What Makes Cashmere Better Than Common Wool – 2024 Guide

Besides the main purpose of clothes, which is to keep you warm and cover the essential parts of your body, they also need to be very comfortable and pleasant to wear. It’s more than well-known that clothes these days are made out of many different materials, one of which is cashmere, one of the more expensive ones and luxurious ones. Ever wondered why a cashmere scarf is so expensive?

If you’re not a person who works in the tailoring business, or you’re just an “average Joe” who’s not an expert in clothes, chances are that you’re wondering what makes cashmere clothes so expensive and superior compared to the rest. Well, it’s perfectly fine to be uninformed about something like this, but today we’ll make sure that you learn everything that you need to know about it.

Since many people want to know what makes cashmere so much better than common wool, we’ll make sure to put the accent on this comparison in the following content. Let’s take a look.

Why are clothes made out of different materials?

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One of the most common questions that people ask is why clothes have to be made out of so many different materials. Well, some answers to this question are pretty obvious, such as water-proof materials for winter-clothes because they allow you to stay dry, etc… But, what’s the great difference between let’s say a cashmere scarf and regular wool one you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

Difference between cashmere & common wool

In the winter, we all want our clothes to keep us as warm as possible, especially if we live in colder areas where temperatures drop way below zero. But, although we prefer staying warm, we don’t like the feeling of wearing five layers of clothes just to achieve this. Wearing a shirt, a blouse, a hoodie, and a jacket on top all of that, combined with some gloves and a cashmere scarf will make you look and feel like a polar bear. Some people simply cannot bear with this, excuse the pun. While we are at a cashmere scarf, you can take a look at those from Ovcio.

So, what is the next common solution that makes a lot of sense? Find a material that’s lighter and warmer. This is where cashmere takes over and wins in almost every category versus wool.

Main advantages of cashmere

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So the main reasons why people prefer this material so much compared to regular wool are the following ones:

  • It’s lighter, meaning that you can wear more clothes of this type at the same time and still feel like you’re not wearing much. Especially things like a cashmere scarf can feel a lot more comfortable on your body.
  • It’s warmer, meaning that it’s going to keep the temperature of your body as high as possible during even the harshest winters. A cashmere scarf might not seem like something that’s going to keep you very warm, but it definitely will.
  • It contains no lanolin, which is one of the main causes of allergies in people, so if you have sensitive skin this is the right type of choice for you.
  • It’s a lot rarer, meaning that if you wear such clothes you’re wearing a status symbol, which is not a very practical advantage but it has its use.
  • It’s much softer and more pleasant to wear, so if you really can’t stand the feeling of clothes, try wearing cashmere-made products, they will feel a lot better on your body. A cashmere scarf needs to surround your neck, one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, so it has to be comfortable or otherwise, you wouldn’t want to wear it.

Most of these reasons point out that cashmere is pretty much the most practical material, but also the most expensive and difficult one to maintain. If you didn’t know already, washing your clothes can be an issue if they’re all made out of this material, because they cannot be put in a washing machine. Clothes of this type have to be washed on hand under warm water, and you have to be gentle with them, especially if we’re talking about a very expensive cashmere scarf.

Why is cashmere so expensive?

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Honestly, things such as a cashmere scarf don’t have to be as expensive as people think, but those who purchase these items usually want them to be from a well-known brand, which is why the price is going to be large. But, that’s not the only reason. According to some of the facts that we know, this material is ten to fifteen times less available than regular wool, which is more than enough to make the price jump higher.

Besides, items such as a cashmere scarf take a lot more time and effort to manufacture, because they are usually given a lot more attention to detail. Everything about this material is just on another level compared to regular wool, which is a great thing.

The use of cashmere in fashion

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Fashion models are sometimes forced to wear the same thing for an entire day, for as long as the fashion event lasts, and although this may seem like something easy at first, it’s not. When a very heavy dress has to be on your body for more than ten hours, you can go crazy and it’s going to impact your performance. Thankfully, cashmere is a very light material and an entire dress can be pulled through a wedding ring. Sounds amazing and it’s true.

It’s also important to know that there are many different types of cashmere, some more expensive than others, and the quality can also be distinguished. These different types are used for different clothes because each one of them excels at something.