9 Tricks Casino Use To Make You Spend More Money

There are many tricks casinos use to make you spend more money. But there are also some big secrets that most people don’t know. The trickiest part is learning these secrets
Here’s one of the new tricks casinos use to make you spend more.

A casino’s goal is to let you spend their money on the slots and video poker machines first. Once you lose money on the slots, most of the casino’s investment back into the other games will help the slots to get you to stop playing and go back to playing the video poker machines. That’s why it’s important to have a good strategy when you play at a casino. You must know when it’s best for you to play, and when you’re better off playing a different game. If you perhaps don’t want the hassle of visiting a real life casino, maybe an online casino website like Hyperino can scratch that gambling itch.

They use all sorts of ways to make sure that you’re happy to spend your hard-earned money. So with all that let’s look at some ways casinos will trick you into spending more money. It’s super easy to fall into their trap and not knowing these can actually cost you a lot of money and your time.

1. Casinos Are Designed In Mind For You To Get Lost

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You need to understand that these buildings are designed to get lost in them. The rows of slot machines, different games and even walls are all in place for you to get lost and see something that you would play and do. The term adult playground is also used here. All from the flower arrangements to the smallest detail is there to make you feel at home and okay with playing with more cash. A luxurious setting will make you feel more expensive and it will make you spend more.

2. Big Sounds And Bigger Lights

Slots are a device that has a special magnetic attraction. The bright lights and the loud sounds are there for a reason. They want to entice you and they want you to play faster. Especially the winning sound, the roar of money, the big celebration. This is what is addictive about a win, and gamblers can fall ecstatic at the sound. All this also will keep your attention in check and you will want to play more.

3. No Clocks And No Windows

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You can’t tell the time in a casino without your phone! When you go in the casino and enter the door, that’s it. The tinted windows or no windows won’t reveal the time day and your sense of time will get lost. You won’t see anything on the outside that could interest you so the casino will become the main attraction. Time won’t pass in a casino.

Casinos have the same interior lighting for any time for day. They often have decor that makes you feel awake at the right hour, like brightly colored floors and walls to look like a daytime sky.

4. Interactive Games Will Create A Sense Of Control

You can bet on certain casino games, such as blackjack, craps and roulette, or even touch the equipment. Interactivity can make gambling more enjoyable. It’s thrilling to roll the dice and feel as if everything is on your side. To improve your blackjack results, it’s fun to use complicated strategies.

Casinos will use this to make you feel like you have control over how you play. Strategizing and touching the equipment can make it appear that you have a significant effect on the game. This illusion is mostly a lie, as the house holds an edge. The casino has a long-term advantage in every game. Even black jack that has a low edge will go in favour of the casino.

5. Perks And Compensation Give A False Feeling Of Winning

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Perks and comps are another way the casino makes you feel good about losing. Some players are even obsessed over the free things the casino will give you for playing. These perks include all from free rooms, nicer rooms, meals and drinks. It seems cool that you would get a free night at the hotel if you play, but be aware that even this goes in favor with the casino.

What is our advice is to never play for the perks and never play with money that you can’t lose.

6. You Play With Chips And Not Money

It would be much harder if you would see your money burn and go while you play. That is why the chip system is in place. Your mind here is playing a trick on you. The chip is not directly associated with your bank account, and for this reason you are probably much more easy on the spending with chips. Losing chips won’t feel as bad.
Even slots that used quarters now use tickets which is another way to disassociate you from your money but also to cut costs for the establishment.

7. Slot Machines Will Trick You The Best

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Slots are a perfected art of taking your money. With so many ways to win it may seem like a great way to get some money. The formula is actually simple, they give you a little, but make you spend a lot in total. You may spend a few dollars and then boom, a win, lights turn on, the crowd looks at you. You’re a winner. You won a dollar but you’ve spent three for example. And the cycle then continues.

8. Free Drinks

One more trick they use here is that some casinos will offer free drinks. This is also with a reason because drunk people will lose their inhibition and they spend and play more. A few drinks can cloud your mind and give you a false sense of power. You will also want to play longer and as the drinks go, you’ll become braver. So be careful about that.

9. The Bathrooms Are Far Away

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When you enter, the first thing you’ll see are games and more games. The bathrooms at casinos are not located near the doors, but deep inside the building. You will need to go further into the casino to find a bathroom. And there’s you seeing more games, more lights and more ways to gamble.