10 Useful Instagram Hacks You Probably Don’t Know About – 2024 Guide 

Instagram is still one of the most popular social media apps available on the market, even though the initial idea is changed and adapted to the users’ needs. First, people were able to publish low-resolution square photos that look artistic (or not), so they can gain followers and get a lot of likes. But, as time went by, the developers saw a great chance for improvement, and now, you can publish high-quality content, including photos, videos, stories, rich descriptions, and even up to 10 photos in one post. Today, Instagram is a part of Facebook, and it’s very understandable how it improved that quickly, and why it’s still attractive for people of every age.

As it became very popular among the users, the need for some important hacks is huge, for example how to unsee a story, how to read messages from the archives, how to hide your content from some people, archiving old posts, and so on.

Here, in this article, we will try to mention some important hacks and tricks that will make your Instagram experience even better, no matter if you own private, public, or business profile:

1. Checking who saw your profile

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Nice one! You may expect that there are some tricks you can see who visited your profile, but this platform is taking care of users’ privacy and they won’t let you see that. It was very tricky to start with this one, but don’t get disappointed, because we have some tricks who really work. We promise, no more jokes until the end of the article.

2. Reading someone else’s messages

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This is very rude to think about, but in some cases, it can be very useful to know some tools, especially when it comes to parental control if the person who is using the profile is underage. You can check top10spyapps.com to find if some app works for you. But, once again, we are reminding you not to misuse this option, because spying on someone else’s profile and reading their messages is impolite and on the other hand, you may read things that you don’t want to know, and that may hurt you. Also, be aware that this action may get back to you, so do it on your own response.

3. Mute the accounts you don’t like

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Many of us follow someone because of kindness and politeness, but we really don’t like their content and don’t want to see it in our news feed. At the same time, it’s wrong to unfollow or block these people, because they may be your cousin, coworker, or aunt. But, there is a simple solution. Visit their profile, and choose to mute their posts and stories. You can also restrict their actions on your profile. You will still follow each other, but they won’t be able to take any action, like sending direct messages or commenting without getting approved.

4. Hide the filters and effects you don’t use

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You can keep the list of your most favorite filters by choosing the filter section, tap the field at the end, which will lead you to the managing section. You can rearrange the filters, or turn off those you don’t use. Maybe most of you are aware of this feature, but sure it’s useful for those who are beginners on Instagram or still haven’t discovered it.

5. You can erase all your searching history

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Maybe you know that you can delete these items one by one, but also, it’s possible to erase all of your searching histories, by choosing the Settings, and then the Security menu. Under that, you will find the option to clear all your search history. But, be aware that it will adjust some preferences, and when you click Explore, maybe you won’t find the content you are usually interested to see.

6. Archive your old posts

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Maybe you don’t like some of your old photos, but you don’t want to delete them too. For example, that can be a photo of you and your ex, your pet that died, or your friend you barely talk. But, these memories are important and valuable, and you can just click the three dots over your post and choose to archive it, instead of deleting it. You can restore it later if you want, or you can keep it there forever.

7. Limiting your Instagram time

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You may think you spend a lot of time browsing in the Explore section, chatting, watching stories, and liking posts. Luckily, there is a daily reminder that you can set in the Activity menu, that will stop you from wasting your time on Instagram all day long.

8. Create and post from your computer

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Of course, there is no way to post directly from Instagram, but you can use some of the most popular marketing online tools like Jarvee or Hootsuite. They allow you to create posts from your laptop or PC and then post them to all your social business profiles, including Instagram.

9. Don’t show your stories to everyone

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No matter if your profile is public or private, you may not want to share your stories with all of the followers. One of the solutions is to create a “Close Friends” list or to manually choose who can see your new story before you share it.

10. Hide the tagged posts

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Not everyone wants the tagged photos to be visible on their profiles. And, Instagram has a solution for these people. You can tap the three dots above the photo and choose to remove the tag. The polite version is to choose the option to hide it from your profile. Also, you can set manually approving, so no one gets headaches, and to avoid possible conflicts when your aunt tags you on some completely irrelevant photo.

Explore your profile. You will find a lot more options that you didn’t know they even exist. Some of them can be very useful, so you can adjust the privacy of your profile, and keep it away from the people you don’t like, without having to block them all.
As it became very popular between the users, the need for some essential hacks is enormous, for example, how to add multiple links on your bio, how to unsee a story, how to read messages from the archives, how to hide your content from some people, archiving old posts, and so on. Check url.bio for more useful tips.