It’s not something you can’t wait to read, but it will definitely help you choose quality CBD products. Any legitimate CBD manufacturer should attach a valid laboratory report or analysis certificate so that potential buyers can read it. The report should also be available on the CBD manufacturer’s website, and if not contact them directly to request it. During the inspection of the report, pay attention to whether the figures on the packaging and in the report match and the analysis will show whether the oil contains traces of heavy metals, which is not recommended. When reading the report, pay attention to the date the report was published, the newer the report, the more reliable and relevant it is.

Final Thoughts

As we can see, there are many ways to find out if CBD oil is good or you should keep looking. Every CBD product has different intensity, onset, and duration of action. The oil is considered to be one of the most and fastest-effective and it is always recommended to start with the smallest dose, gradually intensifying if necessary.

There are no cases of overdose, but if someone ingests larger amounts than usual, side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headache, and disorientation may occur. After consuming these products, avoid driving while they cause drowsiness.