How to Upgrade Your Home Security And Avoid a Burglary – 2024 Guide

If there is one thing that all people have in common, it’s the fact that we all strive to keep our houses, family members, and assets safe by implementing different safety measures. After all, a burglary strike happens every 25 seconds, which is why you should definitely make defending your home your top priority.

However, with so many choices on the market, you may be completely confused and overwhelmed by the number of options you could choose from. Luckily for all homeowners that found themselves in this situation, this article might help. Let’s take a peek at the things you should do:

1. Firstly, Examine The Front + Back Door

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Before you opt to do anything else from the list below, the first thing you must do is to examine your front and back door, and any additional door that may be utilized for entering your residence. Firstly, you must inspect and ensure that the structures are sturdy, that the joints are totally connected, and if the doors feature slots for mail, you should ensure that an individual cannot use them for unlocking your residence.

If you recently relocated to the residence, you have to immediately replace the locks, especially since this will ensure that only you and the people living with you have the keys. Additionally, you should think about installing a deadbolt, attaching strike plates, exchanging them for smart ones, and add more safety with a doorbell camera such as the one featured on Lastly, if you have glass doors that slide, they must be reinforced too.

2. Ensure That Your Windows Are Locked

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You must know that the front entrance and lower windows are the most frequent access points of any criminal, and sadly, the latches located on your windows may not be as effective as you need them to be. If you did notice that the latches seem flimsy, you have to guarantee that you secure them by adding links or levers that can easily be unlocked by you. However, there is more that you could do including reinforcing the windows with security film, installing motion sensors, fixing bars and mesh panel from and planting thorny bushes under all windows.

3. Your Yard Needs to Be Illuminated

Criminals and felons don’t love illuminated areas, which is why you have to ensure that you illuminate your backyard. Hence, you should install lamps around your backyard, pathways, close to the garage entrance, as well as any other structure such as a greenhouse or a shed. To secure everything more effectively, you should purchase and install lights that are activated by movement, save power by getting solar-powered devices, and put them on a timer.

4. The Garage Door is Important As Well

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This particular access point is slowly becoming increasingly prevalent with burglars and even if they couldn’t utilize it for entering your residence, the chances are that you placed some really valuable things in the garage. This is why you should ensure that you bolt it on both the outside and inside. There are some things that you could do to make it more secure, including updating to a smart opener, cover the glass on the entrance to protect the items inside, and you could also secure it with an extra lock.

5. Implementing Cameras is The Most Important Thing

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If you do some digging, you’ll learn that there is a wide range of security system choices out there, which implies that you’ll be capable of find one that is suitable for your requirements and funds. In order for you to opt for a system, you’ll need to examine your residence and area. Additionally, you should think about whether you should hire a professional to install it, if they should be smart, and don’t neglect to add CO and smoke detectors.

6. Secure Your Internet

One of the things a lot of individuals forget to do is secure their Internet network. Why is this necessary? Well, your Internet is the access spot to your economic and private information. However, you don’t need to leave yourself exposed to such attacks, hence, ensure that you protect the router, enable WPA2 encryption, utilize a strong and reputable firewall, rename the network, and don’t neglect to install antiviruses on your computers.

7. Get Rid of Any Hiding Place in Your Yard

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Although bushes, trees, tall plants, and shrubs will improve your property value, it’ll also provide potential burglars with a place where they can hide. This is why you should trim all the plants in your house in order to ensure that there are no hiding spots in your backyard. You should also want to ensure that you always put your gardening equipment in the shed, lock all structures and gates, and add some security stickers that will feature a sign that your residence is under surveillance, which leads us to our next point…

8. Add a Surveillance System

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You could purchase cameras as a component of the entire security system or you could choose to utilize cameras that function by themselves. Whatever option you choose, ensure that you can connect it to your smartphone application in order to see the recording in real-time. Some of the characteristics that the cameras should have including motion detecting, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud storage, as well as weatherproofing.

9. Purchase a Safe

Even if someone manages to enter your apartment, you should definitely keep all your important possessions in a safe including your papers, jewelry, savings, permits, and so on. You’ll definitely want it to be fire- and water-resistant, and it should also be heavy and bulky so that no one could carry it out. Remember, you’ll need to determine if you require an anchored or portable option, so do some digging before choosing the one you’ll purchase.


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If you want to improve the security of your home and if you want to ensure that you avoid burglaries, you must ensure that you protect your residence properly. And, if you choose to go through some or all of the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to sleep without worrying about someone entering your home.

So, now that you’re well-aware of all the things you’ll want to do, you shouldn’t really lose any more of your time. Instead, you should return to the beginning of this article, go through it once again, and then determine what you’ll have to do in order to protect your home.